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[recording starts here]

[Plays There There]

Zoë Ball: "Of course you know that was Radiohead and 'There There'. Hail To The Thief is released on June 9th, at last, it's album number six for Radiohead. And once again the world holds its breath to see how far the Oxford boys can continue to push the musical envelope. Online shenanigans have prompted the usual bout of verbal fistcuffs between band and pirates and so on. Just finished a mini UK tour, and between watching re-runs of Columbo and tuning into Des and Mel, we welcome Radiohead's musical spine, Phil, Ed and Colin. Lovely to have you here. Just been catching up on the football. How was your mini tour then? How did it go? Everyone's been e-mailing saying how much they enjoyed it, how magical it was, did you enjoy it?"

Phil: "Same for us really."

Zoë: "Really?"

Phil: "Yeah, I mean it was lovely venues, we started off in Dublin, ending up in Shepherds Bush on Saturday, so great venues, really good audiences, and we'd learnt to play the new songs by the end of it as well, so... bit of a bonus."

Zoë: "(laughs) So were you a bit rusty at the beginning then?"

Ed: "Oooh, yeah. That's why you start off in Dublin, because, you know, it's..."

Zoë: "What, they're far more forgiving?"

Ed: "Well, yeah, and after two shows, you're like 'yeah, we can do this', and then you hit Belfast, and you do a really crap show and it's like ok, that's a reality check, so yeah it's... it is at first because, you know, we've now got like sixty songs we can potentially play, so you're..."

Phil: "Potentially..."

Ed: "Potentially, yeah (laughs)."

Zoë: "This is something I wanted to talk to you about in a minute, actually, about sort of changing the set and stuff like that, but quickly, lots of people have asked, Phil, if you enjoyed Thom's 'Happy Birthday' tribute to you at Manchester."

Colin: "Ahhhhhhhh."

Phil: "It was marvelous."

Zoë: "What did he do? Someone said that he said Happy Birthday a lot, and cut it up."

Phil: "Yes, because it was in 'Everything In It's Right Place', which..."

Ed: "It was 'The Gloaming'."

Phil: "Oh, was it 'The Gloaming'?"

Ed: "Yeah, because..."

Phil: "Oh, alright, I'm glad I know our set."

Zoë: "You were too busy concentrating on something else, obviously."

Phil: "But it's one of the songs where, you know, Jonny will sample a voice, or Ed will sample a voice, and Thom had set it to 'Happy Birthday, Phil', and it just carried on going through the song, and then the whole audience joined in and sang me Happy Birthday."

Zoë: "Oh, fantastic!"

Phil: "A touching moment."

Colin: "That was great."

Zoë: "Did you get a tear in your eye?"

Phil: "Erm...I think that was the smoke on stage, actually (laughs)."

Zoë: "It was the sweat. And, I hear, Ed that you managed to get yourself into trouble up in Edinburgh by giving away the score..."

Ed: "Ah, yes..."

Zoë: "The Celtic game..."

Ed: "Well I thought that... yeah."

Zoë: "You see, you think that people want to know, but they're taping it, they don't want to know these things."

Ed: "No, you see... I thought, you know, I kind of... I've always hoped that we might... you know, Radiohead are not, we're not kind of like a 'terrace band', so to speak, and I always... I like football, and I've always hoped that, you know, there might be a few people in the audience who would like... and I kind of announced the score and everyone's like 'pfffft, get on with it', you know, so..."

Zoë: "And there are people standing there going 'no more, don't tell us'."

Ed: "Yeah, 'no more, don't wanna know, not interested'."

Zoë: "Now you've done different sets, I know, on different nights. When is it exactly do you decide to change the set, how do you decide to change it, why do you decide to change it? I mean, do you all go back into the dressing room afterwards and go 'do you know what, tomorrow I fancy playing this, or I fancy playing that', or is it..."

Ed: "It's over lunch."

Zoë: "Is it?"

Ed: "(laughs) It's over lunch of that day, yeah."

Zoë: "Right."

Ed: "It's, erm basically just see what you feel like doing that evening, so it's not really anything... it's very mundane actually (puts on gruff, bored voice) ''Fake Plastic', yeah we'll do that, yeah', you know, it's very..."

Colin: "Right (laughs)."

Ed: "It's not like 'yeah we were really inspired by...' or 'that was a really powerful rendition of 'Exit Music', let's do it again'. It's very kind of 'nah, don't want to do that', so it's whatever sort of... tickles our fancy on the day."

Zoë: "I think a lot of fans have been saying that it's good though that you get different songs, because obviously people hear about setlists, and fans talk to each other, and I think it's quite nice that you turn up, and you never know what you're going to get."

Ed: "Yeah...yeah, well it's... it keeps us, it keeps everyone on their toes, you know, I remember that... and I'm not dissing anyone in any way in this, I remember when we went to see U2 on the Popmart tour, you know and they had the whole production and everything, and we were asking, you know, what songs, what's the setlist and that, and someone pulls out a laminate and says 'this is the song, these are the songs'."

Zoë: "Oh, right, so they're literally going to follow it one by one?"

Ed: "Because of that kind of scale of production, because you had to do that with gyrating lemons or whatever, that you know, you have to do that , and they had... in order to change their setlist, I think Bono was saying it took ten days to know had to give an advance... ten shows advance notice."

Zoë: "That's quite serious stuff."

Ed: "Yeah, so..."

Zoë: "I can't see that happening with you."

Ed: "No, not yet."

Zoë: "Just because of the gyrating lemons as well."

Ed: "Yeah."

Zoë: "Now, Kay... we've got lots of questions from me, and lots of questions from fans, because there's so many people out there want to ask you questions. Kay asks if you all have a favourite track to perform when you're touring."

Colin: "Erm."

Zoë: "Blank faces."

Phil: "Hmm."

Ed: "Mmmm."

Zoë: "Ok, I can come back to that, if you want to think about that, I can come back to that a little bit later on if you want. Are there tracks that are more......There are blank faces at the moment. I'll come back to that one."

Phil: "It's the trickier ones, actually. When you actually finally get you head round how to play them, like 'The Gloaming', which I do know, I can actually remember playing now."

Zoë: "And so you do really enjoy it?"

Phil: "Yeah, it's just the fact that you have it there on the record, and you just go into rehearsals thinking 'how the hell are we going to manage that?' and then suddenly something comes together, and you feel as though you've achieved something."

Zoë: "Excellent. Err, now lets go back to the early days of Hail To The Thief. How does the writing process work with you guys? Does Thom go away and write the lyrics and come back with some kind of tune, you know, when do you all get involved, who gets involved where, because lots of fans want to know what way you do it, or which way you did this album."

Ed: "He... What he did was he sent us... there were three CDs of everything from like... one CD was pure sort of electronic stuff, that he'd done on his laptop, through to renditions of songs over the last three years that we were aware of, on acoustic guitar or piano, and when we got back together, it was like, well what songs, you know, we live with them for about two months, what songs does everyone like, so we went through that. And then we basically started rehearsing them, and that's when the songs sort of stop being Thom Yorke songs, and they become Radiohead songs, and that's when they sort of all... there'll be an electric light... 'The Gloaming' and 'Backdrifts' are pretty much fully formed on a laptop, having used sounds that Colin or Jonny have originally processed or whatever, so it's kind of, it's... the whole thing about this album is to try and, you know, work as quickly as possible, so rehearse it well, play them in live, record them quickly, and that's a very, very, very basic way."

Zoë: "Right. That's quite an interesting thing, because you have played some of the tunes out live beforehand, were there any that you kind of said hey they're not working properly, or changed drastically having played them live to a crowd?"

Colin: "The problem is, we've normally recorded them on the album by then, and we go and play them live, and we sort of change them. That's good, you know, I think I realised this like two weeks ago, it's like the way we do records, they're like this, it's like a flow of things, it's not like we do a record and it's a definitive version of every single song. It's part of the whole process. It's like a sort of photo album where we're in Spain and Portugal last year before we recorded at Ocean Way and then it comes on to become like our passport to take us around when the record's released, so it's part of like the whole picture, you know, the whole thing of what we do."

