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(audience claps)

ZL: Lee, you've got a question for the guys

Lee: It's for Thom actually, I think

TY: Hello, Lee

Lee: Hello. I once read an interview that you did saying that your favourite lyric you'd written was the “suck your teenage thumb, toilet trained and dumb” verse for Iron Lung

TY: Really?

Lee: Is that still the case? If not, what is?

TY: Errr.....

Lee: I think it was true at the time.

TY: I still like “yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon”

CG: (laughs)

TY: Yeah, that's still my favourite

CG: They're all the sucking ones!

TY: That just makes me laugh. Makes me laugh

Will: Hi, I'm Will

ZL: Hi, Will

TY: Nice trousers

Will: Thank you, I bought them especially to come and see you guys

TY: Really?!

Will: Really, yeah. You can have them

TY: No, no

(audience laughs and wolf whistles)

Will: No?

ZL: I don't think they'd fit

Will: Yours have got holes in and everything

TY: Yeah, they're not my holes though

Will: Oh

PS: He paid a lot for those holes, actually

TY: My parents came to see us in Paris, and it was like eighteen thousand people and they hadn't seen me for years and years and years......

ZL: Were you more nervous, the fact that your parents were among the eighteen thousand?

TY: No, because I knew they'd be just watching the audience all night (laughs)

CG: You apologised for the swearing, though, didn't you?

TY: I did, yeah

(audience laughs)

CG: To your mum

TY: Yeah, but then she was swearing afterwards, so it was alright. One of the hardest things of the year for us was having to accept the fact that everybody looked at this record as “well, yeah, you have to make a bit of an effort with Radiohead and really, you know I'm almost thirty now, and I can't be bothered”, and we didn't see it like that at all, so it was a bit weird for us, but there you go, that's the way it is. It's been a pretty tough year as well

ZL: Yeah

TY: We've actually found it pretty tough. Psychologically is been really quite difficult

ZL: In what ways?

TY: The way like you sort of said earlier, like the way the business is working at the moment and the way the whole music scene and the way that music's getting out there and stuff, it's like it's getting more and more strange and we're finding it less and less easy to fit in. I mean, we did sort of make an effort to be nice this time

ZL: You made videos!

TY: Yeah! We were sort of like trying to be nice, and still managed to not fit at all. But that's ok