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Radiohead Q&A
Radiohead’s skin-thumper Phil Selway on aliens, conspiracies, and internet music leaks…
Interview by Craig Tansley

Do you think people have given up waiting for you to do OK Computer 2?
We’ve always had that sequel thing hanging over us – the first album was meant to be the sequel to Creep, but wasn’t. I think we’ve always tried to maybe not confound ourselves each time we make a new record.

Well, you’ve confounded me. Who’s bright idea was it to bring the triangles out on Kid A?
Haha! With Kid A and Amnesiac we went into them with a complete embargo on any way we’d ever worked before.

Why Phil, why? Call me stupid, but if I’d just recorded the greatest album of all time, that would’ve told me I was doing something right!
It was a deliberate break from the past, we embraced everything new, we threw out the past.

Were you worried people would think “What the hell happened?”
You get to the point where you think “Are we still relevant, will people be interested?” Anxieties were there, that’s for sure. We known not everyone liked what we did, but we moved on, that’s life.

Do you like the irony in the album Hail To The Thief, considering someone stole your recordings and posted them on the internet?
Yeah, it was really ironic, we loved it, ha ha! It was a real shame though because the mixes on the Net were unfinished ones.

Do all of Radiohead believe in aliens and huge conspiracies?
There is an element of truth in it, there’s things out there we don’t understand. It’s pretty scary – multi-national companies are wielding so much power, you get presidential elections that don’t really reflect voting patterns. There’s a lot of sinister forces at work. Everyone has theories, I’m sure you have your own.

True, I’m fairly certain Geroge W Bush played Kevin’s best friend Paul in The Wonder Years.
Well, there you go, that’s one theory we hadn’t thought of, ha ha!

Do you spend much time as a band just hanging out at the pub?
Three of us have kids and we’ve got our own lives, but there’s a bond we have that’ll last forever.

Radiohead’s new album Hail To The Thief is out 9 June through EMI.