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Thom, Jonny and Ed played the song acoustically for Signal Radio february 11th 1993. It's possible that this is the live debut. The recording was released as a b-side of the Pop Is Dead single in april 1993, and later also appeared on the Japanese Itch EP.
A studio demo was recorded at Courtyard Studios in march 1993 during the same session that also produced the released version of 'High & Dry'. It became available on the Radiotick bootleg along with studio demos of 'Nice Dream', 'Pop Is Dead' and 'The Bends':
This full band live performance comes from June 4th 1993 in Göteborg, Sweden:
'Banana Co.' was considered for inclusion on The Bends and is included on this august 1994 work-in-progress tape compilation. The handwriting is Thom's. While Side A of the cassette contains some rough mixes and lists working titles, Side B apparently has the finished tracks for the various My iron Lung singles and EPs:

The studio version first made it onto the benefit compilation Criminal Justice: Axe the Act in january 1995 (Thom: "It's going to do more good on there than on the LP"). Over a year later the same version was used as a b-side on the second part of the Street Spirit single.