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Gigwise (online), april 1st 2008
[This is a preview for the article posted april 7th, it is included because it contains an additional quote exclusive to this article.]
Radiohead: 'We're Playing The Best We've Ever Played'
by Hazel Sheffield

Phil Selway, the drummer of genre-defining British act, Radiohead, told Gigwise yesterday that the band are playing better than ever ahead of touring this summer.

"I think we're playing well at the moment," the percussionist from the prolific band said.

"I think we're playing the best weve ever played, so yes, all those things add up to it being a good time to be in Radiohead."

Radiohead are playing two exclusive, sold-out gigs for the BBC today as part of 'Radiohead at the BBC'.

The first is at 4pm at the BBC Radio Theatre, with the evening performance following at 8pm. They are also taking part in a series of interviews that will be broadcast on the BBC.

The band, who released their seventh studio album, 'In Rainbows', last December, are playing a huge transatlantic tour this summer.

The first leg kicks off in Florida on May 5. Phil told Gigwise that the band are looking forward to getting back on the road.

"With this tour... we can draw on all seven albums worth of material and all the b-sides, I mean thats a very pleasant position to be in, to be going out and doing most of years worth of touring, as you can change the set a lot," he explained.

Phil also told Gigwise that the band have no plans to stop making music anytime soon, saying, "I think for all of us, as long as its still moving forward and it sits with all our lives then yes, Im sure we will carry on making music, as there’s loads of impetus there to do it."

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