Zoë: "Excellent, oh I like that. Videas from Canada asks in reviews - now a lot of people have asked questions along these lines - for your more recent albums, there's often a comparison back to OK Computer, comparing every song to it. 'Is this better than OK Computer?' Does this affect writing, does it make you want to try and make something better, or do you just go and do what feels right for you and ignore all of it?"

Ed: "You have to do what feels right for you. I mean, all we've ever done is make records that... that... it was John Leckie, who produced The Bends, and he said, you know, what a record is, it's an aural snapshot of where you are at that particular given time, and that's all we've ever done, and it's... I think there was, you know, after OK Computer, certainly the whole... when we were making Kid A, and we decided to withdraw a lot and, you know, just make this record, and Kid A was... there was a... it felt like a huge sort of, a huge burden, but now it's kind of, I mean, personally speaking I think the best record's... I always think the last record you make is the best, but you know in terms of the purity I think that Kid A's probably the most pure record that we've made, and so... but that doesn't... I'm not... you know, I know people that think that The Bends is the best record that we've made, so it's not like, you know... it's a nice position, it's a nice thing now to think that you make a record that's as good as the ones that you've made before."

Zoë: "Right, excellent. Now I know you rehearsed all the tracks for about six months, and then you went out to L.A., didn't you? How did that come about? And do you like it in L.A., because I don't look at you guys and think L.A. kind of people at all, I'm personally not a big fan of L.A., but I don't know many people out there and stuff like that, but obviously, you're recording, it's very different."

Ed: "It gets a bad press, doesn't it?"

Zoë: "It does."

Ed: "I mean, it does, I mean the thing is that I think that we were worried that we may go out there and sort of, you know, you think that you spend any more than two weeks there and you'll be riding Harleys and hanging out with Billy Idol."

Zoë: "(laughs) That would be something..."

Ed: "But, obviously, we're not going to do that. It was very good, wasn't it?"

Phil: "Mmm-hmmm."

Zoë: "What was it? Tell us about the studio you recorded at then. What was it called?"

Colin: "Ocean Way."

Zoë: "Ocean Way."

Colin: "It's on Sunset and Vine, it's where Lionel Hampton put Nat King Cole in after he discovered him in a small club in the '50s, and it has these brilliant black and white shots of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Judy Garland, all singing together, you know, in this room, it's beautiful, like old brown lino, you know, all acoustic tiny hole tiled walls, sticky out sort of glass control room with dark wood stained surrounds and really funky and beautiful and brilliant and..."

Zoë: "Do you kind of feel that spirit when you're sort of performing in there?"

Colin: "Yeah, it's special."

Ed: "Yeah."

Colin: "Yeah, and all the old German microphones from the 19 -late 40s, you know."

Zoë: "There's some real musos out there wetting themselves at the moment, German microphones."

Colin: "(laughs) Big microphones like these ones, actually."

Zoë: "These are quite archaic here actually, yeah, at XFM, you're absolutely right. And the sunshine environment, I mean, does that help being out somewhere like L.A., where it's lovely and warm?"

Ed: "Well it does, yeah, I think it really does, I think that, you know, just the very fact that, you know, you're in the sunshine, and... you know how your body feels in the sunshine, you feel a little less uptight, you know, you've got a bit more oil in your hips, and you know, and all that, and it's good for us, you know, I think Radiohead... it's like well, what's the next challenge, well where do you record them, record them in the sunshine, see what happens, you know (laughs)."

Zoë: "And it was good?"

Ed: "Yeah, it was great, and we were there for fourteen... we had fourteen days booked, and we worked thirteen of them, which was something of a miracle for us, and it was just a track a day, and it was really fun. It was the first time we'd actually gone to the studio and had fun and done a track a day, and you know..."

Zoë: "Excellent. That was a question for you, actually, a lot of people were saying was, was this a more pleasurable album to make, did you enjoy it more, is that because you've done a lot of stuff before, and now you can sort of relax back into it, or was it because you did a slightly different process of recording, or..."

