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During the sessions for OK Computer, the song was apparently attempted, but is unknown to what extend the band worked on it during that period.
On January 21st 1998, "Follow Me Around" was soundchecked in Fukuoka. Footage of it can be seen in Meeting People Is Easy:
A Kid A era page of, titled 'chickens bred bald', interestingly links the lyrics of 'Follow Me Around' and 'Kid A':

i am the bloody pied piper rats and children follow me out of town a scarecrow that dont scare the crows nowadays i get panicked i have ceased to exist my words you know are out of ink. drooling looney tunes moving room to room did you lie to us tony? we thought you were different but now were not so sure now you know were not so sure. we can blow a hole in anything thatchers children see you on the way back down. kill the enemy within unhinged cowboys and indians moving statues yur safe until you look away. i would like to change back now please to the shadow of my former self. iam the bloody pied piper. & the rats and the childrenll fllow me around so you hade better make it worth my while. please allow me the suspension of your disbelief the benefit of the doubt.

never say anything
be instrumental

remember: your present is you.

choose a good costume

During the Kid A period, these lyrics appeared in a page of under the title 'and yu begin':

drooling looney tunes
talking to no-one
speaking in tongues
folllowing down back streets
moving in a swarm
a milllion mouths to feed
giving me a rash


During the sessions for Kid A and Amnesiac, the band worked on the song and four entries from Ed's Diary refer to it:
wednesday, july 28th 1999
it may well be that because we are working on completely new material it seems that we have not moved much today, like yesterday. but we discussed ' follow me around' and how we would like to approach it, rather than just start playing and thereby fall into old habits. plank says he likes the 'remain in light' style jam we had which is good because we were pretty nonchalant about it. 'de la soul'esque jam at end.
thursday, august 5th 1999
much better today... the sun shines in and out of our rehearsal room and we get a lot done... start with 'optimistic' (still sounding great - jonny tries some cool ondes martenot on it - the high stuff is good, not however when he follows the main riff). move on to 'up the ladder' - sounds better with more space. segway into 'follow me around' and a reworking of the 'cminor song' (in a stax stylee). jonny meanwhile is attempting to put the vocal mic through his analogue filters - which looks like a remake of an old telephone exchange. "hello vicar, yes ill put you through to mr kipling"... so the last two songs are punctuated by sudden bursts of unearthly noises, both extremely good and extremely bad.
wednesday, september 1st 1999
i read a rumour from the internet [never believe a single nuance - sd] that we are supposed to be collaborating with 'godspeed you black emperor' on 'how to disappear' - this person cited a number of chance occurences, including such impossible coincidences as 'they came to see us at a gig'. if that were sufficient corroborating evidence then, judging on the bands i've seen recently, you can hear us with 'the divine comedy' and the mighty 'asian dub foundation'.
twice around 'follow me around' - mmm. not great, but salvaged by 'you and whose army' - jonny thinks that voice and guitar are all that's needed until the end part; and it sounds right; or at least it's definitely a place to start. run through 'optimistic', cuttooth', and 'up on the ladder' for nige, who's down for the day to do some wiring and 'studio arranging'.
wednesday, december 8th 1999
started by playing 'cuttooth' again - the song needs stamina - sounding better than yesterday....just have to keep playing it. one of those days when it doesn't feel as though we've done much. maybe it's because everyone's tired. there was some protool arranging on 'follow me around' and an attempt to do vocal, piano and drums on 'egyptian song'. was sounding ok. tried playing 'keep the wolf from the door but it's too late and needs thom's rant on it. a bitty day. time to go home. saw only four hours of daylight - how do they cope in scandinavia during these months?
A few lines related to this song can be found in the hidden Kid A booklet [click to enlarge]:
  Unreleased june 2000 july 2000 september 2000 october 2000
Follow Me Around [2] 30 17
Nude [1] 04
True Love Waits [1] 08
On October 17th 2000, the song had its proper live premiere as an acoustic performance by Thom in Toronto. He played it after hundreds of fans had campaigned for this song to be played on the website, it was known by then only from Meeting People Is Easy. The line "did you lie to us, Tony?" was probably added during the sessions for Kid A, which puts this song next to another anti-Blair song from those sessions, 'You And Whose Army?':
I see you in the dark
corner of the street
coming after me, yeah

headlights on full-beam
coming down the fast lane
coming after me, yeah

I would like to change back now
to the shadow of
the shadow of my former self

it follows me around
it follows me around

did you lie to us Tony?
we thought you were different
now you know we're not so sure

drooling looney tunes
moving in a swarm
moving in a swarm

it follows me around
it follows me around
it follows me around
it follows me around

nowadays I get panicked
I cease to exist
I have ceased to exist

I feel absolutely nothing
the words are out of ink
the words, you know, are out of ink

you follow me around
you follow me around
follow me around
follow me around
Around the time Amnesiac was released in spring 2001, these lyrics, that might be related to the song either directly or indirectly, appeared in the 'imaginery prisons' section of

i could blow a hole in anything
im trying not to stare
but then the snakes come out your hair
i think that your for real
but every bloody morning
snakes come out your hair
and follow me around.

  Unreleased may 2001 june 2001 07/'01 august 2001 september 2001 10/2001
True Love Waits [7] 30 01 16 20 09 14 02
Reckoner [1] 23
Nude [2] 24 03
Follow Me Around [2] 29 07
On August 1st 2002, Thom sang a verse and a chorus of the song over the end of 'The National Anthem' in San Sebastian, Spain:
  2002 Iberian tour july 2002 august 2002
Follow Me Around [1] 01
Nude [1] 07
True Love Waits [1] 01
  Unreleased may 2003 june 2003 july 2003 august 2003
True Love Waits [3] 25 05 16
Nude [2] 15 26
Follow Me Around [1] 31
  Unreleased sept. 2003 october 2003 november 2003 dec. 2003 april/may 2004
True Love Waits [2] 09 17
Nude [2] 26 04
Follow Me Around [1] 27
Throughout the third week of March 2005, a line of the song appeared at the start page of

On June 29th 2006, 'Follow Me Around' was played as an intro to 'Everything In Its Right Place' in Los Angeles:
  Thom solo intros to EIIRP may 2006 june 2006 august 2006
True Love Waits [4] 24 30 19 22
Follow Me Around [1] 29
On november 9th 2006, while the band recorded at Halswell House, Phil posted a few pictures from the band's day trip to the coast on Dead Air Space, and the following picture was titled "Shadow Of My Former Self", which led to speculations that the band might have been working on this song in the autumn of 2006 with Nigel Godrich:

In early 2008, the band, according to Ed, rehearsed the song again in sessions.
Another sign of the band's renewed interest in 'Follow Me Around' came as Thom played the song on acoustic guitar for the first time after almost six years at the Latitude Festival on july 19th 2009:
On april 14th 2010, Thom spontaneously decided to play the song during the encore of an Atoms for Peace gig. At the beginning, he teaches Flea the chords, so it's probably the first time the band went through the song:
It is not known whether the band also attempted to record the song in subsequent studio sessions.
Thom and Jonny played a new version of 'Follow Me Around' on August 20th 2017 at their benefit gig in Macerata, Italy: