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Steve Lamacq: "So far we've had the two guitarists, now comes the important part, obviously, the rhythm section, with Phil Selway to my left and Colin Greenwood, bass guitarist for the band. First I'd like to quickly go back to first time I probably met you was a hotel after a gig in Stoke when you were supporting King Maker on tour, now this was the classic 'early van' tour, wasn't it?

Colin: "It was one of the few nights when we weren't going back to Oxford, and we could afford staying at a hotel, and, uh, we stayed up quite late, we were drinking some red wine with you and Miles from King Maker.

Steve: "Now this led on to something else, you were telling me that you have a wine society on the road?

Colin: "We do, I mean, really it's an excuse when you're in Europe to go to the nearest French garage to pick up a one pound bottle of plonque and go "ooh, that's got a really buttery nose" or something about it, but

Phil: "Unfortunately Colin's already been kicked out of the society.

Colin: "Yes I have.

Phil: "He's no longer a member.

Steve: "Was it a tremendous novelty when you first had the luxury of hotels?

Colin: "It was amazing, I mean the first thing you check out is the bathroom, and see all the free gifts and stuff that they leave on the side,

Steve: "Do you take those home?

Colin: "Well in the beginning you do, because when you start living in hotels you've got that hoarding instinct, you go "my god this is amazing, all this soap and shampoo," but then if you took everything back from every hotel, you'd (gap in recording, silence)

Phil: "—we got on, and it was like being in a morgue, the doors cut out all daylight, it was all dirt and black marble, you know I just thought, "put a little label on everybody's big toe or something.

Colin: "Yeah, it's like sleeping in spectacularly plush coffins or something.

Steve: "This is, it stays in your career, I suppose, do you feel a certain amount of pressure now?

Colin: "It's only pressure that we want for ourselves, you know, 'cos we think this record's so good. Yeah, of course there's pressure, but as far as possible it's pressure under our own terms.

Steve: "When you're actually writing the songs, do you all have a certain power of veto, if you see a song going down the wrong, you know, sort of dead end? Do you, as a rhythm section go, "No, we will not do this!"

Phil: "Yeah, I mean, it's the only way we could actually work as a five-piece. And if you're working together as a five piece, and if you don't like things, you do things in a completely inappropriate rhythm. Stymies the song for me in the outset, doesn't it?

Colin: "Stick a bus in the middle of the new rock number.

Phil: "But we did that on the last record, didn't we?

Colin: "Yeah, we did that on the last record and it got on the record, as simple as that.

Steve: "What is it, cos there's been obviously a few things, like, even Creep itself was originally recorded, you didn't even know the tape was running, it was just the song being knocked out. Do you find when you were doing this LP, although you thought about it a lot, some of the mistakes ended up being the best ideas?

Colin: "Well in terms of our section of recording, with John Leckie, we experimented with staying up late and drinking a bit before recording, and it's great, it's quite liberating after doing fifteen days of recording, and we got a lot of good stuff done like that, especially the first track on the album, Planet Telex, which is the result of sticking together some of Phil's drums on a computer and outtakes from another track, and Thom and Ed messing around with guitar effects, and just, like, everything was done in one evening.

Steve: "We're going to play another track off the new album from Radiohead, "The Bends," what's it gonna be, obviously it's going to be a bit strange because we've got two people who've got to agree on one track.

Colin: "Well, we had some fisticuffs outside,

Phil: "Yeah, and we decided, uhmmm,

Colin: "Yeah, Phil won and it's High & Dry.

Phil: "Well, uh—

Colin: "High & Dry.

Phil: "Well, that, yeah—

Colin: "High & Dry.

Steve: "Yes, no, yes it is. Just quickly as we play into high & dry, Pablo Honey, Jerky Boys reference, still Jerky Boys fans?

Colin: "Uhhhm, gonna go see the film when it comes out. We were offered a chance for a song for the soundtrack, but we didn't think it was a good idea at the time to talk to the biggest grosser in America at the moment. A bit of a mistake there, maybe.

Steve: "Brilliant. Phil & Colin from Radiohead, thanks for coming in.

Phil & Colin: "Thank you.