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DJ1: Anyway the live music spectacle on the evening session this week continues, now we have Radiohead. They should be down at Maida Vale. They've been recording a session for us all day long. Thom, are you there?

Thom: Yes.

DJ1: Hello. Have you had a good day?

Thom: Yes, thank you.

DJ1: What have you been doing for us?

Thom: Uh...

DJ1: Like all new tracks from the forthcoming album?

Thom: New songs, yes.

DJ1: That's exciting, then? [laughs]

Thom: Yes.

DJ1: Change of, uh, change of direction at all?

Thom: Oh yes, lots of them, every song!

DJ2: Have they put something in the BBC tea down there at the Maida Vale canteen? You seem very subdued.

Thom: I'm nervous!

DJ1: Are you? I'm sorry, I'm sorry about that. How was Reading festival for you? Cause uh-

Thom: It was not as good as Glastonbury.

DJ2: Glastonbury was the best one of the year, for you.

Thom: Yeah. Too many egos flying around really, I thought. [Rest of the band shouting in the background]

DJ2: Oh, right.

DJ1: Much enthusiasm in the background.

DJ2: Yeah, shouting going on. Alright, seeing as you're nervous we'll let you get on with it straight away. This is a bit like being kept in the dentist's chair, you know, outside wasting otherwise. So, what are you going to play for us?

Thom: A song called Bones, which is about sitting in a dentist's chair, I think.

DJ2: Excellent. [laughs] Alright, take it away.

[Bones plays]

DJ2: It's Radiohead playing live from the BBC studios at Maida Vale, and a new song called Bones. Do you have to plans to go back to America, is that on the agenda?

Thom: [laughs] Leaving already, mates?

DJ2: I wasn't trying to get rid of you right now, but uh, is that something which is almost penciled in for you?

Thom: Oh yes, well everything is penciled us, they were, the whole world next year. Maybe Britain as well, you know, the nice stuff.

DJ2: Yeah? [laughs]

DJ1: You're still holding a grudge!

Thom: No, no! No grudge! [Band shouting "no" in the background]

DJ2: No! They all sound like they're sitting on your shoulder, sort of little spitting image angels-

Thom: They are, they're my devils.

DJ2: [laughs] What's the immediate plans for Radiohead then? What do you do before the rest of the year's out?

Thom: Ah well, we're kind of mixing, rehearsing for the tour, which is in a couple of weeks.

DJ2: Right.

Thom: In case people don't know, which they don't, apparently. And then, Iron Lung is out soon, and then we're going to, uh, faraway places, aren't we? Where are we going?

[background: "Thailand and Mexico"]

Thom: Thailand and Mexico, you know, we're going for a holiday, basically. Do some work.

DJ2: Yeah, you've got playing as well.

Thom: Yeah, and then, um... what is loosely called a world tour next year! [laughs]

DJ2: Sounds very glamorous, world tour, sounds very R.E.M., almost

Thom: Yeah well, you know, we're almost as big as them.

DJ2: Yeah. [laughs] In some places, at least. Okay, Thom, thank you for doing that, and we look forward to putting out the rest of this session as well. Radiohead, live for the evening session.