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Thom Yorke rocks Parliament
Radiohead singer goes to the top to campaign about global warming after suffering panic attack

He’s marched against nuclear weapons, spoken out against the war, and last week Thom Yorke took his political campaigning right to the heart of Government.
Yorke, in a rare break from working on the new Radiohead album, went to Westminster to lend his voice to The Big Ask, a new campaign launched by Friends Of The Earth aiming to provide solutions to climate change. NME accompanied Yorke as he met with MPs to promote the cause and gave interviews to TV and radio.
Speaking exclusively to NME at the end of the day, Thom said that he got involved with Friends Of The Earth because his concern over climate change got so bad he started having panic attacks and writer’s block.
However, he said that now he’s involved, he likes the Idea of putting on the world’s first totally environmentally friendly gig. He revealed: “I’d be really interested... (but) because the way you do live shows it’s allegedly extremely difficult to generate enough power to do a proper big-style live show. But that doesn’t really make sense to me... but at the moment the way the rock business works it’s all about consuming vast amounts of energy.”
Thom said that Tony Blair’s record on the issue was “appalling”. He added: “I mean, they make a big fucking hoo-ha about protecting us from terrorism, yet they’re quite willing to jeopardise our entire future over global warming because they have an awful lot of pressure on them within Westminster to make this issue go away.”
Yorke said the problem is international and urged US President George Bush to take a stand too. He added: “If you (Bush) really are a man of God, then you should take responsibility for people’s futures.”
The campaign has launched a website at and a TV ad will launch in the coming weeks.