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Jo Whiley: "We're in the week of the Radiohead onslaught, and now we're talking to Ed O'Brien, usually on guitar in the band, but without at the moment.

Ed: "That's right, without my red guitar.

Jo: "Red guitar?

Ed: "Yeah, red guitar. All you need is a red guitar, three chords, and the truth, apparently.

Jo: "And that's going to carry you through your life?

Ed: "Yeah, yeah, you know.

Jo: "It's been three years since Pablo Honey —

Ed: "It's been—

Jo: "What were you actually up to?

Ed: "Last year was incredibly frustrating because we didn't have actually up to the Iron Lung CD, we didn't have anything out, and people were sort of saying "well, where are Radiohead, yeah, they're the one-hit wonder, they're the band that did 'creep' and 'pablo honey.' But we had these songs, so we decided to go out on the road and play them live. And went back into the studio and basically recorded the album in pretty much two weeks.

Jo: "Did you enjoy the touring?

Ed: "Yeah, well, we've always loved the touring, it was always that was always the thing that we started, you know, up on stage playing live, and for a while we would, you know, we were sort of 'we're a touring band, we hate studios, we're going to do everything live.' On stage, especially with three guitars, you can sort of cover your mistakes a bit. But we sort of learned to relax and so, what we decided to do was that the five of us basically having toured these songs for two months, we were pretty confident about the performance of them, we just went in and played as a five piece on a lot of them.

Jo: "What do you actually do for entertainment in the studio,

Ed: "Umm—

Jo: "—video games?

Ed: "Ahh, we do a lot of reading, in the summer, we were at a studio just outside Oxford, which is our hometown, and it was great, they had this swimming pool there, and you know, the end of the session at midnight we'd all go set out all these inflatables and stuff like that and have a laugh, so it was a very, it was a very relaxing kind of place,

Jo: "Do you find that really bizarre, living that kind of life?

Ed: "Yeah, I mean, it's totally weird that you, that maybe in a day you've tracked this song that you're really really proud of, and there you are on this warm summer's evening, staying at this manor house, lying on this inflatable coconut tree. Quite often the whole thing about being in a band is quite weird, and quite often you find yourself pinching yourself, saying 'is this really happening?' I mean, like, a couple of weeks ago, we were doing a video in LA, and we were staying at the Chateau Marmont, where Jon Belushi died, and, you know, "that's Radiohead, the lads from Oxford, you know, it's something that you just have to just sit back and just like, enjoy the moment.

Jo: "So it's kind of inescapable that you can't avoid living that rock and roll lifestyle, can you?

Ed: "Well, this is the thing about the rock and roll lifestyle. A lot of the bands we've toured with, haven't been, we always thought, you know, that whole thing about drinking loads, and just going out and partying all night, but every band that we've toured with has never done that, so, um, and we certainly don't do that, i mean, the important thing for us is, you know, we have a laugh, you know, a few drinks or whatever, but the most important thing, especially out on the road, is the show the next night, and putting on the best show that you possibly can, so the rock n roll mythology has probably escaped us, it's probably passed us by.

Jo: "Just stick to the swimming pools.

Ed: "Yeah, that's right.

Jo: "So, the one track that you're particularly proud of and that you'd like us to play now.

Ed: "I think, probably, is Nice Dream. I remember hearing it, Thom & I were going down to Bristol, we were going down to visit our respective girlfriends, and we're driving down, and Thom said "i've got this acoustic stuff, on acoustic guitar," and we put it on my tape machine in the car, and heard it, and it was like "this is amazing," i was gobsmacked, i played it like, eight times, he was totally bored, he said "you think it's that good?" i said "this is amazing," and yeah, Nice Dream, it's uh—it's also me dad's favorite track, so...

Jo: "Alright, Ed's dad...