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The painter to whom Thom is referring in the 'Curfew' article was also the inspiration for the computer art he created while at Exeter.
The song was recorded at Courtyard Studios and released on the Manic Hedgehog demo tape in october 1991:
The band performed the song live for their first BBC Radio 1 'Evening Session' on June 13th 1992:
Tom doesn't just deliver his lyrics; he uses his voice to interact with the other instruments, almost as if it were one itself. This often makes the words hard to comprehend. What are the songs about?
Tom: "Erm ... well, 'Nothing Touches Me' is based on an artist who was imprisoned for abusing children and spent the rest of his life in a cell painting, but the song is about isolating yourself so much that one day you realise you haven't got any friends anymore and no one talks to you."
Sounds pretty miserable - but your music is quite happy, isn't it?
"Yeah, I'm just aggressive and sick."
Twenty minutes later, Tom reveals that he doesn't really know what the songs are about.