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NME: Who's rocking the best outfit?
Ed O'Brien: "There's a lady over there wearing a great outfit." (Points to NME.COM picture editor Care Jago)

What's the strangest thing you've seen today?
Colin Greenwood: "I met Tim from The OffIce. It's not strange, but remarkable. They're the people I've been most excited about meeting.”

What’s the one thing you want to do before the end of the day?
Colin: "Probably meet the people from The Office again."

Who's your Godlike Genius?
CoIin: “Again I'd go back to The Office. Ricky Gervais. I think."

What award should we include next year, and who would win it?
Colin: "I'd say Best Contemporary Sitcom Set In An Urban OffIce Environment In Slough. The Office would get that."

Ed O'Brien: "We didn't actually have anything to do with the video at all. So it's vaguely embarrassing to be here for this, because it's not ours."
Yorke and Beck's charity duet in LA

Radiohead's Thom Yorke joined Beck on stage at a charity gig at the LA Wiltern Theatre last Tuesday (February 26) in aid of the Recording Artists' Coalition, a group campaigning for changes to recording contracts.
The Radiohead singer and Beck, pictured together at the event, performed a duet of the Velvet Underground song 'I'm Set Free'.
While in LA, Yorke also attended the Grammys.
Meanwhile, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien and bassist Colin Greenwood attended the NME Carling Awards, where they won Best Video for ‘Pyramid Song’.
Speaking to NME, Greenwood revealed that Radiohead will begin recording a follow-up to 'Amnesiac' next month. “We're going to start work again in April,” he said. “We're going to give it a bit more of a break than the last time.”
O'Brien added: "We don't know what it will be like yet. You get asked this question before you make a record and we just don't know. So many times you say it's going to be the three-minute pop song record, and other times you say it's the prog rock record and it never turns out that way. We'll just get back into rehearsal and then back into the studio and we'll see what happens.”
O'Brien revealed that one of his favourite new albums is The Electric Soft Parade's 'Holes In The Wall'.
NME also understands that the band may experiment by recording parts for their album live when they play later this year. They have previously sampled themseIves playing live and then used the results during the gig.
Greenwood told NME: “We're planning to play some shows in Europe in the summer and we'll take it from there.” They also scotched growing rumours that Radiohead will play Glastonbury this year.
“We're definitely not doing Glastonbury,” said Ed.