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Mark Russell: “You mentioned In a Silent Way and Bitches Brew, and the way that they were recorded was they were live jams, and the records that we now know were pieced together in the editing. [...] Was there an editing element in Kid A? How were the songs actually put together?”

Jonny Greenwood: “I'm not sure we have the ability as a band to play for a great length of time and be inventive. I am concerned that it sounds very smug when we mention all these influences, and we fully realise that we can't do these things and so, just hearing that, hearing the idea of hours and hours of tapes being cut together, I mean that's something we aspire to with bands like Can, the fact that they recorded in a similar way, and Faust even, of playing together the same thing endlessly and endlessly, then cutting parts of it out. But that's something we certainly try and do as a drums, bass and guitar idea. So yeah, that does go on.”
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