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November 14th 1995
Paris, France - Virgin Megastore (Champs Elysées)
thom + jonny set
01.High & Dry [aborted]
02.Street Spirit (Fade Out)
03.Subterranean Homesick Alien
04.My Iron Lung
05.Let Down
[06.]Fake Plastic Trees
[07.]Thinking About You
Thom is on acoustic, Jonny on electric guitar. Thom busts a string during 'High & Dry' and angrily interrupts the performance. After a few minutes he returns and later apologizes.
A partial recording is available, which cuts off during 'Let Down' (which has its live debut here, or at least it's the earliest known performance). The following three songs are only documented in a review on greenplastic, which doesn't report any of the new songs, and may therefore also be incomplete in the last section of the set.