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[recording starts]

Mark: "Six minutes past

Lard: "One

Mark: "And I've got to tell you first of all, if there's any Radiohead fans tuning in, there's a bit of a problem with the Radiohead interview

Lard: "Yeah

Mark: "Right, and the problem is, is that they are coming, in fact, they are here, but we can't talk to them because..

Lard: "Because they're hungry

Mark: "Apparently this studio has been transformed into the Radiohead staff canteen

Ed: "(laughs) Mmmm mmmm

Thom: "Mmmmm

Mark: "Thom and Ed, do you want to answer in grunts and then.....

Ed: "Mmmmm mmm

Thom: "Mmmmm mmmm

Mark: "Yeah, ok then

Lard: "Is the food alright?

Ed: "It's great, really good

Mark: "Alright then. It's also nice to see people eating proper food, you know

Ed: "Fish and chips

Mark: "Fish and chips

Ed: "Yay!

Thom: "It's the main meal of the day

Mark: "Fish and chips and beans for Ed O'Brien, and what have you got there, Thom?

Lard: "Bit of mash? Carrots?

Thom: "Mash, carrots, and something called Quorn........

Ed: "Chilli

Mark: "Is that it? Quorn chilli, right, the vegetarian dish of the day, so anyway, Thom and Ed are here, and we will be talking to them once there's......

[part one of recording ends]

[part two starts]

[Plays 2+2=5]

Mark: "Radiohead, of course, 2+2=5, and that's the current single, and Thom and Ed are with us today, we've got a load of questions to get through, which we will try and press on with when......well, Ed's finished, Thom, have you?

Thom: "Yeah, yeah, yeah

Mark: "Have you? Alright, is that finished? You've not left a very clean plate there, Yorke!

(Ed and Thom laugh)

Lard: "I say, Thom you'll get into big trouble

Thom: "Aaargh!

Lard: "Take you to the tuck shop later

Mark: "Take you to the tuck shop

Lard: "The tuck shop

Mark: "Right, Sarah Broad in Hartlepool has been on saying: Can you do a shout out for my boyfriend, his name is Chris and he is due to celebrate another birthday on Monday, and as a treat we're going to see Radiohead on Sunday at the Telewest Arena. It would make his day if Lard could do a birthday shout in the style of Thom Yorke

Thom: "(laughs)

Lard: "(sings in a high voice) Biggedy biggedy bong!

[part two ends]

[part four begins]

Mark: "Fifty Cent and In The Club, do you like that one, Thom?

Thom: "I did, yeah, I really like that tune

Mark: "Someone told me that your favourite record of the year so far was Outkast and Hey Ya

Thom: "Yeah, the single, definitely, is like well that should be number one everywhere, all around the world, know what I mean?

Mark: "I'm sure it will be actually

Thom: "Yeah

Mark: "Another question, who's this one from?, Oh yeah, Smoth on Altrincham said: As Radiohead have now transcended most musical......

[part four ends]

[part five begins]

Mark: "Where do you stand on the rugbo issue, Ed, Thom? Are you interested, or.....

Ed: "I'm interested, Phil's very interested, erm....

Mark: "Right. Stinker Selway?

Ed: "Stinker Selway, yeah (laughs). Er...we're going to win

Mark: "Right

Ed: "Yeah, we're going to......we're going to murder them in their own backyard, boys

Mark: "I do feel that we are

Lard: "We're being optimistic

Mark: "Thom, does rugby do anything for you?

Thom: "No, I don't know anything about it, I'm sorry

Mark: "Well, England are playing Australia tomorrow

Thom: "Are they?

Mark: "Yeah

Thom: "Wow

Mark: "Would you like England to win?

Thom: "Yeah, that would be good, wouldn't it?

Mark: "Well there you go, you see, we're all.....

Lard: "That's an endorsement

Mark: "Talking about sports though, and about keeping yourselves in perfect condition (TY laughs), what's all this about sweat lodges?

Ed: "(laughs)

Thom: "What?!

Mark: "I've heard that the latest Radiohead thing is communal saunas, that you sort of like to........the band that sweats together, plays together on stage together

Ed: "Who said that? Was that Colin?

Mark: "Well, it was one of you's

Ed: "Right

Thom: "(laughs)

Mark: "I don't know, it was.....

Lard: "It was a lie, was it?

Ed: "(laughs) Yeah

Mark: "Was it?

