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A Chat with Philip Selway from Radiohead
By Jamie Hill

You're probably wondering why an interview with the musical genius Philip Selway from Radiohead isn't in the music section and why it's here in the arts and culture bit. Well, it's mainly because he is a massive supporter of the arts and is in fact a patron of Pegasus Theatre in Oxford. This month he's helping Pegasus launch its 50th birthday celebrations with two special gigs as a solo artist. Jamie Hill caught up with the drummer for a chinwag about The Pegasus, his solo work and Radiohead.

Jamie Hill: Hi Philip, tell me about your connection with Pegasus Theatre?

Philip: It's a great theatre. I'm actually a patron for the theatre as I support a lot of what they do, especially with the music technology course, which helps a lot with young people development. The Pegasus is a great space for making music and for perfroming [sic] and I'm pleased to be a part of it.

Jamie Hill: What can people expect from the fundraising concert this month?

Philip: The shows take place on the tenth and eleventh of November and will be raising funds to go towards the youth development programmes that the theatre runs as well as helping to kick off the 50th anniversary celebrations with a bang. They will be intimate shows featuring a lot of my solo work. The shows will contain stuff from my solo album 'Familial' which I released last year and some new material.

Jamie Hill: You are also involved with The Listener - a joint production between Pegasus and The Samaritans. What's that about?

Philip: l'm heavily involved with The Samaritans and do a lot of work for them. Through my involvement I managed to get both organisations to start working together and they've come up with this fantastic production called 'The Listener' which will be touring schools around the country next year. For me it is great to see two organisations that are very close to my heart helping each other out.

Jamie Hill: You're involved in several projects away from Radiohead. Do you find your solo work more gratifying than being part of a band?

Philip: I love being part of Radiohead but I suppose solo work's always going to be more gratifying simply because it's more your creation. With Radiohead we are all part of the creative process and it's lovely to feel part of that. On my own, although it's daunting, I find it a bit more challenging as the buck stops with me. It's my creative voice driving my solo work and it is very satisfying.

Jamie Hill: What's happening with Radiohead at the moment?

Philip: We've just come back from New York where we played a couple of gigs. At the moment we're at this lovely stage where we can take a bit of time out to do our own thing, which is relaxing. The remix album of King of Limbs has just been released, which is really interesting. Out of all of our albums King of Limbs lends itself to remixing and some of the stuff that's come out of that is astounding.

Jamie Hill: Have you any plans to release another solo album?

Philip: I hope so. I've got to get back in the studio to do it at some point as I have of lot of material. As a bond, each member of Radiohead is able to go off and do their own thing which is lovely. We all realise that Radiohead is vital for what we do but we also know that doing our own thing is necessary as it keeps us fresh so that we can come back to the band with new eyes and keep it exciting. I think that is how Radiohead works as a bond.