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Radiohead back in the studio with 'phat' new songs
Band hard at work trying to ‘regain the momentum’ as sessions for LP seven start

Here’s a look inside the studio where Radiohead are working on the follow-up to ‘Hail To The Thief’.
Speaking from their recording sessions at a secret location, the band have said they’re trying to start a new chapter for the group, who took most of last year off following the massive world tour which accompanied ‘Hail To The Thief’. Thom Yorke recently compared the sessions to working on ‘Kid A’, which saw a radical change in sound for the band.
In his online diary on, guitarist Ed O’Brien said they have been struggling to “regain the momentum” after such a lengthy spell away.
He said: “Apart from a three-and-a-half week tour to the other side of the world in April of 2004, the rest of that year was a dormant one for us. We needed a break. The end of another three-album cycle. They’re not planned like that, but that’s how it seems to be. So we reconvened in mid-February and since then we’ve been trying to kickstart the old beast.
“You don’t realise once you’ve stopped how hard it is to regain the momentum. You literally get out the habit of doing it but often the only way to stop repeating yourself is to stop doing that thing, walk away from it. Sometimes you have to go away in order to come back. So here we are in the studio recording and it feels right. It’s only day four, it’s very early days but really good things are happening. Lots of deconstructing and reassembling.”
Radiohead have been working on a number of new songs, and working titles that have emerged include ‘Mornin’ M’Lud’ and ‘Pigsee’ (or ‘Pig’s Ear’).
Possible working lyrics for ‘Pigsee’ have also been revealed – and show Thom to be as political as ever. They are: “There are black birds flying in the lobby/There’s a black sea of sticky Saudi oil and the governors are planning their escape/By private jet/You made a pig’s ear/You made a mistake/Paid off security/And got through the gate.”
The initial sessions for the album ended last Tuesday evening (August 23), with Thom concluding: “Everybody’s wasted. Expended I mean. Energy-wise I mean. All in need of bowl of Coco Pops. Colin’s playing sleaze bass on ‘Mornin’ M’Lud’. It sounds very heavy. Phat… like a freight train. The speakers are cracking. This is the last day of the session. We start again in a couple of weeks. I need to get away, six days straight from 11 till late is enough for an old man like me. I’m finding it difficult to finish lyrics. There are giant waves of self-doubt crashing over me and if I could alleviate this with a simple pill, I think I would.”
Radiohead are currently without a record deal, but the album is set for release next year. The band will go back into the studio on September 8 to record a track for the War Child compilation ‘Help: A Day In The Life’, which is released via the following day. It will be their first new material since 2003’s ‘Hail To The Thief’.