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The song was premiered live on February 21st 1994:

'Bones' was recorded on the same day as 'The Bends'.
The song was included on this august 1994 work-in-progress tape compilation. The handwriting is Thom's. While Side A of the cassette also lists a few rough mixes, it appears to contain the finished version of the 'Bones':

Ed: Recorded something like first or second take, the same day as we recorded 'The Bends'. Love playing it live.

Jonny: This song and 'The Bends' were done on the same afternoon, easily the best day of recording.

Colin: It rocks like a mutha.

Thom: Have you ever been looking at someone's face talking and wondered what their skull must look like?
Thom : "We recorded this about four times before we got it right. The original had the ending going on for about a minute and a half, which was something Jonny got from The Fall."
Jonny: "Most of The Bends was done in one or two takes. 'Bones' was done all in one take much like most of the album."
'Bones' was not performed during the second half of touring for Hail to the Thief.