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“Taxi! Take me to Berlin!”

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The runaway winners didn’t make it in toto, since fear of flying (especially in tiny wee planes) discouraged Thom Yorke (“worried about his ears” apparently) and Jonny Greenwood (“just terrified”) who remained in Berlin, where Radiohead played the night before. “It’s like travelling in a taxi,” grinned drummer Phil Selway, “only at 750 miles an hour.” Plaudits for the musical achievements of the year – a rock record of peerless breadth, intelligence and adventure – still ringing in their less delicate ears, Selway, Colin Greenwood and Ed O’Brien zipped back to Germany by bloody fast skycab, Q Award gripped in not-sweaty hands, heading somewhat north of the river.

Ed O’Brien “This is very cool. A lot of great albums were made this year, so to win this… we really appreciate it. Thank you very much to Nigel Godrich as well, who produced and mixed our album. Thank you.”

Having a good awards?
We’ve got a bad reputation for awards. We don’t generally feel very comfortable at them. Patti Smith was great and we got a lot more out of Phil Spector than anyone could have expected.

Had a good year?
It was a bit scary on the one hand. We always felt like outsiders, but getting Best Album here means we’re the musical establishment. We had our troubles, but the day Radiohead make a record that’s a happy affair is the day we make a shit album.

Met anyone famous?
Sharleen from Texas. The guys from Massive Attack. We’re actually pretty shy people.

Who would you have voted for Best Album?
To the nominees I’d have added the Belle & Sebastian album, the ROC album, Virgin, and I thought the Mansun album was a real musical achievement.

What did you tell Nicole Spector?
That one of the reference points for OK Computer was trying to do a ‘90s Spector – particularly Let Down.

Would Thom have enjoyed it here?
Not really. He’d have enjoyed Patti Smith.
Footage of the flight and the awards can be seen in Meeting People Is Easy.