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The only known musical incarnation of this track probably comes from the three discs of demos Thom compiled for the other band members before rehearsals began for what was to become Hail to the Thief. All that is known are fragments, a complete version is not available.
A couple of samples from this track were made available in the Loophole section of in 2003. Their titles were 'T60', 'T61', and 'T62':
A longer excerpt of the same version was used in one of the episodes and subsequently released on the The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time DVD:
These lyrics appeared in a pdf file from, so it's likely that the track received some degree of attention when Thom was working on The Eraser. It's also possible that the music that belongs to these lyrics has nothing to do with the known fragments, and that the only connection lies in the use of the phrase "nasty people":