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Gilles: Hello, good evening, welcome, once again. It's Gilles Peterson here on BBC Radio 1. This week, I have a returning special guest, it's a real pleasure to do a back-to-back with Thom Yorke, the man from Radiohead, find out what he's been listening to over the last year or so or what he's particularly listening to at the moment, what he's been listening to at home, what they're listening to at the Radiohead office and also to get into, to delve into the brand new remixes that have come out of the latest LP. There's an exclusive mix coming up a little bit later on from Jamie XX not heard by anybody anywhere in the world apart from Thom and the people in the office. So, make sure you stay in tune with us. By the way, there's a few dodgy words in the next couple of hours so if that's not your thing, switch over, you know what to do. But if you're into an open-minded, lyrical exchange, keep it locked here on BBC Radio 1 and get set for some grea music, we're gonna start off with a couple of tunes. And don't forget, there's a tracklist available at


Gilles: So, OK, umm. When was the last time we did this? Year and a half? More than a year?

Thom: Ahh...

Gilles: More than a year.

Thom: It was the winter...

Gilles: It was definitely cold.

Thom: Was it the winter...Was it this winter? Hang on, it was the winter, wasn't it? Or was it the winter before?

Gilles: It's been a year and a half.

Thom: OK. Really? Wow.

Gilles: Unless it was a really cold...Yeah.

Thom: It was, whatever that winter was [when] you couldn't get down the road.

Gilles: And we are about as unorganized as we were last time.

Thom: What do you mean?

Gilles: Well, it's difficult to be, kind of, so specific.

Thom: Well, I can't help the fact that the BBC is not up to the current technical...

[both laugh]

Gilles: But still, how many songs have you got? You've got a shortlist of 60 here!

Thom: Well, you know! I don't want to sell myself short, innit? And you won't let me plug my computer in, so...

Gilles: We've got quite a lot of new... I wanna actually go through all these amazing remixes you've done.

Thom: Yeah, well, that's probably why we're really here.

Gilles: Well, I dunno. Is it?

Thom: No, not really.

Gilles: Are we hyping anything in particular?

Thom: Oh, I dunno.

Gilles: You haven't even got a release date for this thing. Have you? No-one knows, with you guys, you just drop it on...

Thom: No, we're trying to break that habit, actually.

Gilles: Yeah?

Thom: It's a bit of a bad habit.

[both laugh]

Thom: You know, the novelty starts wearing off.

Gilles: Look at Glastonbury!

Thom: Yeah.

Gilles: Eh?

Thom: What?

Gilles: That one went out of the bag pretty quickly.

Thom: Yeah, thanks to The Sun.

Gilles: So, umm, how many remixes have you done?

Thom: Umm, it was supposed to be a few. And then I just, sort of, carried on doing it.

Gilles: 16?

Thom: Yeah, somewhere around that. Six-uh, seventeen. It's cool, though.

Gilles: So how many actually got done?

Thom: There was a few that didn't work out, not that many though, surprisingly.

Gilles: All taken from Kings [sic] of Limbs?

Thom: Yes, in various mutations thereof.

Gilles: If you're one of those lucky recipiants of the masters or what are they... What does the remixer receive to work one of your songs?

Thom: [sharp inhale]

Gilles: Do they get the whole caboodle?

Thom: They get a slightly edited version, without all the arguing and swearing and pop-throwing.

Gilles: But that does exist somewhere?

Thom: Probably. Yeah. No, not really. The first one was the Caribou one. And that was the first one that came in, bless him. And we thought "Wow, we're on to something here!".

Gilles: Should we just start off with that?

Thom: Yeah, why not?

Gilles: Eh! Thom Yorke, check it out!

Thom: I didn't think you were talking seriously!


Gilles: That's a good start, Caribou.

Thom: Yeah.

