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'Treefingers' was added to the tracklist of Kid A relatively late in the process of finding the right order of songs for the album. It was created by Thom using chords Ed had played on his guitar and processing and rearranging them digitally.
The track was shortened for Kid A, the unedited version appeared on the soundtrack of the movie Memento.
Mark Russell: "When I read about the album before I heard it, I imagined there'd be no guitar, but I was surprised by how much there was."

Jonny Greenwood: "Yeah. And there's songs like 'Treefingers', which is just one guitar, but people just assume that it isn't."

Mark: "And so presumably you're using the guitar through lots of effects processors, or to trigger samples, so that actually, what is triggered by a guitar doesn't necessarily sound like a guitar."

Jonny: "Yeah. That's pretty much how it happened. Ed just played lots and lots of guitar loops, and was just creating wonderful texture, and Thom turned it into a structure, rather than something aimless, that was all."

Mark: "It's quite Eno-ish, isn't it, in a way?"

Jonny: "Yeah, it is. It's quite speaker-breaking as well. It has frequencies in it which can disturb the neighbours, while still being very kind of slow and ambient, having no rhythm in it."
Q: "Is it [the follow-up to Kid A] going to be more conventional?"

Ed: "We laugh at this. People say, 'Is your next record going to be more song-based?' and we're like, 'What were those ten tracks on the last record?' OK, 'Treefingers' might not be a classic verse-chorus-verse-chorus, but it's still a song."
Q: "How were some of the computer-conceived tracks on Kid A put together?"

Ed: "Some of the sounds on Kid A are like, 'Wow, I've never heard anything like that in my life'. And they all started off in Thom's computer - on Cubase, with plug-ins and stuff added on top. 'Treefingers' is an ethereal, spacey song built from guitar loops. I'm not taking any credit for it, because Thom arranged it. He recorded me playing the guitar for ten minutes, then loaded parts into his sampler, played bits on his keyboard, and made sense of it. It doesn't sound like a guitar, which is great."
Jonny: "There's more guitar on this record then people realize, in a way, it's just… it's more hidden than it previously was I think. There's songs like 'Treefingers', which is just one guitar, but people just assumed that it isn't. They just played lots and lots of guitar loops, and it was just great and wonderful texture, and Thom turned it into a structure rather than something aimless."
'Treefingers' had its surprising live debut at the beginning of the second half of touring for The King of Limbs, but would quickly disappear again from setlists after only two performances:
On July 10th 2012, the song had its live debut in Nimes, France: