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Radiohead's Thom Yorke introduces Stanley Donwood & The White Chocolate Farm

for the attention of jefferson at dazed and confused. urgent!
from thom yorke.
fax to: +44 171 336 08966
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computers, will they take over?

“shit i thought they had already.
they fly the plane i M on. they know what the weathers goona do

they talk to each other in a

language that no one can follow.

how can you really tell what theyre saying? they could just be stringing us along! i think they are! look at the intemet.

surely its not REALLY that SLOW. in reckon theyre just havinga chat with each othr and then at the end they just go,

...... oh yeah and by the way they want you to say
vrdtgvurlutnsvncpvunrldnvpeinrpvritnceuvnp4fnpiefpefnuthmutop3hm. got that?
OK see ya.

who will win the revolution the scientists or the artists?

It sort of feels like both are going to win because science and art seem to be converging.

upsetting is the way the art world continues to be so insular and self perpetuating. i
suppose science is like that to. i don't know much about the way sc
SCIEnce is funded but art or ú the ah-hem art world exists in total
isolation endless spinning

yet at other times i see the work of say someone like jenny holzer
and find it really alarming how every word resonates right through me.
my favourite place to go to rekindle my belief that art or self expression ahs a place is

MOMa in new york. i can never remember artistss names((stanley is good
at that)) but i still get exited and feel awe. so iguess the end of the world is not going to be
quite yet. .
although i dont agree with any of the politics of the art world and the
brain less freaks who
actually spend money on the the stuuff or write about it.
i think science and art have had their nice little neat white boxes for most of this century.
but soon its gonna change. theres loads of stuff goin

OFF about eh middle ages, in science at the moment. they are
becomi eing less bunkered more-- humble. i watched a program about a lot of oxford science researchers talkiNG about chaos and fai\h and mysticism and the middle ages. also i feel like there seems to be more of oness to approaching our emotional and objective sides, more feminine. i suppose i am just dreaming though.

and now i thinkimOUT
OFMYDEPTH and i should STOP. im a singinger in a band and i should the fuck up and whine about being tortue=red Wld rich and famous instead. thats what people wanna read.

art is..?

wow- not exactly an NME/Melody maker question this, is it!!!
art is my car. art is the bedspread. art is that BMW car ad. art is the key that opens my door. art is what you live with. art is my computer. art is the born again christian with the megaphone outside. art is the design of the broken airconditioning unit in this room. ar t is there to remind me.

art is how i feel sometimes. and not others.

art is watching a piece of work be endlessly reproduced and take on incredible twists and turns and radiance and beauty.

art is the stuff critica can't do.

are you paranoid in your sleep?

i am paranoid about looslng time and those i love in my sleep.
i get razors lodged in my skull when i am asleep.
no. i can usually hear what people are saying in my sleep though, you have the ablity to hear many things at once in dreams dont you? i have tile ability to see through people when im asleep, something i dont havenormally. but occasionally this becomes too much to take.

what cartoon character do you most associate yourself with right now?
mr magoo-- absolutley no idea which direction i am heading, in another world, constantly bumping into things and upsetting people. a danger on the roads.

list five things that you can't live without.
2.writing songs voice ears hands

honesty, the best poli cy?

honesty is utterly pointless.
everybody hears what they want to hear.
your words will never translate.
honesty leaves you feeling empty and sort of raped. better to not be there.
if you are will be abused. you will be pulled thin. everyone will listen with
compassion and tell you they are there if you need them. but not all the time.
i tell lies at all times. the truth is very dull.
the truth will not get printed. it is not good copy.
this has all been lies.

the six images by slanley donwoo √d & the white choc farm features here are part of..

stanley and white choc were there during the whole time we were recording, they had rules and piles of torn out pages and really old second hand books. i didnt get on too well with white chocolate personally. hes a bit of an arsehole, and he doesnt have a clue what hes doing. but stanley was willing to humour him so we Jet him stay. mostly they just sat aroun d drinking all the beer and smoking all of our stuff. they got in translucent white. i kept telling them how everything felt too bright. personally i can't stand musicians who claim to be artists as well. what right have they to inflict their half formed ideas and dodgy doodles on the world?

pretentious bastards.

everyone has their little white box and they should fucking
to it and leave other people with real talent and perhaps a higher attention span...

5th june 1997 ((no data)) new york

love thom xxx