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[recording starts here]

Mark: "It's time to play We Love Us, which I say the same thing about, toppermost and proper and that every day, so I'm not going to say it today

Lard: "It's the link

Mark: "I haven't got anything else to say, so there'll be a bit of a gap now

(Intro music continues playing)

Lard: "Nice gap that

Mark: "Nice, yeah, right, ok. All this week we're playing We Love Us with the members of Radiohead, and then each member is setting a question, and if you get all the answers, you've got a chance of going to Barcelona to watch the band, and the only downside to this is that me and Lard and Patrick are going too, so that's a shame. Anyway, on the line to us this morning should be Ed O'Brien. Ed!

Ed: "Hello, Mark

Mark: "How are ya?!

Ed: "A bit hungover, as in a rock band fashion, I'm afraid

Mark: "Ah, right, well yeah, you're restoring the credibility because Jonny was not hungover at all yesterday...

Ed: "He was kite flying

Mark: "He was kite flying, and he doesn't drink much, does he?

Ed: "(laughs)

Mark: "Right, so what were you doing last night? Anything special?

Ed: "We arrived in... Phil and I arrived in Stockholm, we've got interviews all day and we were just enjoying the Swedish hospitality

Mark: "Right, ok then

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "You're in Stockholm now are you?

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "Oh, brilliant. Right, yeah. Now, listen Ed, how tall are you?

Ed: "Six foot five

Lard: "Oooooooh!

Mark: "Six foot five...Because there's that picture in Q magazine...

Ed: "(laughs) Yeah

Mark: "You look know, it's like Gulliver's Travels that, innit? It really is

Ed: "(laughs) I know, I look like one of those basketball players with a bunch of midgets

Mark: "(laughs) You really do, you look absolutely...

Ed: "They're all pygmies, Radiohead, except for me

Mark: "(laughs) You look absolutely colossal

Ed: "(laughs) Yeah

Mark: "Also, when I went to see you last it was at Manchester Apollo

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "Yeah, I mean you're a big fella, but you're sort of quite athletic, aren't you? You're the one doing all the scissor kicks and all that

Ed: "(laughs) Yeah, well, you know...

Mark: "Is it true, what was it, you fell off the stage?

Ed: "Yeah, that's true. That was terrible

Mark: "(laughs) Where was that?

Ed: "That was in America...when you first go out to America, you get a bit more rock and roll, and you kind start using mike stands as slides and stuff like that on your guitar, and I jumped into the pit, and I couldn' was about ten foot down, and I couldn't get back up, and I was still playing.

Mark: "(laughs)

Lard: "(laughs)

Ed: "It was really Spinal Tap

Lard: "Rock and Roll!!

Mark: "Rock and Roll! Hi girls!! Good evening Colorado!! Where's Ed gone?

Ed: "(laughs)

Mark: "Alright then, let's get on with these fantastic questions. Now Jonny got three, pending four yesterday...

Ed: "Right

Mark: "Because we've got to check something with Colin when he comes on

Ed: "Right

Mark: "But anyway...Right, Which Aussie soap star and singer was quoted as saying “The Radioheads” were his favourite new group?

Ed: "That was Jason Donovan

Lard: "(cheers and claps)

Mark: "Jason Donovan. Another height question: How tall is Thom?

Ed: " he five foot seven?

Mark: "Ooooooooh!

Lard: "Oooooooh!

Mark: "He's five foot five!

Ed: "No, he's not

Mark: "Is he not?

Ed: "No, my dad's been treating his back, and he says that he's, you know, the back's a lot better, and he's taller

Lard: "Aahhhh!! Very clever, well got out there, Ed!

Mark: "That's another pending question which we'll have to check with Thom

Ed: "Alright

Lard: "Are we going to measure Thom when we go to Barcelona?

Mark: "I hope we can keep track of this, we've got so many pending questions to check out. Right ok, Where did Colin work in order to broaden his musical knowledge?

Ed: "Our Price

Lard: "Wahey!!!

Mark: "Our Price records, it was. Right, now then you're the other singer in the group

Ed: "Yep

Mark: "Therefore, bad news, you get a lyric question

Ed: "Ah, no

Mark: "Ok, finish this verse: “We're to young to fall asleep, too cynical to speak, we are losing it, can't you tell...”

Ed: "Erm...

Mark: "Big Ed, who's not fallen in the pit

Ed: "Yeah, it's from Iron Lung, it's... “can't you tell”...erm... “can't you tell” “My iron lung”?

Mark: "No, “we scratch...our eternal itch”

Ed: "“our eternal itch...der der der”

Mark: "Ooooh! Can't give it ya!

Lard: "No.

Ed: "No?

Lard: "No way

Mark: "Can't give it ya. Sorry about that

Ed: "Oh, right

Mark: "But anyway...Now here's a good one: How much does a copy of the fanzine Radiohead World Service cost?

Ed: "Is it two fifty?

Mark: "Ooooh! It's three fifty!

Lard: "Oooh! You know nothing, lad! Rubbish! It's shocking

Mark: "It's three fifty. Right, well big Ed, you know, don't batter us or owt, but I make that two pending three

Ed: "Oh dear

Mark: "Two

Lard: "Two! (laughs) Two! (laughs)

Mark: "Two pending three, so no foot-spa coming your way, our kid

Ed: "Alright

Mark: "But nevertheless. Right now then, obviously we're all going on a fantastic jolly to Barcelona with you lot

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "And we need a question from you

Ed: "Oh yeah

Mark: "Question two

Ed: "Ok, well the last time we played in the UK, which was...we did a tour of the UK, October '95. Who was our support band?

Mark: "Right, ok then, so that's the question from big Ed O'Brien, you collect all these, and then we'll tell you what to do with them at the end of the week. Alright, Ed, nice talking to you

Ed: "Alright, thanks Mark

Mark: "Have a good time in Stockholm

Ed: "Cheers

Mark: "Do you know who's doing it tomorrow? Who have we got tomorrow, do you know?

Ed: "You've got...I think you've got Phil or C...I think you've got Phil

Lard: "Yeah

Mark: "Oh Right. Will you still be in Stockholm?

Ed: "No we'll be in...we'll be in England

Mark: "Oooh, right

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "Ok then, we look forward to talking to Phil, and see you soon, Ed

Ed: "Alright, cheers Mark. Bye!

Lard: "Bye!

[We Love Us theme plays]

Mark: "It's going very well, although he only got two, didn't he?

[recording ends]