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SL: And welcome... welcome back, I should say to the NME Brats awards live from the new Empire in London, and we have with us Jonny and Thom from Radiohead, winners of Best Single as voted for by the NME readers. Radiohead officially better than Suede, New Order and John Lydon shock! That's not bad in one go, is it? They're both pointing at each other (laughs). Either of you can start. Jonny, yes, after you, I think

TY: (laughs)

JG: Yes, it's very encouraging thank you

SL: Yes, it's not a bad start. Thom, what do you think of that?

TY: Erm... yeah, that's very nice, it's quite unnerving. It was a very unnerving evening

SL: Terrifically modest as well. So how odd is it winning Best Single with a record which originally came out in 1992?

TY: Erm... it's strange that we had to go to America to prove it, and then come back

SL: I was going to say...I mean how much do you think your success in America has led people to re-evaluate your records over here? Do you think that was the be-all and end-all? It happened with Dire Straits, don't forget, of course (laughs)

TY: It's happened with a lot of bands. It happened with The Beatles. We just... we've had to move on, you know. I mean, we weren't going to re-release Creep this year at all. The only reason we re-released it was because everybody in Britain, while we were in America was telling us to re-release it. I mean everybody, you know, so we had to, so we did, and all this stuff that tumbled after that was just basically after-effects, so you know, we treat this know, it's kind of amusing really, you know we've moved on, but the only benefit really, I think is that we've gained in confidence, although you wouldn't know it, but we have, and so the stuff we're doing now is... we feel much happier with the situation we're in

SL: I was going to say, I mean the main thing now I suppose is... do you find there's a certain amount of pressure to actually follow Creep? I mean you're working on new material aren't you at the moment, since doing the James tour

TY: Yeah

SL: You've actually been doing bits and pieces and writing new stuff, is that right?

TY: Mmm hmm

JG: There was more pressure before in a way, because we'd be writing songs, and we'd constantly be listening to other people's criticisms of our songs, but now we think we can do it ourselves and just talk to each other about these things

SL: Right

JG: Like a lot of the first album, we actually changed some of the songs on the advice of other people which might have been a mistake, but now we've got more confidence

TY: We listened to too many people

JG: Yeah

TY: There was, you know, a lot of pain in Creep, and a lot of focus in Creep that we were unaware of at the time when we were recording it, and then we realised afterwards that “oh, hang on, that's what we do”. you know, “that's what we're good at, hang on”. We were very much thrown in totally at the deep end, you know signing to a major label and everybody sort of looking at us going “what the hell do they look like?”, you know, no idea where we were or what we were doing. It's like landing on Mars and you know, having to learn the language basically, and I think the next record will show that we actually understand what we're about now

SL: Well, this is proof enough for now. Congratulations on the award for Creep

TY: Thank you

JG: Thank you, Steve

SL: And hopefully we'll see you back here next year with another new single, being voted Best New Single

TY: As soon as possible

SL: Ok, Thom and Jonny, thanks very much, we'll let you get back to the goings on