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Radiohead's fans-tastic day

RADIOHEAD are to play a surprise show at London Charing Cross Road Astoria next Wednesday (September 3). The gig, which originally started life as an XFM promotion (see page 8), is for fan club members though a limited number of tickets are available to non-members through the box office.
Radiohead's Ed O'Brien told NME: "It's really a thank you and it's a bit of a self-indulgence for us as well. We're going to try and do a bit of a different set. We're going to have a section where we just play B-sides. It's a chance for us to be as obscure as we like!
"It'll be a real hit and miss affair though!
"So much of the time you go and see bands and it's really slick. At the Astoria, it's a chance to see a band that's very fallible!
"It could fall back on us, but at least we'll be amongst friends!"
Ed says Radiohead have been writing new material while on the road in North America.
"We've still got new things on the go. We don't know which direction the new stuff will take, but the B-side of 'Karma Police', called 'Meeting In The Aisle', is an instrumental, and that points to an area we've never really been before. We've got a lot of ideas though, so when we get some time I'm sure we'll go into the studio.
"We've got the American dates to finish, then the UK dates, then we've got a tour of Japan in late January. I think we'll go into the studio then for a couple of weeks and try and lay some tracks down."
Gig Guide

RADIOHEAD, loved by the nation more than ever following their triumphant Glasters appearance, yet set to enthrall once again as they head out on tour. The first stop is at Doncaster Dome (September 2).