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In Rainbows
Familial :: Media Coverage
Weatherhouse The King of Limbs
Publication Publication Date Author/Interviewer/Host Interview Date
New Musical Express july 3rd 2010 P june 2010
Pitchfork july 26th 2010 Ryan Dombal P prob. july 2010
Humo august 24th 2010 jub P ca. early august 2010
BBC 6 Music august 31st 2010 P august 31st 2010
Hot Press september 2nd 2010 Paul Nolan P august 2010
RTÉ 2fm september 4th 2010 P september 4th 2010
The Sun 'Something for the Weekend' december 10th 2010 P ca. early-mid december 2010
XFM 'X-Posure' october 13th 2011 John Kennedy P october 13th 2011