Phil: "Yeah, I think it's because we got the hard parts out of the way when we were doing Kid A and Amnesiac, I mean for me, in some ways, this kind of concludes part of that process that we started at the beginning of Kid A, and so we, you know, cleared the decks of an awful lot of things during that time and by this point, by the time we got into Ocean Way, I think there was a confidence amongst us which just hadn't been there before, and I think from there, you know, everything flows from there, and you do good recordings, that makes you feel happy, and generally, you know, we're just getting on much better than we ever had."

Zoë: "Excellent stuff, well we shall talk some more, now I'm hoping that... have we brought any... we're going to have a break, now I think you've brought some B-sides in for us, haven't you, because we really want to play something off the album, but we can't yet, can we?"

Ed: "Can you not?"

Zoë: "No, well, apart from 'There There', no."

Ed: "Really?"

Zoë: "I think we still can't play... no, the record company man..."

Colin: "The man in a suit..."

Zoë: "He's saying 'No!', but we do have some B-sides to play, you're going to have to wait until you can hear John Kennedy talking the album through with Thom, which I think is going out next week on the show, but some B-sides coming up, and we will talk more to Phil, Ed and Colin from Radiohead, after this break."

[XFM Jingle plays]

Zoë: "We are talking to Phil, Ed and Colin from Radiohead, we're going to get through more and more of your questions, there's so many, there's an absolute stack here. I've noticed that probably the reason that Colin and Phil haven't been answering that many questions is, they are... they have one eye slightly on the computer there, reading your e-mails through, so we'll try and get through as many of those as we can, but first of all we'd like to play something. We can't play anything else off the album, which we're all gutted about, but we'll be patient, we will wait like everyone else, but you have brought a couple of B-sides with you. Do you want to tell us about the first one, Colin?"

Colin: "Yeah, the first one's called 'Paperbag Writer', and Thom did it in L.A., I think, and we did some drums on it in London, and er... it's... yeah, it's kind of... it's just a bit of fun, really, I suppose."

[Plays 'Paperbag Writer']

[XFM Jingle Plays]

Zoë: "So, coming up in the next hour of the show, we talk more to Ed, Phil and Colin from Radiohead and ask lots more of your questions, plus three songs from (?) that Ed is going to recommend, and what you thought was the ultimate Radiohead song. Music also on the way from The Thrills... first of all, it's just gone six, here is the news on XFM."

Phil: "Good afternoon, and this is the news...
As Tony Blair flies into the Middle East to meet up with UK troops in Iraq, he's wading into a row set off by the US, because they're now saying 'after all we said, we may not now find weapons of mass destruction'. The US secretary of state says 'Come on, we tried'."

sound clip from US secretary of state, Colin Powell: "It's hard to find things in a country that's determined not to have you find them."

Phil: "Could mean some red faces in Washington and London..."

sound clip (speaker not named): "It will be quite severely politically embarrassing if they now have to step down and say 'well, actually these weapons were not ready to go within forty five minutes'."

Phil: "A report out tonight on drug crime figures claims that more than a quarter happened in just three London boroughs. Nearly nine thousand crimes were committed last year just in Westminster, Lambeth and Harringey.
Vandalism didn't cause the Potter's Bar rail crash. That's according to a third official report into the accident. The latest findings - out tomorrow - are again expected to blame a points failure.
Public confidence in the media, already low, is continuing to slip. Only 36 percent believe news organisations get the facts straight.
And in music news. Reports that Jeremy Ward, the multi-instrumentalist with Mars Volta has died of a suspected drug overdose. Full details online at"

[XFM Travel Jingle Plays]

Phil: "And now the travel."

(hysterical laughter in the background)

Phil: "Public transport, that looks good. Out on the roads, out in Romford, an accident on Chase Cross at the junction with Lower Bedfords Road and Havering Road, has caused big delays. And on the A40, it's very slow westbound between the Northern Roundabout, and Western Avenue Park Royal."

[XFM Travel Jingle Plays]

Phil: "London's weather. Tonight, mild, clouding over, down to fourteen, or fifty-seven, whichever currency you go in...."

(laughter in background)

Phil: "Tomorrow, sunny, very warm."

(cheers and applause in background)

Zoë: "The six o'clock news today as read by Radiohead's Phil Selway!"