Lard: "Right

Mark: "I thought you'd been going for native American Indian sort of sweat massages. You're looking sheepish, Ed, I've got to say

Ed: "(laughs)

Lard: "They do, they all look a bit panic stricken, don't they?

Mark: "Right, and Thom has collapsed into a heap, is there something you want to tell us?


Lard: "No, quite blatantly

Ed: "Well, what can you say?

Mark: "Alright then, we've obviously touched a nerve

Lard: "Yeah, we'll move on

Ed: "(laughs)

Mark: "That's something to discuss off air

[jingle plays]

[part five ends]

[part six starts]

Thom: "There's lots of yellow teddies hanging around today

?? - Yeah there was, wasn't there? Pudsey

Mark: "Ah, well, yes. Thom and Ed from Radiohead are here today. Ben in Liverpool says: Is it true you're only going to make EPs in the future instead of albums?

Thom: "We're just talking about doing it for a bit, you know, because we're difficult, awkward.....

Mark: "Yeah, but I mean what........

Thom: "Yeah, it'll be good fun, you know, we could do lots of different things, try lots of different things, and not having to.....

Mark: "Without having to sustain it over a whole album?

Thom: "And not having lots of people scratching their chins......

Mark: "Right (laughs)

Thom: "When we've finished

Mark: "Right, ok then, so just for a laugh. How many EPs, then? A series of how many, do you think?

Ed: "We don't know

Thom: "Knowing us, about forty

Lard: "Why don't you do about four or five and just put them all on one CD?

Thom: "No idea

Mark: "That's an album

Ed: "That's an album

Mark: "Right, yeah ok. Matthew in Newcastle says: Do you sing along to any of your own songs if they're on the radio, whilst you're driving about? (To Ed) I mean you said you heard There There on the radio, and you really enjoyed it

Ed: "Yeah, shamefully, yes I really enjoyed it

Mark: "Well there's nothing wrong. It's good liking your own records, innit?

Ed: "No, no, no, it sounded great, yeah. Er......did I sing along? I probably did, yes

Mark: "Yeah?

Ed: "Yes, probably

Mark: "Do you, Thom? I mean, do you listen to the records once you've made them, or can you not listen to it for a while?

Thom: "I don't really listen to them, no, not unless......I can't, you know, you have to tie me down, really

Mark: "Right

Thom: "I've kind of heard them enough by that point. I do listen to something if I need to learn it again and there's no way of learning it any other way, and videos obviously are a bit awful

Mark: "Do you go back to the records when you're going on tour, and say.....and I know our close personal chum, Dave Bowie does that, he listens to his albums and says “that's a good one, I've not done that for ages, we'll play that”

Thom: "Yeah, could do that

Ed: "We could

Thom: "Yeah

Ed: "But we don't

Thom: "We haven't done as many records as Mr Bowie

Ed: "No

Mark: "I know, I know, but you've done a few good ones though, haven't you? Ben in Gloucester says, this is a big question, “fish fingers or fish cakes?”, which is interesting and topical, because Mr O'Brien has just had a battered cod

Ed: "Yeah, I always preferred fish fingers, fish cakes always.......those Ross fish cakes always had a wasn't.....there was always some sort of herbal thing going on in there, which didn't really agree, yeah

Mark: "Ah, I see, right, ok, so...... Thom, do you eat fish?

Thom: "Don't eat meat

Mark: "Do you eat fish?

Thom: "No

Mark: "Ok, then right, fine, big questions being dealt with here

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "This is the stuff

[Plays track]

[part six ends]

[part seven starts]

Mark: "That was Layo and Bushwacka. Fourteen minutes past

Lard: "Two

Mark: "And we're going to do.......Thom Yorke is going to be doing his live song for us in a short while, yes?

Lard: "Excellent

Thom: "Yes

Mark: "You still up for that? Has the food gone down enough? (laughs)

Thom: "Well, (sighs)

Lard: "It will be

Mark: "Ok then

Lard: "Particularly after this item

Mark: "Right, we're going to do a little bit of wine tasting. Do you drink? I mean, who is.... is there a Radiohead drinking club, or are you a very abstemious band these days?

Thom: "Er...I'm still drinking, I'm trying not to, but, you know

Mark: "Right, do you drink, Ed?

Ed: "I have to be honest, I'm not drinking a lot at the moment, no

Mark: "Right, not drink, not a lot, so you can sort of have a couple of beers after the show and toddle off to bed, and not go.....