Gilles: Really good start. Kieran Hebden... I was a bit unaware of them, actually, until the third album. It was Kieran Hebden, who said "You gotta go see them" cause they did a little show in London somehwere, I think it was in Heaven. And the show was really great. And a bunch of friends of mine in France were mad about them, as well.

Thom: Hmh. Yeah, I was probably the last person in our band to get into them, so, there you go. I don't know, anything except what Kieran told me. They played after us at Glastonbury and they were great. And it turned... I was really impressed because, well I wanted to meet him anyway, to hang around after we'd packed up. And he turns up, like, in sandals and brown socks. While everyone else is caked in mud. I was extremely impressed, so he has my lifetime respect just for that. As well as, of course, for his genius music.

Gilles: That was a great remix as well.

Thom: Really good.

Gilles: You get a chance to hear these tracks - obviously, these have just been done, so you probably wouldn't have done - but, in a way, you really need to hear them in their whole glory, at a party, on a good sound system...

Thom: Yeah, I mean, it's funny, because I don't have to do that, there's always a party going on in my head.

[both laugh]

Thom: But I mean, to me, it works on all sorts of levels. I'll get me coat, shall I?

Gilles: [laughing hard] Alright, let's play another remix by Caribou. No, I mean, this remix is really great, I think. It's a remix of Virgo Four, Thom.

Thom: Yeah, I've never heard this.


Gilles: You're currently listening to Gilles Peterson with Thom Yokre, we're back-to-back, here on BBC Radio 1. Lukid!

Thom: Yeah.

Gilles: South London.

Thom: Apparently.

Gilles: I thought, like you.

Thom: Sounded American to me.

Gilles: Like, California... What's that club you played at?

Thom: Low End Theory.

Gilles: Low End Theory... How was that?

Thom: I did it twice. The first time, they announced it and I hadn't slept for three days, I was having a bad insomnia thing. And Flying Lotus sort of arranged it and I sort of tried to bail out of it. He sent me pictures of the queue outside. And I thought I'd better not [bail out], cuz there'd be a riot. And it was great.

Gilles: You were trying to bail on a gig an hour before you were supposed to go on?

Thom: Yeah, I thought, like, "You know what?". I didn't think it was a big deal and then it was. But yeah, it was good. It's a great place.

Gilles: Legendary. And that's on a wednesday night! And you've done it since.

Thom: I have. Last I did back-to-back with Flying Lotus. The first tune he played, I was like "what...what is this?" cuz... It was Code 9 and their beat is just one of those beats that...seething good.


Gilles: Or what I thought we could do, actually, I'm sort of already dominating the back-to-back.

Thom: No, you should.

Gilles: I thought we should go back to some of these remixes of the King of Limbs album. Cuz there's a bunch I haven't heard and there's a few that nobody's heard. We've got two super-exclusives on there, I keep referencing back to that. But when we did that show couple of years ago, I looked back at the tracklisting. It was really great, we went right across the board and it was a nice journey.

Thom: This one, this one is Jai Paul. He with the extraordinary hair.

Gilles: And only one song!

Thom: Yeah, but, you know... it's good! And he's doing lots of really technical voice-things which just brilliant, to me. The nice end of a lot of shit vocal effects going on at the moment, he's doing it the right around, to me. And the lyrics are totally, totally brilliant. Sung in a falsetto voice, which would obviously appeal to me.


Gilles: Ahh, it's so great in life when you find something from years ago. This is more than 50 years old, this thing, and I kind of pride myself on my colelction of old music, but when you get this singer, I don't think anyone has ever heard of him since, Frank Minion doing a Miles Davis classic in a different way with Bill Evans on the piano.

Thom: I like it, it's really dark, the harmony's really dark on that one, it's nice.

Gilles: Thank god for old records.

