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Kim Hughes: "on the 17th of June the new radiohead record will be in shops. It's is called Ok Computer. As well the band is in town for a sold out show this evening at the Opera House and with us in the studio now Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood and Ed O'Brien.


Kim: "very nice to have you and I guess there is a lot to talk bout so let's get right into it. One of the interesting things about this record that a little bit different with the first two you worked with producers, specifically Slade and Kolderie, you worked with both of them on both the records ahhh you went this one alone or what?

Thom: "actually it just ended up being Nigel, the co-producer, it was his rack really. and uh he became a nervous reck...poor chap! and that was probably my fault...but anyway. so he did it, he mixed it, we just went no and yes a lot very unhelpfully. cause by that point we had a little too much.

Kim: "we're gonna play the single in a few minutes I wanted to start with some of the other stuff from the ablum uhh the give people a taste...but I wanted to ask you about the video for paranoid android the first single. and its interesting because the first thing that occured to me when I saw it was that I guess you know cartoons breats and cartoon dismemberment is less offence to the censors than...well non-offence at all I guess

Colin: "real dismemberment

Kim: "than real dismemberment...hahhahah was that a consideration at all?

Colin: "strange that!

Thom: "ummm no! it was ummm I didn't... I don't think ... I don't actually think we thought...i don't think we actually thought that would be a big issue really. it hasn't been an issue really. Strangely, strange that MTV were the only ones that really...done any censoring in MTV Europe they ummm they didn't censor it for the first week cos the Censor was ill! so they just played it anyway because she was ill! and in America they...they were offended by women's nipples but not by a guy chopping his legs and arms off!

[audience laughter]

Thom: "so ummm that's it I think.

Kim: "was there any sort of thumbs down from the record company about not actually having the band appearing in it? I mean you're at a point now where you are highly recognizable and...

Thom: "well i...i...i...if there was they didn't say they're being very nice about it! They are confused faces ummm but ummm we're only in it for five seconds so fair enough! well have to kind of make up for it elsewhere I suppose.

Kim: "we're gonna play some music from the album the first song that I chose to play was Subterranean Homesick Alien. It's only of my favourites on the record. umm we should mention we will be getting people in on the conversation in a minute so stick around this is brand new music from RH on Toronto's New Rock 102.1 The Edge!


['Subterranean Homesick Alien' played]

Kim: "102.1 The Edge... that is music from RH taken from the forth coming...(interruped by annoying girls screaming) taken from the forth coming album Ok Computer! and the band is performing a sold out show this evening at the Opera house...once again we have Thom and Colin (grunt) and Ed...that was a Thom grunt by the way... for future reference. so, so far it's interesting there's been ah a bit of press coming out in the UK...the cover of Melody Maker, that's recent, ahh Q magazine, a fairly respectable monthly magazine (ppffftttt (Thom))...or not! althougth frankly...i would have put you on the cover over Paul McCartney! But that's just me! umm but but generally it seems that the tone of it has been quite good. is that sort of a good thing or do you get worried when press start saying something is really good? Do you begin to sort of internalize it somewhat and and maybe doubt it? I guess what i'm asking essentially is if you have any respect for the press?

audience: "Yes! No!"

Thom: "uhhh no...yah no!

audience member: "give them the finger man!

Ed: "give them the finger! hahahah

Thom: "uhhh they said some nice things but they said some really nasty things so I dunno really! the the only reason they put us on the cover is because they think it will sell copies of there magazine and that's the end of it really. So we use them and they use us! and it's all very revolting! but...wooooo! we are tarts we are prostitutes! like everyone else!

Kim: "but I guess you've seen it both ways...i mean I remember you telling me uhhh some time ago about...i guess it was NME...a reviewer coming to a show in Germany or something and you were genuinely ill and had tried to convey this to this person that you were ill...and that was why you couldn't complete the show and dispite having that knowledge they went ahead and sort of slagged you off anyways! so I mean obviously you' know...felt the sting of that!

Thom: "ummm well's kinda like the tabloids press in Britian in the sense that you have no way of answering back when people write things about you...that's it! they write it and you have to accept it and there is no way out and that's the same everywhere! so it's maybe just because i'm not kinda used to it yet and not tough enough yet to do it!

Kim: "let's go back to the record...specifically, there's a spoken word part that sort of the center piece of the album that people will notice when they hear it. ummm fitter happier I think is the title? ummm that Steven Hawking?

Ed: "ummmm no! Everyone is saying that 'so when did you drag Steven Hawking into the recording studio?'

Thom: "we should of just lied and said that it was!


Ed: "ummm no! it's the same's the software from an Apple Macintosh Computer that obviously he has the same software when he vocal and umm it was Thom...well you should explain a bit bout this really...

Thom: "well ummm it was something I wrote and didn't expect to go anywhere and them ummm ahh Stanley Domwood, the guy that we did the art with ahh he sort of picked, he was playing with my portable and got it to say the words to this thing and ahhh after a bit of juggling around it sounded really...musical ahhh so it was kinda all the things that I couldn't work out...i had to say elsewhere in the record so put them all there! and it was really and it was...umm the thing I really like about it is the piano thing underneath! which I think I played when I was completely off the face! and it sounds great! sorry!

Kim: "that's fine! there are two songs on this record that people will recognize. one is lucky which people would of heard from the War Child soundtrack...HELP album. ummm sorry...the other one is the music that went over the closing credits of the film Romeo and Juliet. ummm why are you laughing?

Thom: "well it was weird cos we were still recording and when it came out and we were monitoring the chat lines as well, as we do, and they were talking bout it and how there was one guy in Canada who had been to see it and he'd uhh he was there with his friend and uhhh it was a three hundred cinema and they were the only two who had stayed and they taped it and he wrote something about it and I thought that was so exciting cos we were still there doing the record and yet you could sit there and uhh watch these people talking bout it.....

Ed: "but the thing is also isn't when he got the tape back home...he taped it all he could here were the clanking of seats...hahahahah...

[audience laughter]

Thom: "yeah yeah

Kim: "so did that influence your decision at all...this poor shmuck who uhh you know wanted to give him a good version?

Thom: "uhhh no not was kinda the first thing we were really into once we started doing the album it had to go in really! ummm it's kinda the best performance that we had ever done I think!

Kim: "just before we play another track and then turn it over to our studio audience (annoying noise from some girls) ...i read somewhere that...

Thom: "that's them there!

Kim: "that's them there! ahhh and I hope this is true...but didn't you have some sort of film ahhh or a little film made for each of the tracks on the record or did you have a concept to do that?

Thom: "no concepts...but ummm yeah we wanna do it but ummm we need money! so we're taking the opportunity of this program to launch an appeal to complete... well we need bout a million dollars

Colin: "dig deep yes!

Thom: "so if anys of you have got that...ahhh espeacially the Canadian Film Board actually that would be great but they probably wouldn't be interested in us would they mind...

Kim: "so where would that end up eventually? would that be issued perhaps on a long form video or uhhh surely not all of them would be...

Thom: "yeah the idea is to do them to a b-movie to uhh uhh another film like uhh Talking Heads did to Stop Making Sense! and uhh and that would be cool! if we could do that...and it would be great to actually have it in the cinema I mean paranoid android would certainly blow your head off in the cinema!

Ed: "even if we had the cinema ourselves you know...

Thom: "yeah but we can't just do one of would cost even more wouldn't it?! and we just shot Karma Police which was uhh which is bonkers! it's just a car chasing...actually I won't say cos I don't wanna rip us off!

Kim: "ok! uhhh I believe the next song we're gonna play is Electioneering which is one that people may uhh recognize from the sets if they saw you at Varsity Arena...i believe you played last year

Thom: "yes yes...quite different there...but yeah!

Kim: "anything you'd like to add about that song before we uhh get into it?

Thom: "uhh uhhh I kinda like to think that it sounds like a truck driving through someones front my dreams!

Kim: "hahahahah one that note this is Electioneering on 102.1 The Edge!

['Electioneering' played]

Kim: "102.1 The Edge...more music from RH from OK Computer! What do you think of that track?


