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The first known performance, possibly the live premiere, comes from a show in Tel Aviv, Israel on April 2nd 1993:
Thom: "This is a song I wrote recently, called killer cars. This is a song about waking up one morning, convinced that, err, my partner had been killed in a car accident. You know, it's one of those dreams where you're totally convinced it's happened. This is all the cheery guy I am."
The only known occasion of the full band arrangement being played was a gig on February 21st 1994:
'Killer Cars' was considered for inclusion on The Bends and is included on this august 1994 work-in-progress tape compilation. The handwriting is Thom's. While Side A of the cassette contains some rough mixes and lists working titles, Side B apparently has the finished tracks for the various My iron Lung singles and EPs:

Thom's second song on a driving theme, this one deals with the fear that every time we venture out in our cars we may be killed. Originally intended for release as one of the singles from The Bends during the initial recording sessions, the song actually debuted in the band's live set in 1993. 'Killer Cars' has appeared in three forms. The first was the live acoustic version from the 1993 Chicago Metro show, which appears on the Creep reissue 12" and the Japanese CD Itch. This very passionate performance renders the tragic lyrics all the more moving. The second version appears as a B-side to the High and Dry/Planet Telex CD2, a straightforward guitar-oriented interpretation with mesmerizing percussion and blistering guitar closeout. Last is the Mogadon Version, which is much mellower than the first studio release of the song. A newscast has also been blended into the mix. This version contains a similar ending to the previous one.
A song which the band like very much, and has appeared in three different versions (original - fast guitars, mogadon - slower with keyboard, acoustic - just Thom). However, they couldn't decide which one they liked the best, and in the end it didn't make it onto The Bends. They very occasionally perform this song live.
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