(more cheers and applause)

Zoë: "The first time he's ever done it, very good. Mike, does he get a job?"

Mike: "Absolutely, he can have mine any time."

Zoë: "Well, you could do a swap, are you any good at playing the drums?"

Mike: "Oh, I'll start."

(laughter in background)

Zoë: "Alright, we asked everybody what their favourite Radiohead track was, what was the ultimate track. We then got into a fight because basically everybody voted for everything, and so we decided that we'd play this one, because we love it."

[Plays 'Everything In Its Right Place']

Zoë: "Ok, so there was a bit of an argument over which was the ultimate Radiohead track, and we had so many entries, that it was quite difficult to take a poll, so we chose that one, and there'll probably be more rows about that later on. We are joined today, of course, by Phil, Ed and Colin from Radiohead. We've got so many more questions to get through. Ben, Jeff and Lena, lots of people asked this question, they all want to know, do you understand all of Thom's lyrics, or does he have to explain them to you?"

Phil: "Err, yeah, he explains them to us in words of no more than one syllable (laughs)."

Zoë: "Right, and then you understand them?"

Phil: "And then I understand, yeah."

Zoë: "Excellent, that's perfect. Looking you guys up on the internet yesterday, right, I came across, was it seven hundred and fifty thousand sites related to you, but the reason I was looking was because I was trying to look for your diaries, Ed, but you stopped doing them?"

Ed: "Yeah..."

Zoë: "Yeah?"

Ed: "Yeah, but the whole thing about the diary was that, you do it as a kind of... and you don't think... online, you do it at the end of each night and you don't realise that..."

Zoë: "People are going to read it..."

Ed: "...yeah, that people are reading it, then the whole thing... if you start writing a diary, or continue to write a diary being self conscious, the diary isn't a diary any more, so it kind of... it had its time, and it's, you know..."

Zoë: "...not something you will carry on. Do you ever wish - another question asked by a lot of people - do you ever wish you could be in more of your videos, and get Thom to do more press?"

Ed: (laughs)

Colin: "No, I think we've got the balance just right actually, so yeah... videos... it's like..."

Ed: "We haven't been in a video since, when was it?"

Colin: "Well, before 'Paranoid Android', wasn't it, I suppose?"

Ed: "It was off The Bends."

Colin: "It must have been The Bends."

Phil: "It was 'Street Spirit'."

Ed: "'Street Spirit'?"

Colin: "Yeah."

Zoë: "But you're quite happy with it being like that?"

Ed: "Oh, yeah (laughs)."

Zoë: "That's fine. On the subject of videos, Chris Jackson asks, and he says, I know you must get asked this a lot, but what does the guy say at the end of the 'Just' video?"

Colin: "Well, there were some lip readers from Canada who said it was something about eating banana yogurt, but that's the best I know, so..."

Zoë: "Ok, so even you can't answer that question?"

Colin: "No, I can't read."

Zoë: "Sorry about that, Chris. Anna says, now the last time Blur were on XFM, they said they were still waiting to sit down and have a game of bridge with you. Is this something you think is likely to happen?"

Phil: "Well..."

Zoë: "Do you play bridge?"

Ed: "Well, we used to, we used to... when we toured America for the first time in '93, it was actually... we sort of... oh, I don't know why, but we did, we played bridge, and it was fun, or whatever, but we stopped and (to Colin) you bumped into Alex, didn't you?"

Colin: "That's right, yeah."

Ed: "...who offered you out over a game of..."

Colin: "That's right, and wanted to see if we could like deal it like we talk it, and er..."

Ed: "Yeah."

Colin: "...and get together for a rubber, but we just haven't got round to it yet."

Zoë: "Right, ok, so it is something that could still happen?"

Colin: "Possibly."

Zoë: "(laughs) Look at your face there... Stuart says Hybrid have done an excellent remix of 'Everything In It's Right Place'. Any more remixes planned, and have you tried remixing anything?"

Colin: "We just had... we're sending out some of the songs to people we like, the music, people like Cristian Vogel, and Kieran from Four Tet, he's just done a remix of 'Scatterbrain' from the album, which is wonderful, and he toured with us, actually on some of the dates, and he's wonderful, and his new album Rounds is fantastic."

