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Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the band’s new album, now slated for release in May 2000.
O'Brien has been writing a day-by-day diary on the band's official website ( and reveals new song titles including 'Move Along', 'Lost At Sea/In Limbo', 'Neil Young *9', ‘Everything In Its Right Place', 'Optimistic', 'You And Whose Army', 'Up The Ladder', 'Say The Word (C-minor song', 'Cuttooth' and 'Knives out'.
The band have been writing, rehearsing and recording around 40 new songs in Copenhagen, Paris and Gloucestershire over the past year and are now laying down tracks in their own Oxford studio with producer Nigel Godrich.
On an entry dated September 9, O'Brien says: "'Knives Out' is sounding quite 'Smiths-esque', especially Phil (Selway, drummer) who has got that Mike Joyoe thing down to a tee.
"'Up The Ladder' sounds pretty grim. 'Say The Word...'; great drum, bass and vocals - personally getting a bit anxious over it, as I can't find anything that works with it, or rather I have an idea but can't get all sound right. Makes me a bit neurotic.
"Finish on what I used to call the 'Jonny Scott Walker Song' - very short and sweet."
Another entry, dated July 22, says: "Highlight of the day is attempting three part harmonies on 'Neil Young *9', not the harmonies themselves, but Phil is cracking up because he feels a bit Iike that drummer out of The Eagles.
"A fucking brilliant rehearsal. It's great to be in our band."