Ed: "Yeah, but there are.......yeah, yeah

Lard: "You sound quite ashamed of that

Mark: "No, but that's good, that. That's good

Ed: "(laughs), Well, yeah, I mean......yeah, sorry (laughs)

Mark: "I'll take that as a yes

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "Is there anyone in the band who's in the A-list of the Radiohead drinking club, or is there not one really?

Thom: "I think that's me, isn't it?

Ed: "Yeah

Mark: "Is it? You're the drinker?

Ed: "He's the boozer

Mark: "Ok

Thom: "Sorry about that

Mark: "Smoke?

Ed: "Oh yeah

Thom: "No, no

Mark: "No? (To Ed) You're a smoker?

Ed: "Oh yeah

Mark: "Right, ok. What about the others, do they drink and smoke, or are they good clean living people?

Ed: "Yeah.......yeah, yeah (laughs)

Mark: "Right, ok then

Ed: "We could get into trouble (laughs)

Mark: "Right, so we're going to have a wine now, I'll just uncork this, if I may (exaggerated sound of cork popping). Right ok, today it's a Nuneaton Meersteiner, I don't know whether you've heard of......

Ed: "(Sniffs) Mmmmmm

Lard: "Have you not come across that before, lads?

Thom: "(Sniffs) – It's very tangy

Ed: "Has it been on the rider yet?

Mark: "Well, it may be on your rider tomorrow, perhaps. Let's have a.......(long sound of wine being poured) Now then.....

Lard: "That's a big glass

Mark: "Well, it is, you know

Lard: "It is. Don't have it all

Mark: "I mean initially, I would say (sniffs loudly) surprisingly complex, do you think Thom?

[part seven ends]

[part eight starts]

Mark: ", Thom after this, is that alright?

Thom: "Er...yeah, give me some notice, why don't you? (laughs)

Mark: "How much notice do you want? Do you want a record to get.....

Thom: "I guess it's not that far away, is it, really?

Mark: "It's not that far away, do you need......

Thom: "Do you want it now?

Mark: "Well, I was just going to give the......yeah. Do you want another record?

Thom: "No, no that's fine

Mark: "No, ok, I'll fill seamlessly by giving out the e-mail address while you get over there. Erm, yes, so if you know what's happening in today's Great Moment In Pop, then give us an e-mail on , and the text is 81199

Thom: "Is that it? Was that your fill? Is that all I get?

Mark: "That's it

Lard: "Do you want to do a time check?

Mark: "It's quarter past

Lard: "Two. Come on, Thom, quick, chop chop

Mark: "Thom Yorke is taking from his case's a fine vintage....

Thom: "(strums a chord)

Mark: "Oh!

Thom: "(laughs) It's on

Mark: "A fine vintage Martin guitar

Thom: "It works

Mark: "Right, ok. Were you saying it's about like fifty years old that guitar?

Thom: "Yeah, 1940's or something

Mark: "Lovely. It is, it's very nice indeed. What are you going to......

Thom: "It was cheap

Mark: "Well it shouldn't be, you got a steal there, didn't you?

Thom: "Yeah, it was all scratched and stuff

Mark: "Which is what you want

Thom: "And it buzzes, but you won't notice that, it's radio

Mark: "(laughs) Ok, Fair enough. What are you going to play for us?

Thom: "I'm actually going to do a song called Follow Me Around, which isn't really out as yet....

Mark: "Great

Thom: " such, per se

Mark: "Right

Thom: "Just as I get my foot stool ready (shuffles about)

[part eight ends]

[part nine start]

[Thom plays acoustic version of Follow Me Around]

[part nine ends]

[part ten starts]

Lard: "(claps) Oh, yeah!

Mark: "(claps) Terrific!

Ed: "(claps) Yay!

Mark: "Terrific

Lard: "Oh, wow!

Mark: "That sounded.......that sounded really great. Have you got any plans to release that? Is that a newish thing?

Thom: "Well, it's actually been kicking around since...sort of since the heady days of OK Computer

Ed: "(laughs)

Mark: "Right ok, so we might find that on one of the new EPs at some point?

Thom: "I don't know exactly what to do with it really to be honest

Mark: "Playing it live, or...?

