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By Terry Staunton and Johnny Cigarettes / Photos: Kevin Cummins and Steve Double


“We really have been over-paranoid in the past about what people think of us, but this award and the new material we’ve written has made us much more confident. I was scared of looking embarrassed down the front if we hadn’t won anything. You can’t really miss my wig and everyone would have been looking at us. We have a very weird relationship with ‘Creep’, it’s been 18 months since we first did it and in that time we’ve gone through a lot of pain and anguish. We’ve made a lot of mistakes but I think we’ve learned from them.”


“It’s important to see these awards in terms of what we want to happen in ’94. It would be great to see a lot of British bands do really well in the next year, but it’s really scary to look round this room tonight and see bands who, even if they’re critical favourites, are not going to have enough money to survive and be successful if they don’t have any success outside this country. I don’t want to see  situation where British bands defend themselves proudly and stick their heads in the sand out of a sense of insecurity. British music doesn’t need to do that.”