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Thommy's temper tantrum

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke stormed off stage at Munich Riem Airport last Saturday (November 25th) when he lost his voice.
Eyewitness Niki Sutton told NME: "He walked off in tears five songs into the set."
Sutton said Radiohead had just played Creep when Yorke's voice broke. She said: "He'd been complaining he couldn't hear himself and he was obviously quite distressed. He was banging the microphone and stamping around. They started Creep and he just lost it and his voice cracked.
"He turned the microphone round into the audience. He walked to the corner of the stage, sat down and there was a scuffle on the stage. There was a lot of banging around. The audience were actually singing and Thom walked off."
Sutton said Radiohead followed at the end of the song and bassist Colin Greenwood returned 15 minutes later to make a public announcement. Greenwood told the audience Yorke had lost his voice and was unable to sing.
She added: "The audience were really pissed off but his voice sounded fine to me."
A spokeswoman for Radiohead said the band were disappointed at pulling out of their Munich gig. She said their current European tour was a sell-out.