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[recording starts here]

Mark Radcliffe: "Now its called the Nationwide Music Prize, and well it's a funny old show to do this really because we are backstage at um I don't know the name of the hotel, posh, big hotel. So we come on there after the results have been announced (Artic Monkeys) and we interview all the disgruntled losers. Thom Yorke, how are you?

Thom: "I'm first. I'm good at disgruntled.

Mark: "Years of practice at disgruntled.

Thom: "Apparently.

Mark: "Now be honest, you were nominated for The Eraser, which is great. Is it great or were you...?

Thom: "No. It was great for me because um, ya ‘cuz uh any sort of recognition for what I thought was a good record would be great.

Mark: "Ya ya ya. Are you remotely, now I mean you probably came I imagine not expecting to win I'm guessing. Perhaps you didn't

Thom: "Ya, no I mean, you know I didn't expect to win because it's a random thing.

Mark: "Well it is, it is, you know

Thom: "Everybody's musical perspective is different.

Mark: "Of course it is. But when it goes quiet and um Jools Holland's messing about...

Thom: "I would really love to win because I'm really proud of the record but you know, that's the way it goes

Mark: "Ya ya ya. And you're resplendently bearded which you were keen to show off to the crowd tonight.

Thom: "Was I?

Mark: "Well you sort of grinned and sort of gestured at the beard

Thom: "No I was just showing them how hap... happy I am.

Mark: "And of course the album is full of kind of electronica- beeps, warbles

Thom: "Ya, allegedly, allegedly ya.

Mark: "Well it is. And tonight, though a solo performance at the piano which um reminded me very much of when we were in Verona -- and this sounds terribly back -- and you played Pyramid S]ong on that upright piano. You always play an upright piano, not a grand, why is that?

Thom: "Zoe Rahman was asking me that.

Mark: "The jazz nominee who's a brilliant piano player.

Thom: "Yes. Absolutely. She knows what she's doing in front of the keyboard. Um ya, she asked me that. Ya, I don't know. I think it's the guitar thing. If it gets to a certain size it doesn't sound like a guitar anymore.

Mark: "Right so you're still playing the guitar when you're plying the upright piano

Thom: "Basically I'm strumming the piano because that's as far as it gets.

Mark: "But its only good, I mean you know, the thing that's always amazed me, you always seem to be able to completely [I just spilled some drinks] you always seem to be able to completely close off the room and go into your own space, I noticed that.

Thom: "If you're going to do a tune like that you've got to close off man because uh if you respond to the all the Tuxedos in the room, then it will freak you out.

Mark: "But, is it easy to do? Have you had to learn that technique?

Thom: "Yes, um the hard thing about it is walking on cold doing that. If you have a whole show to do then you can warm up, lalala, you can get into it. You walk on cold in front of a TV and do it and then um. Actually the hardest bit is walking off because you think oh great the show's started and...

Mark: "The one song

Thom: "The hook comes over the stage and you're dragged off

Mark: "But but, the one, actually the most compelling moment of the night to me, I'm not just saying that because you're here, after about, you played a bit of piano, and after about 10 seconds, 20 seconds, you gave a withering glare [

Thom: "laughs] to the audience and I was on the balcony and I was scared.

Thom: "Well it's my job, you know. I've got 4 minutes so shut up for those 4 minutes you know, most of them are music biz types um and they should be um you know, listen um I mean ‘cuz, well actually the reason I did it was I watched Zoe Rahman who I though should have won, and everybody talked, oh its jazz, we can talk over this. We've got tuxedos on therefore we can talk over jazz. No you can't! I thought that was like really, really rude. So that's why I gave them the Paddington hard stare.

Mark: "Yea well, and it worked, I think. Isn't that one of the problem with things like this, people think its all very well with jazz being nominated but it's never going to win.

Thom: "Token gestures, yes exactly.

Mark: "Although Zoe to her credit seems to be glad that its exposure and she's kind of on telly and all that, so maybe it kind of works a bit.

Thom: "She's switched on, man. She's taking it for what it is. Very good, very impressive.

Mark: "So what's going on? You've been playing with the guys and everything. Having done a solo record, you're doing a Radiohead record now. Are you on with that?

Thom: "Ya. I mean, we're in quite a good space really ‘cuz we did all these festivals like V in August...(T yells shut up at people talking.)

Mark: "Shut up. Give them a withering stare.

Thom: "They can't see me. I'll give them a radio stare. So we're going off for the rest of the year, basically until it's done. We're not let out until it's done.

Mark: "Is it going to be more, having got, you don't like it when I say vaguely an electronica record, solo record. Can we read into that the Radiohead record might be more rocky? We can't? No.

Thom: "I'm uh... I'm uh... I'm uh...uhuhuh.

Mark: "Hahahah. Tell me this. Answer me one question really quickly. Have you spent any of your money which you must have by now on anything lavish like a powerboat? I'd love to see you in a powerboat.

Thom: "No. Do you know how much those things cost?

Mark: "I know. But you must have treated yourself to something in all the years, Thom.

Thom: "You know what my dream would be? I was winding up everybody about this recently. I was like “Let's do a Gin Palace tour.” Because I found out what a Gin Palace was.

Mark: "What is a gin palace? A boat?

Thom: "Well it's like, um, Paul Allen, ex-Microsoft has 3 of them. And they hang out outside Cannes.... And it has like a permanent crew, it costs a million pounds to run every year and you cruise around the world and you pop off, you know. See my dream is to just pop off on the jet, and you go, hi everybody and then get back on. But it isn't going to happen because I don't like flying, you see?

Mark: "But it's a boat?

Thom: "Ya, but we don't have that sort of money.

Mark: "I find that hard to believe.

Thom: "You should tell the tax man this because he's constantly investigating us. We don't have that sort of money. Bastards! Sorry I'm not supposed to say that am I?

Mark: "You've wasted it then, You're paying too many people on the payroll. You're being too generous with your employees.

Thom: "You don't want to know that, do you?

Mark: "Lovely to see you. Let me just say: commiserations, I guess.

Thom: "Thanks. Bummer.

Mark: "I really enjoyed your performance tonight; it was really compelling. Thom Yorke. And here's the new single.

[recording ends here]