Ed: "hahaha...there's someone here with a plackard saying 'scream'

Kim: "that seems to be the din of a approval! uhh we should mention that we are speaking with Thom and Colin and Ed and we are gonna get the audience in on the action right after this!

[commercial break]

Kim: "welcome back to Live in name is Kim! we are in conversation with members of RH, Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood and Ed O'Brien and maybe a round of applause just for the record...


Kim: "so just before we get to some audience questions...umm we should mention that you are going off to New York to do a show there on your own but you are also participating in the Tebiatian Freedom Concert...which is pretty cool...the line up're in good company I think!

Thom: "yeah...

Kim: "have you played with any of those groups've played with Alanis Morrisette I know that...

Thom: "(makes sound like his is hurling (quaint)) wasn't me! REM...we played with REM obviously...uhh nobody else really...

Ed: "Foo Fighters...

Thom: "oh yeah pavement...blur...yeah we played with blur umm it would be good if we actually umm shit's up the Chinese governement. that's the idea of do it! not anything else...just to uhh embarress them into doing something...and if it happens it would be amazing...but if it doesn't won't be unexpected!

Kim: "well you're doing your part

Thom: "yeah

Kim: "that's the best you can do. why don't we turn to the audience. I know we have some people who have been waiting so please step up to the mic!

Thom: "step up to the mic!

Person 1: "I was just wondering if you have anymore shows schedualed because the first one sold out so fast?

Thom: "yeah...sorry bout that!

Ed: "yeah...we do! we're playing in August! umm well it was the end of July beginning of August... yeah it will be the start of...the...well the gigs we are doing at the moment umm if you like are... puppet shows because we're doing promo and we're doing interviews and stuff like that...once...when we come back in August we'll be like doing just straight!

Person 1: "ok thanks!

Kim: "48 seconds! is the offical time that the tickets sold out!

Thom: "well what do you...ummm who's got them them? someone...oh ok good! your credit cards must work very very fast! I don't get it...i don't know how they do that! but anyway!

Kim: "very efficent system

Thom: "someone will have to sit down with me and explain it to me! sounds like some tout (i dunno what thom says here...some engish slang I think) has walked away with 1,000 tickets!

Kim: "i would hope not...but we'll see outside the venue tonite! ahhh question for RH?

Person 2: "yeah hi! I was just wondering like what kinda music you guys listened too when you were growing up...

Thom: "growing up?

Person 2: "that influenced you? yeah!

Thom: "uhhh i'd have to say there was...the thing that influenced me the most was when I was 15 was REM song called Beginner Begin (not sure bout the title) which is on Life's Rich Pagent and I was into like sythesizers and Japan and stupid haircuts uhh...and I heard that and i...i...that was was all decided after that! what bout you Edward?

Ed: "i was the others will testify...i was heavyly heavyly into the Smiths! and I am only no no...i have to explain's a double edged sword! because i'm only just recovering from the influence of the Smiths so you know as a teenager it kinda affected me completely and only now getting the courage to speak to people...

Thom: "who care about it.....

Ed: "yeah! so umm...

Kim: "colin? I think we're going around the Tom Snider would say!

Colin: "uhhh I remember as a kid having a Byrds (i think) live was fantastic! I sang Polly Wolly all the Day and uhh if you could swallow a fly! I was like age 9...8...7...7 or 8 so yeah...that's cool! I played it a lot...

Thom: "(says something here can't make it out)

Colin: "i like to think so!

Kim: "so did you exert much of your taste, by force or uhh other measures on your brother......the guitar player in your group?

Colin: "what? sorry?

[audience laughter]

Colin: "was that question? what did you say about my brother? exerted any...i know that he is an lawra (i dunno some english word me thinks) unto himself! there's no possible way that umm...

Thom: "yeah but you did used to exert force onto him!

Colin: "well...force! ahh I never did beat him up as a was more psychological him into trouble at school with the psychologist by mixing...he's colour blind...and I used to mix up his crayons (audience laughter) so he produce these paintings for his teacher where the sky was painted green and the grass was red!