Zoë: "Perfect. Right. Have you heard The Darkness' cover of 'Street Spirit'? Have you heard of the band The Darkness?"

Ed: "Yeah."

Zoë: "Have you heard their cover of 'Street Spirit'? A lot of people were asking."

Ed: "No, I know someone was talking about that today, weren't they?"

Zoë: "Right, ok, maybe we'll try and get you a copy of that, it's rather special. Are you looking forward to Glastonbury, this has been a common question, and Peter asks what do you think of it selling out in record time, and will you be sticking around to see other bands? A lot of people asking are you nervous about headlining Glastonbury as well."

Ed: "Yeah, of course, I mean that the last time that we played it was in '97, and it was the most terrifying experience of our playing career, you know, it was really... it was very scary, but I think this time it'll be just, you know, good to enjoy it because (laughs) we didn't enjoy it last time, and it was erm..."

Zoë: "Maybe just through the fear and technical problems..."

Ed: "Well.. the technical problems and all those silly little things, but it was an amazing experience, nonetheless, you know, when you look out and it looks like Apocalypse Now out there, and it's amazing, so to be... you know, to be able to actually enjoy it this time would be good, so..."

Zoë: "Excellent, and will you stick around to see some of the other bands?"

Ed: "Yeah, yeah."

Zoë: "Do you camp, or do you come in on a bus, then you leave?"

Colin: "(laughs) Sorry?! I just read..."

Ed: "Do you camp?! (laughs) We always camp, my dear."

Colin: "One of the messages on here says 'you should play a lot more Radiohead, and not just when they're on the radio'."

(background laughter)

Zoë: "Ahhhh! Well thank you very much!"

??: "We'll take exception to that."

Zoë: "Right, we're going to get into a fight now. Now, Ed, you've been going through some of the e-mail questions, and you've picked out some that you'd quite like to answer."

Ed: "Errr... there was a Glastonbury one, are you scared about headlining, so we've answered that one, err... Colin, what bands do you..."

Colin: "(sighs) oh, God..."

Ed: ".....respect the most for their musical integrity, or just kicking full ass, and this is from Justin S."

Colin: "Errr, bands that I respect? Oh, gosh, that's a nightmare question, isn't it? I don't know, Booker T and the MGs, I don't know, stuff like that. Ed..."

Phil: "Good answer."

Ed: "Four Tet."

Colin: "Four Tet, well, yeah, sort of, yeah. Soul bands, yeah."

Zoë: "Ok. What about Phil?"

Phil: "Errm... ooh, bands that I respect... Four Tet, again, I mean, generally bands that come out and play with us actually, you have to admire them for doing that (laughs)."

Colin: (laughs)

Zoë: "Is it a tough thing to tour with you guys?"

Colin: "It's a nightmare, we really put them through it, don't we? (laughs)"

Ed: "Yeah, no soundcheck, pay to play, you know, all the usual stuff (laughs)."

Colin: "It's like the Rock Garden, isn't it?"

Ed: "Yeah, exactly."

Zoë: "Listen right, Marsha from Slovenia asks... your videos and visual art fit very well with the musical mood. Do the ideas come from you, or do you use particular artists, and is the art as important to you as your music?"

Phil: "The artist that we use is Stanley Donwood, who was at art college with Thom, and he's done the artwork since the cover of The Bends, and it's incredibly important, really. He works in the studio with us when we're recording, so you know, you've got the artwork and the music... it's all very interrelated and you know, you get... for me, if you're having difficulties at any particular point, you can go and see what Dan's done, and it kind of makes sense of what's actually going on musically as well. So yeah, it's very important that you know, it's all coming out of the same place."

Zoë: "Right, ok. Sam says you've done so many interviews, what's the worst question to be asked, and is there a question you wish people would ask you, but they don't. It's a good tip for me here, I think."

