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[recording starts here]

Scott Mills: "This is Radio 1 and that was Mark Ronson doing 'Just'. Thom and Ed from Radiohead are here taking over Zane's show for the last time, the last one tonight. Hello!

Thom: "Hello.

Ed: "Good evening.

Scott: "How are you?

Thom: "Yes

Ed: "Yes very good

Scott: "Are you looking forward to it?

Thom: "Yes!

Ed: "Yeah very much so

Scott: "Are you just saying there’s going to be some battle as the time ticks by as to who can get their tunes on.

Thom: "Yes, yes we have a list!

Scott: "Right.

Thom: "and we have to tick them off. And then we’re going to fight when we run out of time at the end!

(Scott and Ed Laugh)

Scott: "Now we just played mark ronson who did this show a couple of days ago are you a fan of him?

Thom: "Uhh I really don’t know nuffink (Nothing) about him.

Scott: "Ahh.

Thom: "I heard that I don’t get out much...

Ed: "This is an old track isn’t it? 'Cause we came in to talk to Zane about a year and a half ago and they were playing that so.. He did a good job on Amy Winehouse.

Scott: "He does a good job on...

(They Laugh)

Scott: "He does a good job on quite a few things. Do you uhm, like you know what are your thoughts on cover versions in general?

Thom: "I was impressed by the vocal performance on that particular song.

Ed: "Yeah it’s good.

Scott: "Yeah.

Thom: "I was saying to Ed if I cop it tommorow. uhm there’s hope, y’know. Can carry on.

Scott: "How far would you go though, do you get any kind of choice? Let’s say if .

Thom: "Well I’m being a bit sick aren’t i?

Scott: "If Shayne ward wanted to cover...

Thom: "Who he?

Ed: "Yeah.

Scott: "Oh right he won X-factor like 2 years ago. If he wanted to do paranoid android how would you feel about that. Would you let him?

Thom: "Yeah, good luck!

Scott: "You would?

Thom: "Well it’s up to him innit? I wouldn’t exactly like put product endorsement on him.

(They laugh)

Scott: "No no. Now this is chap hurst,

C: "Hi

Scott: "He’s a big fan of Radiohead. And if it’s ok with you we’d like to do our actual Radiohead quiz which we’ve devised specially

Ed: "Oh oh

C: "Yeah I see a cecil coming on too, for all of us. Is this what you were whispering about by any chance?

Scott: "Maybe. It’s good though stick with me. It’s called 'Radiohead or some other head'. Now I’m going tp play you some short clips of tracks, it’s good this you have to work out if it’s a song by Radiohead or a different artist with head in their name

C: "Right, and it’s me against them?

Scott: "Yes it is

C: "Haven’t they got an unfair advantage?

Scott: "Maybe

Thom: "Not necessarily

Scott: "Ok let’s start with some of it. Here’s yours

(Technoheads – I want to be a hippie plays)

Thom: "Yeah that’s definitely us

Scott: "Again

Thom: "Is that us?

Ed: "No

Thom: "Alright

Scott: "You’re saying some other head

Ed: "It’s not another other head

Thom: "What?

Scott: "That’s right

Ed: "It’s another head

Thom: "Have we won?

Scott: "No not yet

(Technoheads – I want to be a hippie)

Scott: "Technohead, I want to be a hippie

C: "So did they get that right then?

Scott: "Yeah they got it right

C: "Eventually

Scott: "1-0. Right chappers your one

C: "Ooooh

Scott: "That’s a tough one

C: "I think that’s another head.

Scott: "You think that’s another head?

(Beavis and Butthead with cher – I got you babe)

Scott: "It’s beavis and butthead and cher with I got you babe. Right one all.

C: "Is that one all?

Scott: "Yeah. ok next.

(Radiohead – 2+2=5)

Thom: "Oh! Is that us?

Ed: "It could be.

Thom: "I reckon that’s us.

C: "Are they allowed to confer?

(They laugh)

Scott: "Yeah.

Ed: "That’s 2+2...

Thom: "Is it?

Scott: "What track is it?

Ed: "2+2=5

(Radiohead - 2+2=5)

Scott: "Yes! Good work. Right chappers you.

(Radiohead – Karma Police)

Scott: "Ooh that’s easy.

C: "That’s Radiohead.

Scott: "Is it? Good work. Ok, Thom and Ed.

(Motorhead – Ace of spades)

Thom: "Ooh I wish.

Ed: "Yeah.

Thom: "Sadly not.

Ed: "It’s not us.

Scott: "Is that another head?

Ed: "Yeah.

(Motorhead – Ace of Spades)

Scott: "Motorhead, chap hurst you.

(Radiohead – Creep)

Scott: "It’s easy as well!

Thom: "He looks worried!

C: "That’s Radiohead.

Scott: "Yes!

(Radiohead – Creep)

Thom: "Turn it off!

(They laugh)

Ed: "Turn that one off.

Scott: "Ok this one...

C: "How many are we doing?

Scott: "Just 3 more...

C: "3 more!

Thom: "I need to go to the loo before we go on!

(Radiohead – Jigsaw Fallin Into Place)

Thom: "That’s us.

Ed: "That’s us.

Scott: "That’s you.

Thom: "That’s the new single.

Scott: "Which is called?

Thom: "Uhm Jigsaw...

Scott: "...Falling Into Place. Alright chappers.

(Song I don’t recognize!)

C: "No. another.

(They laugh)

Scott: "And finally.

(The Futureheads)

Thom: "Can we hear that again.

Thom: "Hear that again.

Ed: "No that’s not.

Scott: "You or another head?

Ed: "Another head.

Thom: "Another head.

Scott: "The Futureheads.

Thom: "Who?

Scott: "The Futureheads.

Thom: "Oh right, yeah, yeah.

Scott: "I don’t actually know who won. Does anyone care?

Thom: "Yeah, we won.

Scott: "Yeah, you won. Right Radiohead head at 7 o clock tonight.

C: "Did I not get one less?

Scott: "No!

[recording ends]