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[recording starts]

Edith Bowman: "Straight off stage here, performing on his own with a piano, Thom Yorke.

Thom: "Me and a piano.

Edith: "You and a piano. Is it nice being out there on your own?

Thom: "No, haha. I've learned my lesson

Edith: "Never again!

Thom: "No. No, it's not nice, especially TV as well because you walk on cold. And you've got to be in the zone. And, um, you know, it's very difficult. The hardest thing is actually walking off. ‘Cause you're like, “right.” And, so...

Edith: "Just the one song?

Thom: "You think the show's started, and it's like: what? I have to go now. Oh, OK.

Edith: "You had the biggest grin on your face...

Thom: "sorry...

Edith: "...coming off there. Did you enjoy it?

Thom: "Ya. I did, absolutely. It's really nice to just, um, try and work out how to play the songs in any form really. And it's a bit, um, tenuous at best, trying to. So I'm just kinda relieved that, right, OK, I sort of pulled that off. It's over.

Edith: "It's a nice challenge for yourself I suppose, stripping things back like that.

Thom: "Yes. Stripping things back.

Edith: "For you getting this nomination for the solo album, does it mean a lot?

Thom: "Ya, it does because, um, as we all know in this country, there's lots of little fishies in enormous ponds flailing around hitting each other really hard. There's too many of them. And, um, there's not many things that you know, make you nervous, your little fishy, once it's out. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Edith: "I understand what you're saying. Other people might not.

Thom: "Does anybody else understand what I'm saying? [laughs]

Edith: "We'll transcribe that on the radio...[unintelligble]

Edith: "Are you a fan of the Mercury Music Prize in general? Do you think it's a good thing?

Thom: "I think generally speaking prizes or ceremonies for music: they are what they are. They're to highlight things, to promote the whole concept of music. I do like what Zoe Rahman was saying, the jazz pianist. She was saying it's good that they cover all stars' music. I kind of wish they'd cover more and be more open about that. But, you know, it's alright. Ya. It's better than the Brits. Anything's better than the Brits actually.

Edith: "It does -- I think that's the best thing about Mercuries in a way it does draw people's attention to genres of music that maybe you would never even take a second listen to.

Thom: "Ya. I wish they'd do it, you know, I wish they'd sort of pursue that more but um you know it's great that they choose to carry on with it I guess.

Edith: "You've got a few familiar faces in the crowd there, giving you a bit of support.

Thom: "Have I?

Edith: "Nigel's here and stuff.

Thom: "Nigel's here and Richard from XL, ya.

Edith: "Does that make it a bit easier or is it you're like that, is it a bit like performing in front of your school teachers here?

Thom: "I was actually very surprised by how many tuxes there are this evening. It's just like my idea of a worst nightmare so. Hang on, I don't remember booking myself for a wedding.

Edith: "Thom Yorke as a wedding singer, brilliant...

Thom: "Ya, when times are hard.

Edith: "I'd love to see that. Is this a one off thing this album or is there more?

Thom: "Um, at the moment it is, because there is very much um an overdue Radiohead record to do.

Edith: "Yes. When, please?

Thom: "Well next year unless it all goes pear-shaped in which case, never. But um right now um we're sort of secretly booking secret locations. Do you mind? [crashing noise]

Edith: "Someone's trying to get you a whole case of beer in the back.

Thom: "Its alright I only need one glass at a time.

Edith: "Has the recent festivals and the tours and V and all that kind of thing kind of really spurred you on as well?

Thom: "That's been really great actually, I have to say. That was like a kill or be killed thing for us. It's like you know if we'd muffed that up I think we'd pretty much forget it. But it was actually really good fun and the audiences were really supportive you know. I mean we offset that with like um doing two months in Britain and the US of doing new stuff, lots and lots of new stuff and then to go out and do the festivals it was gonna either be a total disaster or be really good fun and it was actually really good fun because… you know we played the old songs in the right spirit, like you know this is a really fun thing and this is what people want to hear. It was even fun doing Creep, actually it was a real laugh doing Creep, first night on V was great. None of us remembered it at all. We hadn't rehearsed it; we hadn't played it for like 5 years.

Edith: "Had the words in a cue?

Thom: "Well, no. That's alright. I'll make them up. They're not very good anyway

Edith: "Right last thing. Who's going to win tonight, do you reckon, who'd you like to see win?

Thom: "I'd like to see someone who deserves it, who isn't going to get a break any other way. So I would say Zoe Rahman should get it um, who else.

Edith: "Do you want to see the nominees?

Thom: "Ya.

Edith: "Sway or Zoe Rahman?

Thom: "Sway or Zoe Rahman because it's pursuing the lots of the wealth of different types of music that this country has under its belt that never gets a look in normally.

[recording ends]