Thom: Speaking of which. As we're on this jazz tip, there's this Duke Ellington tune. I've been getting into Duke Ellington. It was actually Flea who turned me onto Duke Ellington, bizarrely. And there's this Live at Newport record, and there's this one tune, Skin Deep, which is a classic, but he gives the drummer some. I played it to my son, Noah, who's ten, a budding drummer, and I said "Man, if you ever get this good". It gives me goosebumps. This is the bit with the breakdown. Listen to the crowd cuz they are totally out of control and they're so excited. They can't keep them quiet inbetween the tunes, so when it breaks down, they go nuts. So, just listen to the solo and how it develops. And there's some rythms in this solo that are just so modern, man, it's crazy.


Gilles: Phenomenal.

Thom: Sam Woodyard was the drummer. Cuz you're asking. It's a amzing. A bit indulgent, but man, I love it.

Gilles: Umm, at Glastonbury, you played with two drummers. That was a departure.

Thom: Yeah, absolutely. We couldn't figure out how to do them, all the rythms and stuff, it was sort of impossible with one pair of hands. And none of us are good enough drummers to get away with anything really. It's been great, actually, he's been a really good energy booster, have get someone else to come.

Gilles: Clive Deamer.

Thom: Yeah, Clive Deam-ah! First time we saw him was with Roni Size, the first drum and bass guy. Plays in Portishead as well.

Gilles: Phenomenal. You know, I wouldn't mind tuning in to where that track ended in terms of that dark horn ending. There's a great track which Kieran Hebden's just done a little edit of, which I think we should play right now. It's a tribute to Steve Reid, the drummer, and it's a track Steve Reid recorded, called Lions of Judah. This one has a new sort of version of vocals. Check it out.


Gilles: So that is Kieran Hebden, Four Tet, re-edit of Emanative with Ahmed Abdullah on the vocals and Lions of Judah. And this Gilles Peterson with Thom Yorke, Thom Yorke with Gilles Peterson. You alright, Thom?

Thom: Yeah, man, that was nice. That was satisfying.

Gilles: Coming out soon. What have you got?

Thom: Coming out soon, in fact, I've got to check whether I can play this. It's Anstam, you know Anstam? I was out with Modeselektor in Berlin, recently, and they were playing this. I love it.


Gilles: You gotta give me more information about this track, Thom.

Thom: Yeah, if I had some, I would.

Gilles: Really? They're the secret weapon?

Thom: Yes, it's Anstam. He's an art student from Berlin or something. Or I forgot and I'm wrong, which means I'm in so much trouble. Gernot's gonna kill me.


Gilles: Berlin, do you go to Berlin?

Thom: Umm, well, that was just... Normally, I'm doing gigs and stuff, that was the first time I wasn't. And I was with the Modeselektor boys for a couple of days and it was interesting, really nice. They kind of know everybody so there was this massive, 48-hour saturation period.

Gilles: It's a late-night city.

Thom: Tell me about it.

Gilles: I think you need to go to that Berghain club. I think I'd to hear you playing there, actually, that would be... I played there for the first time the other day and yeah, great, great club, great crowd. Let's get back onto the remixes. Just a bit of deeper info on it, we just heard about it. There's a few vinyls floating about, what's the plan? Is there a plan?

Thom: There is, actually, amazingly, a plan. We're putting them all together and they're coming out in October as a whole thing, it's about 17. It kind of holds together, bizzarrely, it feels really good. The whole project had a really good feeling to it from start to finish so I'm really, kind of, proud of it.

Gilles: All that nice packaging and all that sort of stuff.

Thom: Yeah, and all that, but, you know, just the excitement of having it spreading out. The one we're gonna play now, this Mark Pritchard mix, I mean, you know, when it first came in I was like, what the hell. And I love it, it's one of my favourites, it's just, from another place, definitely.

Gilles: Wow. He always comes out with something different.

Thom: Yeah. He's amazingly prolific, always different styles and he just knows his shit, I shouldn't say it...You're saying he's a west country boy?

Gilles: Yeah.

Thom: Damn.

Gilles: Up there with Global Underground, Aphex Twin, Tom Edwardson, that generation. Now living in Melbourne or is it in Sydney?