Ed: "The worst one we... on this record it's been... just because of the album title, people think that we're being anti-American, or whatever. So you kind of, you pick up on a lot of the anti-American sentiment, you know, that there is at the moment, and so they're kind of going 'so you're really anti-American', and it's like, 'no, no, no, wait, wait, wait, woah, woah, woah', you know, so that's been the most annoying one, kind of defending the title or whatever."

Zoë: "Do you think that's - you've kind of cleared that up now - do you think people understand that?"

Ed: "Well, I think so, I mean, you know... I mean, you know... The thing is, I was saying to a journo today, is that what happens is, it's like the rumour mill, somebody says something and they all pick up on it in some gossip, or some music paper, and so they never actually go the the source of what has actually been said. So people have opinions about things that they, you know... so you know, suddenly there's this record, you know, you get the whole thing thrown back at you like, 'so you're a miserable bunch of bastards', again, that sort of thing, and it's like 'well, have you read the lyrics, have you?', 'no', 'well, why don't you try reading...', 'oh, ok, I'll read the lyrics', you know, so those kind of things."

Zoë: "Somebody did actually ask a question on e-mail earlier, what is the most ridiculous rumour that you've heard about the band or about people you're working with or have there been any where you've just been gobsmacked when they've come back to you?"

Ed: "There was that one with Godspeed You Black Emperor, wasn't there?"

Colin: "What was that?"

Ed: "There was something about we offered them out or something."

Colin: "Oh, right."

Zoë: "Really?!"

Ed: "No, no. There was something about... what was it?"

Colin: "I dunno."

Zoë: "Was it that they were going to be working with you, or you were going to be collaborating..."

Ed: "Oh, that's right, collaborating with Godspeed You Black Emperor (laughs)."

Zoë: "I read that myself, there you go."

Ed: "Yeah, that would have been a cheery duet, wouldn't it? (laughs)"

??: "That's a bit of a regular theme isn't it, people offering you out? It seems to happen a lot."

Ed: "Yeah, yeah (laughs)."

Zoë: "You're not the fighting type, I don't believe that."

Ed: "No."

Zoë: "What websites do you frequent, if you do lots of stuff with computers, that's another..."

(hysterical laughter)

Zoë: "Why are you all looking around shiftily?! Do you have any favourite websites, that's what a lot of people have asked."

Colin: "Well, if I need to find out what we're doing, there's like fan websites to check out like greenplastic and, because they're very good to find out what's going on."

Zoë: "Ok, so there's not particular ones that you would... I think this is from lots of people who love the internet, going ooh, have you seen things that they might like."

Ed: "I'm a bit of a Luddite on that."

Colin: "Yeah."

Zoë: "You don't use it that much? And Phil, running a marathon. I've just taken up jogging..."

Phil: "Give up, now."

Zoë: "I can only do twenty minutes, really, should I give up now? Would you ever do it again?"

Phil: "Probably not, no. It was amazing doing it, but it's not natural, is it? (laughs)"

Zoë: "Not running that far. What time did you finish it in?"

Phil: "Ermmm... I was running the same year as Paula Radcliffe won it for the first time, and I came in after her, I'll say that much. (laughs)"

Zoë: "Excellent, now I know you've got another little treat for us, another B-side to play us, which I think is going to be the B-side for the next single, 'Where Bluebirds Fly', I believe it's called. Can you tell us a bit about that?"

Colin: "I think it's... we had it... I think it was some music that Thom did on his laptop, I think, if I'm right."

Ed: "Mmmm."

Colin: "And we had it... every time we hear it, our hearts quicken and we get a bit jumpy, because we had it as our coming on music for a year and a half, so I think..."

Ed: "And we still do as well."

Zoë: "So you start looking around for your drumsticks? This is 'Where Bluebirds Fly', it's Radiohead."

[Plays 'Where Bluebirds Fly']

Zoë: "There you go. 'Where Bluebirds Fly', it's going to be the B-side to... what is the next single going to be?"

Ed: "Go To Sleep."

Zoë: "Go To Sleep?"

Ed: "Yeah."

Zoë: "Excellent stuff. Have you been really chuffed with the reaction generally to the album, obviously, people coming to see the gigs, a lot of them haven't heard the new stuff..."

Ed: "And a lot of them have."