Lard: "I think you'll probably find that on the internet later today

Thom: "Could be

Mark: "(laughs) Brilliant, thanks very much for that

Lard: "Fantastic

Mark: "And that is Thom Yorke, performing live on the programme, we'll be back with a sort of a quarter of an hour jazz odyssey solo guitar from Ed O'Brien (laughs)

Ed: "Fantastic (laughs)

[Radio 1 jingle plays]

[part ten ends]

[part eleven starts]

Mark: "Julie has been on, and she said: Has Ed ever considered doing a stint on radio, as he has the most delicious radio voice

Ed: "(puts on even deeper voice than usual) Thank you, my dear

Lard: "Oooh la la la!

Mark: "(laughs) There you go. Alright then, Thom's left the room just to calm down after he's been doing the song, which was great, wasn't it?

Lard: "It was fantastic, it really was

Mark: "It was great to see him in action, like you know, hunched over and lost in it

Lard: "Yeah, amazing

Mark: "It was just fantastic to see close up. We now come to another episode of the vintage comedy drama, Thom Yorke's Schooldays

Lard: "Ohhhh yes

Mark: "Which I believe has been aired in the Radiohead camp, hasn't it?

Ed: "Yeah, well we shouldn't talk about it while Thom's out of the room, it didn't go down too well, but, you know

Mark: "Right, yeah well

Lard: "That's why he's left the room

Mark: "Is it? Oh, ok, fair enough then. I mean, it's quite a coincidence to find you know, a classic drama with the same characters names as you in the band, isn't it?

Ed: "Yeah

Lard: "Unbelievable

Mark: "Amazing, isn't it? But anyway, here we go with another episode

[Plays Episode]

[Plays track]

[part eleven ends]

[part twelve starts]

Mark: ".....who's from Fame Academy, is it?

Lard: "Apparently

Mark: "but she... you were saying she was on Jonathan Ross with you?

Thom: "Yeah

Mark: "She was? You like her voice, Thom?

Thom: "Yeah, she's got a good voice. Really good voice

Mark: "It wasn't what I was expecting. Is she the one with the sort of spiky hair, and everything?

Thom: "Yeah

Mark: "It's not a very spiky record, is it, from someone......

Thom: "Yeah, but she's not very pop star pop star, either, which is great, so she should....yeah, she deserves to do well, but she kind of maybe needs to dislodge herself from the pop star, pop idol thing

Mark: "Right

Thom: "But that's just my opinion, personally

Mark: "No, that's fine. And before that, it was the Chilli Peppers and Fortune Faded, which is a fine tune. Erm, right, we've got quite a lot to fit in, haven't we, really?

Lard: "We have a bit

Mark: "But Thom and Ed have been with us all throughout the programme, which we're very pleased about, so we'll throw.....a few more questions coming in for you. A question for squire Yorke: As a former resident of the quaint city of Exeter, and spending many of my formative years there, I wondered what Mr Yorke's presiding memory of the city was, while he was at Uni, and what was his favourite watering hole?

Thom: "Ah, there's this club that shut, can't remember what is was called, and I remember doing a show there one night with this band I used to be in....probably we were called The Headless Chickens, at the time, or....though it kept changing, which was probably a good idea.....

Mark: "(laughs)

Thom: "And it was literally a watering hole, because the ground floor was flooded and we still played, and every time I went up to the mic, I got a shock. It was great, good show that...

Mark: "(laughs) – Right, yeah

Thom: "Good, good

Mark: "With The Headless Chickens. What was your first band called, Ed, can you remember?

Ed: "On A Friday

Mark: "On A Friday, ah, yes of course

Ed: "Seminal band

Thom: "Yeah? (laughs)

Mark: "Chris in Cambridge says: What do you think.....have you heard The Darkness doing Street Spirit?

Ed: "Yes

Mark: "And what did you think of it?

Ed: "It was good, I liked it, you know, it was fun

Mark: "And James in West Sussex says what do you think of the Paul Oakenfold version of Street Spirit?

Thom: "(laughs)

Ed: "Oh, dear...

Mark: "Sore point?

Lard: "Ahhhhh!

Mark: "Ok, we'll move on from that (laughs), right, ok then. Thom, a question for Thom: Do you still keep in touch with the two girl members from when Radiohead started up?

Thom: "Actually, yeah we do, one of them's involved with one of the museums in London, isn't she?

Ed: "Yeah

Thom: "Yeah

Mark: "They're involved with what, sorry? That was a bit of a mumble

Thom: "One of the museums.....I can't remember, Colin knows them still, doesn't he?

