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Jo Whiley: "We have Thom from Radiohead's number, and we'll be dialling him during this next record asking “where is he right now?”, and those tour dates coming up shortly afterwards. [cut Offspring song] And it's that time of the evening when we say “where are you right now, Thom from Radiohead”?

Thom: "Is says here on this piece of paper that I'm in London... is that in Ontario? London, Ontario, in a place called Call the Office, which is a club. I've just got off the bus and I've been awake approximately five minutes.

Jo: "Oh, well done! How are you feeling now? You were really, really unhealthy last time I spoke to you...

Thom: "Yeah, apologising for that...

Jo: "That's fine.

Thom: "I'm okay, actually. I haven't been ill for a while, really. I think I sort of gravitated to what I'm doing for a living now, so it's slightly more fun. I'm just enjoying touring at the moment, really. Sleeping on a bus, never washing... I like it.

Jo: "Is that what you really enjoy doing, then? Getting out on the road?

Thom: "Yeah, you know, you do enjoy it for a long while. Obviously, you get bored of it eventually, and you want to go back and start recording all the songs you've had kicking around and stuff but for the moment it's a good way to get away from everything, to be honest.

Jo: "And where are you off to, after Ontario?

Thom: "Uh... consult piece of paper... [laughs]

Jo: "You don't know?

Thom: "I'm going to Ottawa.

Jo: "Ottawa!

Thom: "Which is also in Ontario... We're doing quite a lot of Canadian gigs this time round because we're quite big in Canada. Apparently...

Jo: "[laughs] Oh yes.

Thom: "So people tell you... [laughs]

Jo: "And where are you off to after Canada?

Thom: "Augh...

Jo: "Hasn't got bit of paper!

Thom: "No, consult additional pieces of paper... ah, New York for a day. Doing a show in New York.

Jo: "Shopping, as well, while there?

Thom: "Shopping! Well yes, definitely shopping. Shopping all the time.

Jo: "What sort of shopping do you specialise in?

Thom: "Well I'm just buying shirts at the moment. Doesn't really matter what. Big stripy shirts that don't fit... Oh, and trainers.

Jo: "I'm just trying to get the idea of where you're going at the moment in the next year, because we've got some dates to announce. Exclusive Radiohead dates! You're coming back to this country again at the end of October?

Thom: "I'm sure you know more about it than I do!

Jo: "Yeah, did you know you're in Glasgow on the 31st of October, playing the Barrowlands? And then you're in Leeds after that.

Thom: "Consult additional pieces of paper and confirm this. Yes, you're right!

Jo: "So basically you're having a good time! How did you feel, in retrospect, about the reception that The Bends got?

Thom: "It was really brilliant, actually. Especially in Britain because it was everyone just saying “oh my God, they're good!”, you know? “They made a good album, this is really good”, you know, and there was a sustaining sense of pride, really, which has made writing stuff now and going back out on tour that much more fun. The first tour in Britain of the back of the album coming out was amazing. The fact that, you know, every night was sold out and people knew all the songs within the first week of release! And we're just having a really good time, you know, which is very un-Radiohead, indeed. I smile on stage now and I crack jokes and stuff...

Jo: "I shall come and see you just to check this out because I find that very hard to believe!

Thom: "[laughs]

Jo: "So you just feel, basically, that you've relaxed and it's like “guh! God, at long last they've recognised us!”

Thom: "Yeah, you know, it feels like... I think, probably said at the time it feels like a first record in a lot of ways, because at the end of it there was this sort of sense of relaxing into what it is we're doing rather than [being] in a constant state of conflict writing songs like ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar' and ‘Creep', you know? Sitting back and sort of discovering other things to write about and discovering what it was [that was] the reason we got into all this because I'm sure we were fairly confused when we started.

Jo: "God, so the next album is going to be really jolly?

Thom: "Oh, no!

Jo: "Good! [laughs]

Thom: "Well, maybe. It definitely won't be more of the same though, I can guarantee you that.

Jo: "Okay, excellent! Thank you very much for taking time to talk to us!

Thom: "Thanks. I'm going to go to sleep again.

Jo: "Yeah... night, night!

Thom: "Bye!

[Fade in: 'Just']