Thom: I did not know that.

Gilles: Big up Africa HiTech, lots of stuff going on with them. They are gonna be doing some more shows back here, in the UK, I think, really soon.

Thom: So that was a remix of Bloom, in case you didn't spot it. But it is there. And it is beautiful.

Gilles: By the way, are there instrumentals versions of all these tracks?

Thom: No, not really. Unless you go and like, tie down one of the remixers and get them to hand them to you. Beat up Kieran or something.

Gilles: You can do a PA tour.

Thom: Yeah, that'd be nice.

[both laugh]

Thom: When times get hard.

Gilles: Where do you want to, uhh, where should we go?

Thom: Yeah, you know, I mean, this whole Juke thing. I sense that you are slightly cynical about it or not, I dunno.

Gilles: It's difficult, I mean. In a way, it's happy hardcore...

Thom: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

[both laugh]

Gilles: Just some strange memories to me. But on the other hand, you play a track like that in the streets which is the kind of Mark Pritchard twist on it and it's just the biggest track of the dance. If you are a DJ and you see that energy, what is it 150? 155 BPM?

Thom: At least. This tune, I like cuz, it's just the sound of the 808, I'm a sucker for 808s and this one's really good. DJ Slugo. This tune, I drive everybody I know insnae with this tune, really. I love it, it's so brutal. It's called "Juke Me From the Back Low".


Gilles: This is a special edition. Thom Yorke and GP. Well, we just did a few in a row, there.

Thom: We did.

Gilles: A few in a row. That was great, that juke track.

Thom: Yeah. [raps] Juke from the back low! What's that about, crazy...

Gilles: We were gonna play something else, but it did go a little bit...

Thom: That was really, yeah, happy hardcore, scary, we had to take him off.

Gilles: I didn't hear too much juke when I was in Chicago recently, I was in the wrong club for that. But it is all over the place. And it was good, actually, hearing that. I think that's one really nice part of the new Machinedrum album, the way he touches that and uses all those rythms.

Thom: Mhm, it's definitely spreading around.

Gilles: And people are getting used to it, which makes it easier. And then it was a track which I keep going back to, which is an old track, an old drum track which I thought you'd love, which is the Barry Miles track, which somehow goes with Feral. From the album. My favourite track. Do you have one?

Thom: No, I've heard it too much to have a favourite.

Gillles: The whole album?

Thom: Yes! I like playing them. Well, actually, yeah, I was gonna say, at the moment, I love playing Bloom live. That was always the big challenge and it's really good fun that we actually nailed, well, getting there anwyay. Early days, but we're getting there.


Gilles: So I made the mistake, couple of weeks ago, to ask people if they wanted to, if they have questions for you.

[both laugh]

Gilles: There was a ridiculous amount of response, so I'm not gonna go through each one individually, but the one question that I was asked the most was the touring situation. So, what's the game?

Thom: Alright, yeah. We're trying to figure it out, but the idea is to try and play next year on and off, during the year, cuz we did get a massice buzz out of the first gig, at Glastonbury. Even if it was a bit of a... a bit chaotic.

Gilles: Wish I had been there for that.

Thom: It was, well, you know, if you had been lucky enough to see it, it would have been worth it, but if you were just stuck in the muddy field with the pouring rain, it might not have been. But anyway, yeah, we got a nice buzz out of it. It was sort of, nice energy, really. It feels like a good idea now that we have figured out how to play, we're gonna do it in front of people for a bit as one does.

Gilles: It's like a massive undertaking for you to go on a world tour. Can you break it up so easily?

Thom: Uhh, we just don't do a world tour in the sense that, in that sense, you know. We will go and play in places and we come home. It is big, big machine, but, umm, we try to keep it as small as we can, really, just for our own sanity. Yeah, I do find it difficult, it's not something I jump at easily.

Gilles: I can't wait, I missed the Glastonbury, so...

Thom: There'll be some more, I'm sure, with Clive.

