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'Planet Telex' was written in the studio, born out of an experiment with a drum loop from the first version of 'Killer Cars', which is perhaps the same version that was released on the Just single as 'Killer Cars (Mogadon Version)'.

This audio file is an attempt to illustrate the process, starting with the end of that 'Mogadon Version', slowed down here by two semitones, and crossfading to the beginning of 'Planet Telex'. Keep in mind that only a sample from the drum track of 'Killer Cars' was used for 'Planet Telex':

Killerplanet by CitizenInsane-
The song was included on this august 1994 work-in-progress tape compilation. The handwriting is Thom's. Since a note like "rough" or "not finished" is not written next to the title, the cassette appears to contain the finished version of 'Planet Telex':

'Planet Xerox' was this song's original title, and that's how it still appears on this tape. But because "Xerox" was a copyrighted name, Radiohead would later change it to 'Planet Telex'.
Phil: We used up some leftovers to create the drum loop - we cut up and re-arranged the outro section from the first version of 'Killer Cars', - Steve Osbourne remix is great.

Ed: A drunken evening that spawned probably my favourite track. Thom's one-take vocal crouching in the corner was particularly memorable, he May have been unable to stand. Love Colin's bass groove thang on this.

Jonny: This was the only song written in the studio - I remember helping Thom to write the verse, but not having the stamina to stay for the debauched recording session.

Colin: e r r...w h o o s h y ? Sitting in T.V. room at RAK studio whilst Thom, Ed and Leckie were working on it, thinking... 'what is this old bollocks?' ...then putting bass on, thinking... 'Oh yess, oooh yess, I like it!'
Thom: The product of a single sex education, romantic novels and art college. (And sensi?)
Thom relaxes in his chair, and picking up his glass, savours the bouquet of his very good red wine. Then he belts it down in one. I figure I can slip in a music question.

Q: "Thom, did you or did you not, as the intro to 'Planet Telex', nick the middle eight to Paul McCartney's 'Live And Let Die'?"

Thom: "Whaaaaaat?"

Q: "'Live And Let Die'. You did, didn't you?"

Thom: "No, let's be very clear where we nicked things from. We nicked 'Planet Telex' from 'Tago Mago' by Can. So fuck off, we are arty us."

Thom grins.
The only loop on the album is on 'Planet Telex'. "It can be an exiting and fast way of working," Phil states. "Just throw a load of your drumming on tape and spice it up. I suppose some people would think that I was bit of a cheat, but what's a cheat if you can respond emotionally and it's good music?"
Planet Telex' was premiered live during a session for the French Radio station Inter, the 'Black Session', on february 21st 1995:

Several remixes have been made of this song. Two were released as b-sides on the Planet Telex/High & Dry single, yet another appeared on the Just single.
Following a long break, 'Planet Telex' was reintroduced to the band's live sets at the end of touring for Hail to the Thief in 2004:
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