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Radiohead Take America
Kid A becomes first British album to top US album charts in 3 years.

Radiohead's Kid A has been ecstatically received in the United States. Selling 207,000 copies in its first week of release, the album entered the Billboard chart at Number 1, making them the first British act to conquer the chart since The Prodigy with Fat Of The Land in 1997. OK Computer peaked at Number 21.
Although the band interrupted their North American tour for a brief champagne celebration, Thom Yorke down-played the achievement.
"I cannot get my head round the fact that it's Number 1 in American at all," he said. "It just doesn't mean anything. It's just la-la… I'm just trying to enjoy the moment."
Meanwhile, dozens of eager fans camped overnight to secure tickets for the band's 11 October show at New York's Roseland. Three days later, Radiohead delivered an animated turn on prestigious comedy show Saturday Night Live, performing The National Anthem complete with eight-piece brass section and frantic leaping about from Yorke.
In fact, the band's stock is currently so high that Thom Yorke himself if being auctioned on the internet for £10m. Some joker, identifying himself only as Thom's Pimp, posted the sale on auction site bay ( The bidding opened at £4.99, with the seller's description as follows: "Thom Yorke for sale. Rare item, much sought after. US buyer preferred. Slightly damaged (see eye). Buyer understands this item is extremely fragile."