Interview with Thom & Jonny
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Johnnie Walker: "Were you a bit unhappy about when people, when that was a hit? People said, uh, "Oh yeah radiohead - they're getting all the attention now because of, you know, they had a hit in America. Whereas, in fact you'd already had hit singles before that.

Thom: "Um, sort of. I mean, I think that the bizzare thing about it was, was um, we were quite happy to trendle off to America and follow up what was going on there 'cause it was sort of, whether some guys in Americas goes, like a disease or somthing, you know, it just spreads. Um, uh, but everyone was saying back in Britian while we were in America I remember som- traveling on that bus one day, and, um, I dunno, we just had some fax run that was saying "Oh well, uh, all the music papers and radio wanted everyone want to you to re-release it", and I was like, "Yeah, all right then." And that was it really, we just thought nothing of it, you know. If they wanted us to - we didn't really see it as being as a problem. Um, the interesting about it was, I don't know what would've happened if we hadn't released it.

Jonny: "Mhmm. Yeah, we did talk about it. There was a mini-argument about it- about whether it was the right thing to do. If it was cynical to re-release something. But I guess it gave lots of people a chance to catch up, having giving it bad reviews the first time around and then they liked it the second time, so...

Thom: "But then, we, as you say, we sort of set ourselves up as a band who had that song and had to re-release it. And then...

Jonny: "So it just made it's lifespan even longer - an extra year length...

Thom: "- made it even more difficult to kill the beast.

Johnnie Walker: "So yeah, how do you feel about the beast now?

Thom: "Oh, it's a great song. You know, I'm sure we'll write um, four or five like that, if given the chance, you know. I remember talking to, um, Mike Mills from R.E.M. and I was very drunk one night, -

Johnnie Walker: "Cue the casual name drop.

Thom: "Yeah - name drop, name drop- (clank, pow!). Well ok. It was quite amazing, um...

Jonny: "I did a bit of the Pope last week.

Thom: "Yeah, um, well wasn't, it wasn't really, I wasn't really, it wasn't really having to drink, it was more " I was bugging him" very badly and annoying him and I was saying, um, "Oh, I don't know what to do, la la la la...", I was really really drunk and just sort of moaning on about it, and so on, and he just said "shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up". If you have - you know, if you have one of those, or two of those, or three of those in your existence, then great, you know. That's what, you know, all bands really aim for. So stop moaning, and just get on with it, and write some more, and shut up. And he was exactly right. So there you go.

Johnnie Walker: "All right, how about a song?

Thom: "That's a good idea. What should we do? Uh...

Jonny: "We're gonna do Black Star.

Thom: "Yeah. Uh, its during the day isn't it?

Jonny: "And uh....

Thom: "I'll shut up now. (Jonny laughs)