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In the studio: Radiohead / Two years and counting...
But the band insist the new album will finally see the light of day this year

Radiohead are determined to release a new album in 2007, after spending over two years on the project.
Following their hugely successful headlining performances at V2006, the band settled down to recording with longterm collaborator Nigel Godrich, back at the helm after the band experimented with a different producer, Mark ‘Splke’ Stent.
Posting on official Radiohead blog Dead Air Space in October, singer Thom Yorke wrote: “[We’ve] started the record properly now... [we’re] starting to get somewhere I think. Finally.”
It’s been a long build-up to this album, with the band working on new songs since they finished touring ‘Hail To The Thief’ in late 2004. In the process they resurrected old tracks from the Radiohead vaults, including ‘Nude’, which dates back to the ‘OK Computer’ days.
Recording sessions for the new tracks began with Oasis and Madonna producer Stent in summer 2005 and continued until early 2006. In June last year, Yorke told NME that the sessions had seen the band change the way they worked, reminding him of the period between ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’, Yorke said: “It’s going well. It’s a bit like ‘Kid A’ – we’re going through a period of change. But that’s good. We’ll get there.”
The band also toured England, Europe and the us last summer and it was during these shows that they premiered 10 new songs – ‘Bangers’n’Mash’, ‘Open Pick’, ‘15 Step’, ‘4 Minute Warning’, ‘Spooks’, ‘Bodysnatchers’, ‘Go Slowly’, •Videotape’. ‘Down Is The New Up’ and ‘All I Need’.
The band completed work with Stent after the tour, posting on Dead Air Space: “Final day in the session... It sounds very heavy… like a freight train… I don’t know, what do people write in blogs normally? I could write about how I’m finding it difficult to finish lyrics...”
However, it’s unclear how much of the Stent sessions will actually appear on the album, as Godrich returned to the producer’s chair when the sessions resumed in August. From September onwards Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood posted regularly that the recordings were going “fine and well”, while Godrich last month said the new record “sounded amazing”.
Those keen to get an idea what the new record might sound like can find live versions of most of the new tracks on the likes of YouTube and online file-sharing services.
Meanwhile, Jonny has also compiled a reggae compilation, ‘Jonny Greenwood is The Controller’, due for release in March and featuring classic tracks from the Trojan back catalogue.

Album title: TBC
Recorded: Canned Applause, Oxford, Somerset
Key tracks: ‘Nude’, ‘Arpeggi’, ‘Down Is The New Up’
Musicians: Thom Yorke (vocals), Jonny Greenwood (guitars), Phil Selway (guitars) [sic], Colin Greenwood (bass), Ed O’Brien (drums) [sic]
Producer: Nigel Godrich, Mark ‘Spike’ Stent
Release date: Late 2007