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RADIOHEAD release 'Paranoid Android', the first single from their forthcoming third album, 'OK Computer', on May 26. It's a seven-minute track with choral arrangements, and typical of the band's new direction.
Due out in late summer, 'OK Computer' was recorded under the working title of 'Ones And Zeros', the name of a book by cyberpunk philosopher Sadie Plant. The album features a contemporary dub sound that bassist Colin Greenwood described as being "like a stoned Radiohead" when he spoke to NME recently at the Hot Press music awards.
'OK Computer' contains the track 'Lucky', which was recorded for the 1995 'War Child' benefit record, although 'Talk Show Host' - which features on the soundtrack to the current film William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet - is not included.
Other tracks on the album are 'Airbag', 'Paranoid Android', 'Uptight', 'Exit Song For A Film', 'Let Down', 'Karma Police', 'Fitter, Happier', 'Electioneering', 'Cllmbing Up The Walls', 'No Surprises', and 'The Tourist'.
'Fitter, Happier' uses a sample of Professor Stephen Hawking, author of A Brief History Of Time, who has to speak through an electronic voice synthesizer. His voice is accompanied by some odd pieces of electronica, underlying the scientist's musings on the existence of God and the chance of there being any kind of meaning to the universe. This metaphysical drift reappears several times on the album.
The band will debut their new material in Barcelona on May 22 and 24. The first known UK date at the time of going to press is their headline slot at Glastonbury Festival at the end of June.