Gilles: So that was also a remix, of Feral which is by Lone, out on vinyl. It's one of the early ones, right?

Thom: Yes, that one just came in and we said "Yes, that's it, that's what we tought." And it was great! I love it. I played it at Plastic People and it went down really well, so that was encouraing.

Gilles: How did you find it in there? How did you find the sound and all that stuff?

Thom: Ahh, it was loud, man! So loud, shit, man! I'm old, 4:30 in the morning, we were coming out into the dawn, what I was most impressed by, right, I don't do this much. There was a fresh load of people coming in at 3 AM, I was really impressed with that. Some people have left cause they're tired and some more people turned up cuz... I don't know. So, yeah, at 4:30, you get kicked out into the open dawn. It was a bit much for an old man, hate to admit it. It was great fun, but... full on. I shouldn't have said any of that, I should pretend, like "Yeah, yeah, it was sweet, man, nice, yeah". Oh...messed with my mind, really. Kieran said, "Don't worry, it'll be fine!"


Gilles: I mean, there are so many of these producers every week, there's loads, I mean. Julio Bashmore's been popping about for a little while. What is it about that that you like so much?

Thom: Awww, I don't know. It, uhhh... I like it cuz it's dark and it's beautifully simple and... I don't know, can't figure it out, really. It was XL, actually, Richard and Ben, turned me into that. So, cheerio.

Gilles: It's interesting, that you are supporting this music so much and people are...

Thom: Is that a good thing or not, you see? Because, everyone's gonna think that...we are trying to suck the young blood or whatever, but that really wasn't what it's about, to me, at all.

Gilles: Well, you've been doing it as Radiohead.

Thom: Yeah, exactly. It's just that at this particular moment, there's this really nice cluster of things, in my head. Well, you know, a friend of mine was saying "It's a shame you don't do, you know, less beat-oriented ones". You know, William Basinski, who does all the tape loop stuff, I'd love to get him to something. You know, things like that, bit more freeform, a bit more non-beat-oriented, in the future. But, you know, this just had it's particular little momentum thing, it was really just a good thing.

Gilles: What about your project with Flea and that collective?

Thom: Uhh, Flea, Joey, Waronker and Nigel. I don't know how much people, we got this band together, Atoms for Peace, we called ourselves. And it was, like, initially, for fun, really. Just for the crack, to work it out how to play all the Eraser stuff. And, I dunno, it sparked something off, it was really exciting. We did a couple of shows, then got back together and did a couple of weeks, on a little tour around the US and do a gig in Japan as well. And it had really good energy to it and it was really interesting, translating the beats into a live performance. So we ended at the end of that, just getting into a studio, generating some more beats and stuff based around things I had already. And so, there's something brewing at the moment, which is sort of like a step on from The Eraser and includes all that energy we got from forming the band and they're on it, in various different guises and bits and pieces. So, I'm just finishing that with Nigel at the moment and that's, I dunno when exactly it's coming out, but it's something that we've been really excited about for a while. So, it's an on-going, as well, it's just a different place, for me, to vent my whatever.

Gilles: So that's gonna be songs, the full thing...?

Thom: That's, oh yeah, yeah, absolutely. It's an album in the sense of The Eraser was an album.


Gilles: I also got a lot of people asking, and I'm curious about this myself, actually, got any good book tips for us?

Thom: Oh! Hans Fallada, you know that book? Alone in Berlin? Hans Fallada, man, that book is genius, absolutely genius. It's all about this couple during the second World War in Berlin who started leaving postcards, anti-Hitler postcards everywhere. It was written straight after the War and you get this total sense of, the idea of being in a country, where the morons have taken over, the bullies, the selfish gits, you know. Everybody that normally... middle-managment, suddenly are in charge, they're beating you up. And how a country can fall so quickly for, you know, be tricked into it, the bad thing. So yeah, amazing book. I think it's like a bestseller, amazingly, after how many years? So I'm reading another one of his...


