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July 7th 2018: Hiatus over/CI Forum
I'm sorry for the long break, I haven't had much time and energy for this project over the last 12 months or so. Been doing a bit of housekeeping on a few things here and there. Right now I'm updating the gigography with the recent and new dates of the never-ending AMSP tour. I will also merrily dive back into the monstrous pile of undone media scans etc., but - as you know by now if you've followed the development of this site - progress is slow. This is a non-profit hobby of mine, and not the only one...

Since Atease has been down for several weeks now, and seems to be dead with not even an announcement (shame on you Adriaan, really), I might put up a forum on CI after all. But I have to look into the technical side of things, I've never set up a forum before. So no promises, but it might be coming later this year.

Thanks for your patience, I'm aware there are still many broken links, empty pages and such. But all that will happen bit by bit. I hope it's worth the wait.

- Michael
July 27th 2017: Audio is back
One of the greatest remaining problems since the new version relaunched has been that the audio clips in the song pages didn't work. All the soundcloud links were dead and some had been replaced by Youtube uploads which really didn't go well with the layout.

This has been fixed now. Making use of the perfectly simple HTML5 audio element, all the audio has been reincorporated and is now streaming again directly from the CI webspace. The player allows you to fiddle with the volume and to download each mp3 directly to your device, if you should wish to do that.

I also used this occasion to include several tracks that were never part of the site, including most of the many wonderful demos and studio tracks from the newly released cassette that comes with the OKNOTOK boxset. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

- Michael
April 4th 2017: Relaunch!
So here we are finally... the new version of CI is online. It is online, but it's not yet completed. Now you can say that a site like this is never finished, but that's not what I mean. It is not completely set up yet. There are several sections that are empty still, or you might only get a broken link. I apologize for that. Some sections that do have content still look messy. All this will be cleaned up, all the gaps filled, in the months ahead. By having the site online in this state I hope to be a lot more motivated to change what's bothering me about it...

The old version of the site went online in 2006, initially with only an album section for Hail to the Thief and its songs. At this point I had no background in html at all, I just had a simple vision and thought I could manage to teach myself what little html I needed for it. The concept was to have a page for every song by Radiohead, and to put into these pages all the juicy info from interviews and other places about how each song was written, recorded and played live. I then went about building this site, and developed it over the next seven years.

A new version became necessary for several reasons. The site had been started in a way that began to cause problems. Without going into detail too much, let's just say it's not smart to have ALL your html files in one simple directory, and ALL image files in its only subdirectory. That may work for a simple website like the one I originally had in mind, but CI quickly escalated into something much bigger. And this new version has even more sections than the old one. As I'm writing this, there are 17.932 files in 1.011 folders...
So the folder structure had to be refined or I would go crazy. And while I was at it, I also jumped on the opportunity to get rid of html frames. If you don't know what they are, don't bother, if you do: you know what I mean... I also wanted to change the layout of a few things, for instance I wanted to present the links to media articles, gigs and sessions as tables and thus remove a lot of improvised solutions that were charming in the beginning but became a burden. Most of these are things you as the user do not even see, but they make a big difference when you build this site.

But I had no idea what a task rebuilding the site would become. While there are tools that help by editing multiple files at once, there are many things that you just have to do manually. The gig files alone consumed months. And then I was off to ebay hunting down what is by now perhaps the biggest collection of Radiohead press anywhere in the world... I even bought magazines from Thailand and other rather unexpected places. Much of this still has to be scanned, and for a lot of it I will have to count on other fans to help with translations, so that I can start to "harvest" the info from those interviews.

I then lost a harddrive 4 months into the restructuring in 2014 and was so frustrated by the idea having to do so much tedious work AGAIN, that the rest of the year I did nothing. And in the following years, when I did get the urge back to finish version 2, there were other complications in my life that held me up. But the important thing is that I got as far as I did with this, and that I'm now updating something that finally others can see. No more emails about how it would be nice if I added some info on "LP9", now that it has been out for almost a year... I know it must have been frustrating for those of you who have come to love the site in the years prior to 2014, and I hope you enjoy the site now and in the future.

I'd like to thank Kaspar Oja for his continued support throughout this period, especially for saying "I think this goes a little too far..." whenever I wanted to make things a little more complicated than necessary... he also runs the "Radiohead Interviews Archive" channel on Youtube, for which I'm incredibly grateful.

Speaking of this wonderful monstrosity, the media section is among the more developed ones, and by glancing over pages like this you get an idea what kind of work was necessary to lift the site from its previous form to the current one. On the surface not much may have changed, but if you look deeper you'll find a lot that was never there before. And more will be added as we go along. The process of going through all the interviews and pulling information to pages on songs, gigs, or the band's influences, has not even been started properly. I'll keep you updated in this blog. Thanks to all of you who wrote messages of gratitude and encouragement. The hours I have put into this are unpaid, this is my freetime that I choose to spend in this way. But some things in life are not about money, but about passion. And this is, in the end, my gift to a very special community of people, and a celebration of the incredible strength and beauty of the music that brought us all together, if only virtually or as part of the crowd at a gig. Maybe I'll see some of you in Oslo in june! Or if you're ever in Berlin and want to have a chat, let me know. Questions, suggestions etc. as usual to

I promise the next entries in this blog will be shorter!

- Michael