Zoë: "And a lot of them have at the same time, but has the reaction been good? Are you pleased with how it's been received so far?"

Ed: "Yeah, very good. I mean, personally speaking I don't read any reviews or anything, so I don't know how it's been received, but I mean in terms of what people and the vibe in the gigs, it's been great."

(laughter in background)

Zoë: "What are you two laughing at? You two... Phil and Colin are sat at the end of the desk reading your e-mails..."

Colin: "(laughing) My brother, Jonny, he'd sorted out the music before the gigs, and like, to much controversy, and somebody sent a message saying 'can you ask them what was with the bloody reggae music they subjected fans to before the gigs last week, we nearly had to pay someone to get it stopped'."

Zoë: "Was it that bad?"

Colin: "I thought it was good."

Zoë: "Awwww... You see, that's the other thing, isn't it, I think it's quite nice that the band, when you go see them... because I often stand there and think, I wonder if the band choose the music that gets played before. You do?"

Ed: "Yeah."

Colin: "Yeah."

Zoë: "Excellent, and Jonny puts it up there, that's a good thing. Now this was quite a good e-mail from Paul, who says - quite heavy - how do you feel about the current state of the record industry, and how do you reconcile the fact that your records are released by a corporation that fixes album prices and prevents a lot of good music from being heard by the public. Do you agree with that, do you not, what do you think about the state of the record industry at the moment?"

Ed: "Well the record industry's obviously fucked, isn't it? I mean, it really is, so... (laughs)."

Phil: "Do you want me to act as your beep? (laughter)"

Zoë: "He does use and access a beep. Sorry about the swearing."

Ed: "We actually, and you know, to say about EMI, we've done six albums with them, and they've been brilliant. They... Parlophone, our label... and the same people have been with us for a long time, and they've been absolutely amazing and they've been part of, you know, us growing up and being a band."

Zoë: "So no complaints?"

Ed: "No complaints from them."

Zoë: "And people are saying that you're on a six album deal?"

Ed: "Yeah."

Zoë: "So some people are saying where are you going to take it from here, will you still release..."

Ed: "The whole thing is like, you know... when we've finished touring we don't know where our heads will be, we don't know where the music industry will be, so you know, we'll just decide what we want out of our next deal and whether it's conducive with..."

Zoë: "Matthew was saying after Jonny's Bodysong... any more solo projects going to be going on? I know that there was the Neil Finn supergroup, which was fantastic. Any more collaborations planned at the moment, or are you just busy on this album and touring?"

Phil: "That's really where our heads are at at the moment, because this is going to go on for about a year now."

Zoë: "Excellent. And are you looking forward to getting out on the road good and proper, round the world?"

Ed: "Yeah, once we get over this next month is all a bit where it all gets a bit lehry and, you know, we have to keep our heads down and we get out to, you know, we play, that's what we do, and you know, once this next months gone we'll be sort of, yeah."

Zoë: "And how do you cope with the family thing, going out on the road, like you, Phil, do the family come out and see you, or do they stay at home, do you have a creche on tour?"

Phil: "It's not easy. They're coming out to some dates, I mean but the roads not... the road's not a place for a family (laughs), but it isn't, and the way we've set things up for this year, is that we're not out for great long stretches, we're out for a couple of weeks at the most, and then we're back home for a couple of weeks, so, you know I think that's the compromise that we make there."

Zoë: "Excellent. Well thank you so much for coming in and talking to us today. I'm sorry I didn't get through all the questions, there were so many, but I do think the boys have chosen a song each, I believe, for our three songs that we love, have we found them? Have we managed to find the choices?"

??: "We're in the process of finding them now, yes."

Zoë: "We're finding them right now. We wish you all the best with the album and if you want to hear the album played out in it's entirety, John Kennedy will be talking to Thom, when's that going out?"

??: "Next week."

Zoë: "That actually goes out next week on..."

??: "Third of June, Third of June, Zoë."

Zoë: "In the meantime, thank you very much boys for coming in today."

Colin: "Thank you."

Phil: "Thank you."

Ed: "Cheers, thank you."

Zoë: "And good luck with everything."

[recording ends]