Gilles: I want hear two or three just way-out tracks from you, cuz I haven't heard them. I mean, I've some way-outs from some electronic and dance music and stuff like that. Have you got anything, like, sort of, like I've never heard before...

Thom: What flavour do you fancy, man?

Gilles: I just want...ehh...uhhh...something a little live? Music instruments?

Thom: Ohh, yeah! Yeah, I've heard of them!

[both laugh]

Gilles: Anything with real instruments?

Thom: What about a bit of like Latin stuff? Like Bossa Nova, actually?

Gilles: Yeah, you think so?

Thom: Yeah! Or do you think it's a bit too "naaaaah"?

Gilles: It's a bit sort of Gilles Peterson.

Thom: Yeah, we wouldn't want that, would we? Right then, we'll do that...

Gilles: We're just going through our annual, well, no, bi-annual Brazilian days at the moment. Every couple of years. I'm feeling it back. Do you often go, is Brazil a big place for you, to go to?

Thom: I've only been once.

Gilles: Really?

Thom: Yeah, man, cuz, I dunno...pfft, yeah. Don't get me started. We had the time of our lives, it was wicked.

Gilles: You've only been once.

Thom: I know it's pathetic. But it's just one of those things, man. Gimme a good excuse and I'll go. I have to have a good excuse. But, Ed is your man for that.

Gilles: So, tell me, what, in the band, who is into what, mainly?

Thom: Well, Ed's into that. He'll kill me for saying that, so... You know, I don't know, I lose track, I totally lose track of what everyone's listening to. I wouldn't even begin to say "Oh, they like this and bla bla bla". I just really wouldn't. I mean, Jonny sends me some seriously heavy avant garde classical stuff sometimes. Some of which I really love and some of which makes me very confused, you know. I dunno, really.

Gilles: Have you heard any of the Thundercat's stuff yet?

Thom: I heard the one you played, was it last week?

Gilles: A couple of weeks ago, yeah.

Thom: A couple of weeks ago, oops. That was great, I liked that, yeah. I like his trousers, he wears some bonkers trousers, that guy.

Gilles: There's a big, big, big buzz on that record. So, Thundercat plays with FlyLo and Erica and a bunch of other people. This album is probably the most eagerly anticipated record ever, apppart from Flying Lotus', on Brainfeeder.

Thom: Yeah. There's some great stuff on Brainfeeder. Was that Ras G record on Brainfeeder, right? I love that record.

Gilles: They put out a lot of stuff. And they've got Austin Peralta, they've got Mono/Poly. tons of stuff. Anyway, press play, let's lsiten...

Thom: This one here?

Gilles: Yeah, I think so...


Gilles: Ahhh, come on!

Thom: Don't panic, don't panic, everybody stay calm.

Gilles: So, Flylo, Thundercat. First of all, what did you think of that Thundercat track?

Thom: I like that, it started off I thought "Oh, man, my head hurts" and then, it's beautiful, man. His vocals are great, what a surprise. He's such a sweetie as well. Listening to that tune was like talking to him. Doesn't make any sense, probably. But he'll know what I mean.


Gilles: So you did a gues track on the last Flying Lotus album, which was a fantastic record, award-winner.

Thom: Yes! Hopefully, we'll do some more.

Gilles: Yes, he does have a motivator. You did a track with PJ Harvey, actually, which, she won the Mercury the other day.

Thom: Yeah, bless! Bless her. That's good, man.

Gilles: Are there any other sneaky, surprise things that you've done that that you haven't told anybody about?

Thom: Well, there's the thing with Kieran and Burial. We are desperately trying to arrange to get together and do some more of that. But at the moment I'm trying to focus basically on-

Gilles: How many vinyls did you do of that track, by the way?

Thom: Not many.

Gilles: You gave us, cuz you did one for the Record Shop Day, you did your Sun Ra artwork on it. And someone got that, that was a good deal, whoever got that.

