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RADIOHEAD’s Thom Yorke has confessed that he feels embarrassed about moaning so much in the band’s songs! He admitted to feeling guilt about the “culture of complaint” that he felt Radiohead had contributed to in an interview broadcast on Channel 4’s early evening news programme on December 4.
Thom was interviewed about the show that Radiohead are playing at the Paris Bercy Stadium on December 10 to mark the 50th anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.
Radiohead’s Paris show is a benefit for Amnesty International, the human rights organization which protests to the world’s governments on behalf of “prisoners of conscience” – people imprisoned for peacefully expressing opinions. In the Channel 4 interview, Thom suggested that the plight of such people made the personal problems he’d written about in Radiohead’s songs seem trivial.
Yorke said: “Radiohead very much came out of the culture of complaint – ‘The X Generation’ [sic], as they liked to call it for a while. But I think that we’ve all grown up, and it’s slowly dawned on us that our problems are utterly, utterly irrelevant – and it’s utterly offensive to have them hammered down your throat on MTV.
“I totally feel responsible for that. The Amnesty gig is a way of trying to redress that guilt, I guess.”