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This handwritten note by Thom sheds a bit of background on where some bits in the song came from:

According to Thom this song was an attempt by him and Jonny "to try and see how many chords we can fit in one song". He also said the song would be about trying to get rid of someone who just won't go away. During the rehearsals in the winter of 1993/1994 the song was over 7 minutes long, but had been shortened by the time the band began recording the album.
On February 21st 1994, the song was premiered live at the Royal Berks Social Club in Reading:

The song was played acoustically at a so far unidentified 1994 GLR radio session (the exact date is unknown, but it has to be summer 1994):

Phil: My favourite drum take on the album. Combination of sound rock and sassy grooves... well, I can dream, anyway.
Ed: This could have been about seven minutes long, as it was in rehearsal before the album. That whole rehearsal period stuck on a fruit farm in the middle of winter was amazing, just the five of us playing new songs. I think Phil's drumming on this is exquisite.
Jonny: Am G# Eflat F Am G# G F# F C F# F F C F# F F.
Colin: First track we put down properly at RAK.
Thom: A competition by me and Jonny to get as many chords as possible into a song.
The music to the propulsive 'Just' was largely written by Greenwood, who Yorke says "was trying to get as many chords as he could into a song. It was like writing a medley."