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RADIOHEAD'S drummer, Phil Selway, has spoken to The Maker about the band's recent activities: "We're just beavering away in the studio on new material and we hope to have something out there in the next century, but we have no confirmed dates of any gigs. Thom [Yorke] may be going to Reading, but I'm not sure. I've just had a kid, so I'm too busy for festivals."
He was speaking at the Drumathon at the Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre in Oxford on Saturday (August 21), where he led the St John's Smith Square Orchestra.
Selway told us how he got involved in the programme: "I was approached by the Orchestra of St John's Smith Square and they were interested in bringing events into the communities. These kids have a great ability and they are actually enjoying it. I hope that everyone understands that they don't need to be the world's greatest musician to create powerful music. Of course if the drumathon encourages somebody to become a great musician, that would be extremely satisfying."