Colin: "so...they thought he was psychologically seriously disturbed child! hahahah! that was my fault because he used to reley on me to give himt he right colouring coloured pencils!

[awww from audience]

Colin: "you all hate me now don't you?!

[audience laughter]

Kim: "so does that dynamic ever sort of manifest itself in the band, in terms of...umm you know maybe tilting the axis one way or the other? I mean do you guys tend to stick together uhh in terms of decisions or...

Thom: "yes...quite revolting actually! we're like glue!

Kim: "seriously...or are you being fecisious (dunno how to spell it)?

Thom: "uhhh possibly!

Kim: "yes!


Kim: "let's move on...we have another question from the audience...

Person 3: "oh hi!

Thom: "hiya!

Ed: "great shirt! (can't make it out) great t-shirt!

Person 3: "hi my name is roger! i'm a long time listener of you guys! so just before I ask my question i'd like to say about the new album...i think it's really great!

Thom: "thank you!

Person 3: "yeah and uhh I heard it already! so it's...

Thom: "so, you've heard it already then?

Person 3: "yeah...i was really surprised about Airbag being live like that!

Thom: "cool!

Person 3: "I was hoping Phil would be here so that I could tell him...he stands out a lot more on this album than the last two!

(agreement from band members)

Kim: "Phil with his iwn fan club in Japan! not many drummers can boast that!

Thom: "no!

Ed: "yeah!

Kim: "extrodinary! we're speaking with RH. we're gonna play a song from the album OK Computer called the Tourist...another personal fave and uhhh...

Thom: "excuse me Kim... sorry for interrupting...he didn't asked his question...

Person 3: "no that's question is about the track listings of the album...and ummm I guess I was pretty impressed with it...i was hoping to see man-o-war or uhhh true love we on it...

Thom: "uh huh!

Person 3: "but I wanted to ask you about Lucky...a lot of people i've been talking to were wondering why Lucky would be on the don't you really feel that you're taking away profits from th HELP benefit album by putting it on your own?

Thom: "no! cos we asked them before hand I mean know...cause we figured that the reason it went on that album in the first place was because that was the only thing we could physically record at that moment that people hadn't heard...umm we can't do covers! so it was know we need to do! and secondly it was like would be...i would be really upset I think all my life if it never really went on one of our albums...cos its you know it's not fair!

Ed: "and the other thing is that the HELP album is now can't buy it the shops.....

Person 3: "yeah Go Discs! went out of business?!

Colin: "yeah there's a lot of stories bout that...and also the other thing is that it's an important part of our live set...and so we obviously wanna play it every night! but we also want it to be on a record...otherwise what's the point in playing it live every night if people can't take it home with them!

Thom: "a lot of people...i mean in Canada and England know it...really know it...but elsewhere people really don't know it! cause the HELP album really didn't sell anywhere else! so it was really important to us that it went on!

Person 3: "okie can I ask one more question?

Thom: "yeah!

Person 3: "can you talk about the track you did with Brain Eno for Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack?

Thom: "umm we didn't do it with Brain Eno I mean it was a cover of an old Roxy song when Brain used to be in the band!

Person 3: "oh...ok!

Thom: "it was was Two HB and (trumpet sound from Thom) Bittersweet and one other...Ladytron! and we did it like with Bernard Butler and this guy called Kloon (i dunno how to spell the name) who's in this band called David Grape! and we did it in two days! and it was great...anyways it's on the album...i have to sing in German...and I don't know any German!

Person 3: "when do you expect that out?

Thom: "i dunno...still shooting at the I don't know.

Person 3: "ok well...

Thom: "ok!

[section missing, 'The Tourist' played here]

Kim: "thanks for some great question...we're gonna let you go...i just wanna mention that you will be coming back later in the summer. I wanna thank you very much for coming here today and I also wanna sincerly wish you the best of're deserving of all the successes that you may reep...and I think they will be many!


Thom: "thank you very much!


Kim: "from OK Computer...this is Paranoid Android on 102.1 The Edge

[Paranoid Android played]