About this website

As you may have noticed, this website is dedicated to the work of Radiohead as well as solo projects. In case you wonder who I am: my name is Michael Weber, I was born in 1984, discovered Radiohead in 2001 and live in Northern Germany. Not that it matters, really... but this website is pretty German, I guess, at least according to the old cliché that if we do something, we do it thoroughly, carefully, properly. Even the most horrible stuff. Well, this website isn't horrible. It was started in june 2006, and though much has been done already it is still unfinished!

The core of the website are the songs and their history, the albums and how they were made. Also part of the project are a complete gigography and an extensive collection of media coverage, consisting of magazine features and newspaper articles (including scans where possible), as well as transcriptions of radio and TV interviews. Yes, it's a lot. Insane indeed, you might say. But don't worry, I do have a life outside of this. This is just a hobby, and it might take a while before this place has become what I want it to be. But then there aren't any deadlines. I know some sections like the session histories for each album are greatly anticipated by many people, but please be patient. I don't want to rush anything.

The design of each album section is making use of contemporary artwork, the layout and structure is kept relatively simple to support intuative browsing from one space to the next. Since I'm an html amateur the source code etc. is nothing flashy, but that's quite in line with the band's approach towards their own website.


I'm a student and have to pay for this online presence, of course. Things like magazines that have to be scanned and that you get on eBay add to the bills. You can support this project by making a small donation. Click here to learn more.

Many thanks to everyone who supports this website by sacrificing some (or a lot!) of their free time and investing a lot of effort to help build this place, especially the folk on the message board of AtEase. Whether it's a ticket scan you provide, an interview transcript you type out, a suggestion to change something, pointing out a mistake or simply a warm thank you. I've encountered some great community spirit doing this, and continue to do so, and that's quite amazing!

Awards for outstanding contributions go to Keir Hardy from Scotland for the conversations on the "Radiohead Hub" that brought up the idea to do all of this in the first place. To Valentine from Russia for his invaluable help acquiring many wonderful magazine scans. To Katja from Austria for helping to digitalize the texts from all those scans. To Leanne Brower from the UK for the insane number of interview transcripts. To Sabine from Germany for her help with getting the Japanese press translated to English. And to Patricia Fuentes-Bill from the USA for her help with scans, transcripts and general encouragement. She passed away unexpectedly in 2011, this site is dedicated to her memory.


For any kind of comments, suggestions, questions or the likes, write to