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Leeds/Reading Official Paper

Colin Greenwood: “I’m very happy to be playing the festival, for lots of reasons. It’s close to home, and it’s great to be sharing it with Kings and Arctics. It should be darker and louder than our London shows last summer, too – a good thing! I think it’s the chance for people to see our show in the UK, in the dark, that’s the coolest thing about doing the festival. I don’t know what’s planned. I’m not allowed to do the setlist, I’m too indecisive! We are trying out a few new things, but we’re still at the stage of casting about for away forward. It’d be brilliant to play something new at the festival though. I was asking Jonny [Greenwood] about the last time we played Reading (1994), and neither of us can remember it, other than Thorn singing ‘Song To The Siren’ at the start and Pulp and the Manks also played. We didn’t enjoy it, as Ed [O’Brien] has lust said to me, but that was as much to do with us. We hadn’t played such a big stage before and it was daunting. It’s probably why we haven’t been back for a while. I just want to enjoy it this time, we’ve had a brilliant time taking our music and lights around the world last year and we want to bring it all back home to Reading to celebrate that.”