Mark: "Oh, ok then, right

Thom: "They're fine, yeah, yeah

Mark: "Can you ask Ed for a “Stop, Carry On” for Swampy at Pinder's in Preston

Ed: "STOP! .........(pauses)...................Carry on

Mark: "Excellent, ok

Lard: "So much more manly than my version

Mark: "(laughs), I know, I know, I was quite scared there. (Ed laughs) Lee in Edinburgh says: Did Bruce Forsyth offer any showbiz words of wisdom in Jonathan Ross' green room?

Ed: "He was brilliant

Thom: "Yeah, he was

Ed: "He was a complete star, he stayed until the end

Thom: "Yeah, everybody else......(laughs)

Ed: "Everyone else.......

Thom: "Legged it (laughs)

Ed: "Buggered off, and he was there at the end, we did photos with him and his wife, and he was....he's a......he's a proper gent

Mark: "Is he?

Ed: "Yeah

Thom: "I think his sons were interested or something, is that right?

Ed: "Yeah, his son's a bass player

Thom: "Yeah. What did he write in our books, our signed books that we got from him?

Lard: "Ooooooooh!!

Mark: "Oh, right

Thom: "Was that “keep it up”, or something?

Ed: "Yeah (laughs)

Thom: "Equally......

Lard: "Fnar fnar

Ed: "He's great, Brucie

Mark: "Right, James in South Korea, says: I saw Radiohead perform on David Letterman a few weeks ago, and they seemed a little annoyed by the whole thing, was there a reason?

Thom: "(laughs) I'll tell you why, man

Mark: "What was going on there?

Thom: "I'll tell you

Mark: "Well do, yeah

Thom: "In order for Mr Letterman not to break into a sweat, he has the studio at sub-zero temperatures

Mark: "Does he?

Thom: "Yeah

Ed: "Yeah

Thom: "So our hands went numb (laughs)

Lard: "Ahhhhhh!

Thom: "So there you go

Mark: "Ah, well, fair enough then, you'll need some fingerless mittens on the next tour. Ewart in Poland says: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Ed: "Yes

Mark: "Right

Thom: "Yes

Mark: "Good. Gemma Varnham, currently in bed with the lurgee at York Uni says: A quick question for Thom and Ed, I wrote a play last year called How To Disappear Completely, will you sue me?

Thom: "No

Mark: "I'll take that as a “no” then, right, and Alan Watkins says: Any chance that you're going to play a real hometown gig in Wellingborough?

Ed: "(laughs) No

Thom: "(laughs) Let me get this straight, because I was born in Wellingborough hospital, is that right?

Mark: "Right

Thom: "Eeeek!

Mark: "He says there's a church hall there, you could play in

Lard: "Worth a try

Thom: "Yep. Maybe in the hospital

Mark: "Alright then, so the gigs are going well. What happens, do you work out a set for each gig separately, are you changing it every night, when do you work it out? Do you know what you're going to play tomorrow now?

Thom: "No

Mark: "No?

Thom: "We don't. It's whatever's giving us the horn that day

Mark: "Right, ok, yeah

Thom: "Mmmm hmm

Mark: "So what, after these dates then, you go straight back into recording these EPs, or are you taking.....

Thom: "Hell, no (laughs)

Mark: "Right, take a break from each other, do some other......because Jonny did his other album in downtime....

Thom: "Yeah

Mark: "...didn't he, and everything, so what is it, a break from each other again?

Thom: "Definitely, potter about, yeah, in the wood shed or something

Mark: "Alright then

Thom: "Just do something different, not quite sure, to be honest

Mark: "So you don't know when anything's going to be released, or anything, no plans, no firm plans at the moment?

Thom: "Well, no, because everything's up in the air

Ed: "Yeah

Thom: "Absolutely everything's up in the air, so......which is a nice place to be

Mark: "It is a nice place to be

Thom: "It's a nice place to be, isn't it?

Mark: "No, it is, I mean....

Thom: "Floating around

Mark: "I wish, you know, I wish we could say “well, we don't know what we're doing, really”, but we know we'll be back at one o'clock on Monday....well, I say we know...

Lard: "Well, yeah

Thom: "How much do you know? (laughs)

Lard: "Don't take anything for granted

Thom: "We could start swearing now, and everything would be sorted, wouldn't it?

Mark: "Well, you know, I mean it would probably speed up a process that's inevitable....

Thom: "Yes

Ed: (laughs)

Mark: "But there you go. Alright then so we'll get to the Great Moments In Pop finale after Linus Loves........well, I've pressed the button, but it didn't start, I'll never get the hang of this......

[part twelve ends]