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October 24th 1997
Madrid, Spain - Canciller
main set
02.Karma Police
03.The Bends
04.Exit Music (For a Film)
05.Talk Show Host
06.My Iron Lung
07.Climbing Up the Walls
08.No Surprises
10.Planet Telex
11.Fake Plastic Trees
12.Subterranean Homesick Alien
14.Paranoid Android
encore 1
17.Street Spirit (Fade Out)
encore 2
18.High & Dry
19.The Tourist
The gig was supposed to be at the Aqualung, but got changed at the last minute to Canciller in Madrid. This was one of the last few gigs there before the venue was turned into a movie theatre.
ticket (scan by Sheldon Block)
tour pass (click for full size)