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[recording starts]

Lauren Laverne: We've got a very important gentleman on the phone, I would like to introduce him. On the day that Radiohead release the 19-track, double-CD download 'The King Of Limbs Remix' or 'TKOL RMX 1234567', today we have the lovely Colin Greenwood on the line. Hello, sir! How are you?

Colin Greenwood: Hello! I'm good, how are you?

Lauren: I'm alright, thank you Colin. You said you're in blustery Oxford today, blustery, is it?

Colin: [inaudible] Hello?

Lauren: Hello? Colin, where've you gone?

Colin: ... I'm back, can you hear me now?

Lauren: I can hear you. Where are you, Colin?

Colin: I'm at home just kicking back, you know, and just got back from playing some shows in America, in New York.

Lauren: Oh right, ok. It sounds like your phone line's being a bit remixed [laughs] as I talk to you, which I suppose is apt as you're here to talk about the new album, the new remix album which features mixes from the likes of SBTRKT, Jamie XX, Caribou... how did it come about?

Colin: It came about.. well, we always put our records out for remixing and we've always done it when we were with EMI, and it's just something that we've always been interested in. Thom especially, when he would just DJ a lot and he was into a lot of early WARP things and I guess that's how it came about.

Lauren: Alright. I would imagine that you have every producer and musician just clamouring to remix you, get their hands on your work. How did you go about selecting who was going to do which track?

Colin: Well, this time what we thought would be cool was that if we gave our music to remixers that we liked, in the same spirit that we worked on the individual tracks, which was they started off as a bunch of like, intersliced rhythms and loops and things that we sort of put together and then build the music up out of that, and we thought "well, wouldn't that be cool if like, the people that we liked who did their own remix work would do it the same way and make their own music out of the rhythms and stuff from our music." It'll be more like they're playing loads of different things rather than just doing it straight, first picking the vocal and just putting a couple of different things underneath it.

Lauren: Right. It sounds very collaborative and very relaxed, but that's not always the case. What if you get something back, you're listening to it and you think "hang on a minute, that's taken my bass out! Where did that go, what's happened?"

Colin: [laughs] Well I think another thing about this music is a lot of it's designed to be played in clubs loudly, and that's the field that these people work in a lot. That's not to say that I don't enjoy some of it at home, but I went to Plastic People a few months ago and Thom played out the Lone remix of 'Feral' and it was just bonkers, and watching when the rhythm comes in, the place was a full house and the crowd were going mad and all of that... hearing it in that environment was just brilliant.

Lauren: Completely makes sense. Speaking of which, tomorrow night the band are celebrating the release of the album by holding a special event at The Boiler Room. Thom will be DJing again along with Jamie XX, Caribou... I think everyone can watch it online can't they, is that right?

Colin: Oh it is, yes. I saw my friend Kieran who was opening for us with um...

Lauren: Kieran Hebden?

Colin: ...yeah... with Rocketnumbernine in New York last week, and he was laughing about that because he said to Thom that The Boiler Room is the most scary, exposed DJ cube that he knows, because you're in the middle of the room and stuff, so he was saying to Thom it's going to be quite an experience!

Lauren: It's, I think, if people want to watch it. Are you gonna be stepping up to the decks, Colin, spinning any tunes?

Colin: No, I'm going to be drinking a beer quietly in the corner.

Lauren: That's a sensible approach! [laughs] Now listen, you played the opening episode to the new season of Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks back. Alec Baldwin was hosting, how did that go?

Colin: That was extraordinarily exciting, it was brilliant. It was funny for a start, which was great - the jokes are funny, the sketches, and then we had a dressing room next to him and he came in to introduce himself dressed as the Milky Bar Kid... with two toy guns and a kid's shirt and a kid's cowboy hat on and he said "I'm Alec Baldwin." "Of course you are!" So that was amazing. And Steve Martin was there as well, and Seth Rogen, and it was just brilliant! I mean, the one sort of tricky thing about the show was that you're there from like three-thirty to two in the morning, in a tiny dressing room in New York. But I think that's one of the things that made the show we did the next couple of days later so electric, because we'd been cooped up. So when we played, it was just really good to be released.

Lauren: As you said, you've been playing some shows over there in the US and been doing stuff over there. What happens next for the band? I mean, we don't wanna rush you but is there another album in the works? Do you fancy a tour at any point soon?

Colin: We've just been spending the last week getting together plans for next year. We just had such a good time playing the shows last week, and we're just going to keep doing that really. We should be announcing stuff in the near future. It was just brilliant, we've been playing with Clive from Portishead, with Clive and Phil. I'm stood in the middle of these two brilliant drummers, and I just can't wait to do more of that.

Lauren: Well listen, we can't wait for you to do more of that either. Thank you very much for that polite, yet slightly inscrutable answer! Colin, what's the rest of the day for you now? What happens now to Colin Greenwood?

Colin: What? This... is it Monday?

Lauren: Yeah! It's Monday!

Colin: Um, and is Tony Blair still Prime Minister, is that right?

Lauren: [laughing] He's not! He's gone, Colin. He's gone - we haven't got time to go through all this!

Colin: [laughs] No, um... I'm gonna be checking out some music, listening to a couple of remixes and stuff and um... just doing stuff like that really.

Lauren: Aw, we wish we could hang out with you and do that Colin, that sounds really nice. Alright, have a lovely day. Thank you for talking to us!

Colin: Thank you now, take care!

[recording ends]