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Radiohead's on-the-road documentary Meeting People Is Easy is released soon. The film is described as “about a bunch of articulate, essentially shy people”. But the turning point in the movie comes when the group become involved in trials for the latest wonder drug which is said to combat shyness. Thrills! has a sneak preview.

8 min An off-camera interviewer asks Jonny Greenwood if he feels that Radiohead's success is spiralling out of control. Blushing, Jonny replies, “Er, urn, gah, yah,” and hurries off. He is then seen cuddling his guitar while whispering to it, “They can't hurt us when we're together, precious baby.”

29 min Thom Yorke upsets fans who attend a record signing session in Miami by sitting motionless behind a card which reads, “I grudgingly acknowledge and respect your turning up today, but owing to the increasingly fractured nature of society, I cannot connect with any of you on any level other than an inter-species animalistic act of invisible grudging recognition. Maybe you don't even really exist, I don’t know. Hmmm. Please deposit any sweets you have brought for me in the large box beside the exit.”

42 min The band agree to the anti-shyness drug experiment. They emerge from taking the test dose and all appears to be normal.

63 min Renowned mumble-addict Ed O’Brien appears on a phone-in on Detroit radio. He lustily propositions each female caller, urging them to come down to the Radiohead station where he’ll be hosting Big Ed’s Super-Sized Nonstop Love-In after the show. He has to be escorted from the building sedated.

89 min Wearing an oversized live-green acrylic suit, Thom Yorke spends a gig at the Chicago Enormodome doing an improvised and scarcely legal chicken dance, while debuting his new alter-ego, ‘Dr Buggerlugs’. He makes mock phone calls to Ian Brown and General Pinochet, inviting them round for a game of 3D backgammon. Meanwhile, Jonny Greenwood’s feather boa becomes tangled in his guitar leaving him no option other than to play it like a giant violin using his new surgically-enhanced 3ft-long tongue.