Thom: That was, yeah...

Gilles: It's all good. I wanted to keep it all for myself.

Thom: I'd do you another one, but I dunno if I've got any more. I'll look it up.

Gilles: I've got copies, I just want you to do the artwork

Thom: OK, I'll bring it.


Gilles: So, what else you got?

Thom: I wanna basically, stay focused on the Atoms for Peace thing, really. And stay focused on getting it together to go out on tour with Radiohead next year. That's enough to be getting along with, believe me. I don't want to over-saturate myself, cuz I've had a busy year and I'm trying to, like, keep it together.

Gilles: One of the questions somebody wrote, actually...we should play a little track, maybe...Also, what's your favourite track from Blue Lines, 20 years later?

Thom: Oh wow, I listen to that with my kids, in the car. What's the name...that one...with the Trendy Wendy, you know what I mean? Five Man Army. Cuz it's really deep and dark and lovely. It's, again, you know, the drum rip and the bassline, spotting a pattern yet?

Gilles: Blue Lines. When you first heard that, still one of your favourite records?

Thom: Yeah, but you know, that's full circle, cuz that's when I left college and I had a job at the shop and I basically played Blue Lines, Brand New Heavies, so it's kind of funny...

Gilles: And also, another person, a massive fan of this guy, on the same sort of subject, is Geoff Barrow, because when the Portishead album, Dummy came out, I couldn't believe... That record, that was...That blew my socks off. Are you still in touch with Damien?

Thom: Yeah, sort of.

Gilles: I'd love a project with... I like a British, a really good, sort of, ...

Thom: Yeah, that'd be good, I'd be going with that, definitely.

Gilles: I wanna leave with a couple of tracks from the remix album. There's a Jamie XX track that you've got that we're gonna hear.

Thom: That's not out yet.

Gilles: Yeah. Are you gonna let me play it?

Thom: I'm gonna let you play it. Cuz, I guess, cuz what would happen is, I'd, like ring up loads of people going "Is this alright?" and they go "You tell us". But whatever...

Gilles: Great, OK, we're gonna play the Actress mix, as well, cuz that's a clever mix.

Thom: OK.

Gilles: Thom! Pleasure, mate!

Thom: Thank you.

Gilles: I think we're done, right?

Thom: Yeah

Gilles: Hope it goes really marvellously well.

Thom: Thanks, Gilles, gotta keep it together, as usual, as we all do.

Gilles: I can't wait to see the show.

Thom: Thanks, mate. Bye, guys!
Songs played:
Yann Tomita — We Travel The Space Ways
BLO — Chant To Mother Earth
Radiohead — Little By Little (Caribou Remix)
Virgo Four — It’s A Crime (Caribou Remix)
Lukid — Dragon Stout
Kode 9 — Neon Red Sun
Jai Paul — Btstu
Frank Minion — Flamenco Sketches
Duke Ellington — Skin Deep Live At Newport 1956
Emanative — Lions of Judah (Kieran Hebden Re-edit)
Anstam — Baldwin
Modeselektor — White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
Modeselektor — Hasir
Radiohead — Bloom (Mark Pritchard Remix)
Africa HiTech — Out In The Streets
DJ Slugo — Juke Me From The Back Low
Barry Miles — Magic Theatre
Radiohead — Feral
Radiohead — Feral (Lone Remix)
Radiohead — Bloom
Julio Bashmore — Chazm
William Basinski — The Disintegration Loops
Thom Yorke — The Eraser
Baden Powell & Vinicius de Moraes — Canto De Ossanha
Sérgio Ricardo — Conversação De Paz
Thundercat — Daylight
Flying Lotus — Gng Bng
Flying Lotus — ...And The World Laughs With You (feat. Thom Yorke)
Thom Yorke, Burial & Four Tet — Ego
Massive Attack — Five Man Army
Radiohead — Bloom (Jamie xx Remix)
Radiohead — Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost Actress Mix)